40 Boring Things to do when You are Bored

Writer’s Note: Something I whipped up because I was really bored and wanted to test my new keyboard. So, yea don’t bother reading if you don’t want to 😛

Recently I have been getting bored a lot, so to get rid of boredom my mind thought of some quite strange activities. Some of them are whacky, some insane and some just plain “bang your head against the wall”-ish. P.S. The following activities should be performed at your own risk; I do not accept any responsibilities caused by your actions, thank you.

  1. Call your cell phone service guy and ask them out on a date! (Works even better on the same genders)
  2. Call any random number and pretend you’re a pilot addressing the control tower asking permission to land on an airstrip.
  3. Go door to door, ringing the door bell and waiting for someone to open the door. When they do, just ask the time and leave.
  4. Go door to door, and when someone opens the door, yell “I know you killed Kenny” and run away like mad!
  5. Go on the internet and Google naughty words and paste the results on your friends’ walls.
  6. Open Google maps and locate your own house
  7. After locating it, write a letter of recommendation of Google Maps to all your family and friends.
  8. Set an alarm on your cell phone for a particular time. When it goes off, leave everything and laugh continuously for 1 minute and then go back to whatever you were doing. Repeat daily.
  9. Make a schematic drawing of a rock!
  10. Go in a mall and walk on all fours.
  11. Meow after every 20 minutes.
  12. Go to the busiest place you can find, stand at a higher ground, take out a carrot and yell EAT GREEN OR DIE!!!
  13. Follow someone with your finger an inch away from them continuously muttering, “I am not touching you.”
  14. Have a “Who has the biggest booger in their nose” contest!
  15. Go to a public washroom in a restraint, knock on an occupied stall and in the most authoritative voice yell, “This is the police, we have you surrounded! Come out with your hands up!”
  16. Same place, this time go in an unoccupied stall and yell “I swear this is the last time I eat doggie treats wrapped in a banana peel”
  17. Same place, this time instead of yelling what’s above giving yourself loud workout encouragement words!
  18. Challenge a chicken to a duel!
  19. Teach a chicken how to duel for that matter!
  20. Hide inside your house waiting for someone to pass by the road outside, when they do run out screaming, “But I love you…” stop stare at the person and then go inside silently.
  21. Solve the mysteries of the jungle with DORA the Explorer!!!
  22. Host a Barney the Purple Dinosaur themed party!
  23. Stand in a mall while wearing a tower on your back while chanting, “Thieves beware! This mall is protected by Superman!”
  24. Glue people’s shoes to the floor.
  25. BE A MIME!
  26. Make a YouTube video of how to make a sling shot by using only underwear.
  27. If you are really feeling brave, go to a pretty 18-27 year old girl and call them “aunty”.
  28. Don’t forget to plan your funeral before attempting number 27.
  29. Check if your keyboard is waterproof or not!
  30. Try to make the “Duck Song” story become a reality with you as the duck!
  31. Walk up to a total stranger and start explaining to them the “Bernoulli Principle”
  32. Go to a busy restaurant and ask each person near your table if the foods good!
  33. If they all reply and you don’t get kicked out run out screaming, “LIARS LIARS!”
  34. Get on a bus, sit down to a person and whisper “Big brother is watching you” and quickly get off.
  35. Hold a funeral for a dead fly!
  36. Read Encyclopedia Britannica in one sitting
  37. Walk around in the street holding a skull, reciting dialogues from hamlet loudly.
  38. Count the number of ants in your house
  39. Count the number of ants in your friends/relative/neighbors house
  40. Bang your head against the wall!

39 Responses to “40 Boring Things to do when You are Bored”

  1. Lol, did you try all these things?!
    IF you did, then you’re like my new God or something! 😀
    I like the “big brother is watching you” part the most. 😀

    • I have tried some of em but not all 😛 I forgot the most difficult one
      Dress up like Gandalf the Gray and go out, stand in people’s way and yell “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” 😛 the difficulty is finding the outfit or spending money on it 😛

  2. 40th wd be the only sanest choice 😛

  3. loved the 13th one… it really gets irritating at time… LOL

  4. That is seriously one dumbest n boring list! Must have been a real hard work.

  5. Cool, i would like to add this

    41. Copy Khanum’s comment and paste it as a comment on any post you enjoy on a blog. 😉

  6. The funeral for the fly… Anyone wishes to attend … Most welcome…

  7. Yeah course…. The funeral is just an excuse to get together..

  8. it’s great though 28 one really killed it:)

  9. @Aneesa no no knock yourself out -.-

  10. @asma lol =P dun be so testy:P

    • lalala can’t hear in fact can’t read anything temporary blindness (that somehow still allows me to type:P)
      ok call me a baji, aunt or even better great grandma and i won’t shoot you “Dev!L”

  11. I’ll try some tomorrow.
    ummm, count the number of ants in your house.I love watching ants 🙂

  12. just a reader Says:

    please produce your rock’s schematic no later than 09:15 or you are fired!

  13. jagadeesh Says:

    nice …. best past time to read all those points and laugh

  14. I wasted 10 minutes on this piece of horse-shit.
    Lame and deplorable stuff. I mean if you did anything from the list, then you need a psychoanalyst.
    Sorry, but you do!

  15. lol @shut it please 😛

  16. i like the last one

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