A Free Spirit…

In my entire career as an expert psychoanalyst and a psychiatrist, there was no case that interested me more than that of Miss. Matilda. And as I held the report of her demise, I couldn’t feel a certain happiness take over me. Ah, many of you might be surprised at my morbid behavior but then again you don’t know the story. It was the only medicine I couldn’t as a doctor administer to a patient in need.

Wait, this is confusing. Let me start at the beginning… Yes, that very faithful night I was called to preside over a certain, ‘interesting’ case of a patient on whom all methods had failed. Frankly, I was a bit surprised as there was still the option of a lobotomy but somehow the patient didn’t match the criterion. It was on that night, that I was introduced to Matilda. At a first glance, I couldn’t help but wonder how can she be mad? In a single gander, her beauty enthralled me. Her gale didn’t seem like that of any mentally ill person that I ever knew of. Her poise and posture were that of a proper lady, nay that of an angel, gently floating on air.

“Good evening, doctor”, she said with a smile.

“Oh… Yea, sorry got a bit lost there… Good Evening.” I stutteringly replied, clearly baffled by her eloquence.

“A bit lost, are we?”

“No, no… you just caught me off guard… I expected…”

“A raging lunatic yelling frantically at you whilst he drooled more than a dog thirsty for blood?”

“Um, sorry this is highly unprofessional of me. Let’s start over”

“Sure, good evening doctor.”

“Good evening, my name is Dr. Ray.”

“Ah, well you already know mine as you have my case file.”

“Well, to be quite honest I was kind of rushed here so didn’t read much into your file yet.”

“No wonder your eyes don’t deem me as mad.”

“Um, well pardon me for saying so but you hardly seem insane to me. Still, please do tell me about yourself”

“Oh we have a believer? Tell me doctor, do you believe in God?”

To be honest I was a little taken aback by her question… after some silence I responded, “Yes…”

“Do you believe in angels? Other planes of existences?”

“As a man of science, No.”

“But as a man who believes in religion and spirituality you do.”

“Excuse me?”

“Yes… your soul restlessly seeks to shed free these constraints of ignorance and ‘science’ that you have put on it… you constantly seek a better explanation.”

“Um…” At this point I was kind of surprised, it was like I was the patient and she, Dr. Freud himself.

“Don’t deny it doctor, I can read brain waves of people.”

“That’s not scientifically possible.”

“Yet, you and I both know it’s true. You and I both want to believe it’s true. The only difference is I do and you don’t.”

“Right, do you know why you are here?”

“Because the world can’t handle spirituality babble in their materialistic life styles. Nor can they stand by and watch anyone out of their realm of ‘normality’.”

“You do know you’re not insane at all. I am quite surprised how they even admitted you in here?”

“A little money, in our materialistic society, goes a very long way doctor.”

“You can always come out and prove you’re not.”

“Let people think what they wish. I am happy here. No one judges me here, they don’t find it weird that I talk with beings that do not belong to this realm of existence, yet are as real as you and me. They don’t mock me when I say I love everything solely because it was created by Him. They don’t doubt that my only true love is up there and not a mere human running in a track wheel after money like a hamster in a cage.”

“I am sorry; I must confess I am confused. Why are you telling me all this?”

“Ah doctor it’s because you are a believer. In your body beats the heart of a lover, in that heart resides a spirit shackled by the norms of society… but it’s a beautiful spirit, it’s alive and not dead like that of the people you dub as ‘sane’.”

“You can’t do this to yourself. You’re only 30 years old.”

“No doctor, I am only 4 years old. For I too was once shackled and callous, it was then He reached out to me. Oh how beautiful He was…”

“You do know many religious enthusiasts would dub this as blasphemy…”

“Oh but you don’t believe them for a moment do you? You also believe that He is everywhere.”

“My beliefs don’t mean anything. Anyhow”

“Oh but they do… Don’t you see, don’t you feel…”

“I am sorry but I will have to write it in my report that you are not insane.”

“It would be referred to someone else then…”

“It’s my duty.”

“You also have a duty to your heart, you don’t fulfill that and yet you wish to do one of mortal bindings?”

I went silent…

“I guess we are done, doctor. Before we end this session, remember the fetters of ignorance always make a man weak and hallow from within. Things would change for you though and you’ll find yourself in a different seat one day. Hope you can live up to it.” She smiled at me and what I think was a wink and left the room.

It has been 10 years since that incident and her words still echo in my heart. A lot has changed since then and now that she has passed away I can only imagine how happy she would be up there with her true love… In the reality that she sought on this earth. The place of…

“Ray, it’s time for your shock therapy.” A voice yelled and I involuntarily got up and as I made my way towards the shock therapy room I couldn’t help but smile at, “He was a brilliant doctor, a pity that he went insane… Says he’s only 3 years old, talks to people who aren’t there. Always babbling about how he wishes to die soon. But I guess if you spend a lot of time with whack jobs you become one yourself.”


33 Responses to “A Free Spirit…”

  1. Loved this story as always… However got little confused at the end… 😉

  2. Wow, this is interesting.
    We rarely have such believers these days.

  3. Matilda sounds so much fun 🙂 no..

  4. hahha great ending… loved this.. whack job you are 😛

  5. with people like you who needs mental asylums and psychiatrists 😛

  6. Explain the end a little please? Other than that.. it was well written.

  7. Sounds like there was no Matilda, there was no doctor, just someone else.

  8. well written as always 🙂
    but the doctor knows that it has been 10 yrs since he met matilda though he says he’s still 3 yr old??? didn’t get this:P so yea EXPLAIN

  9. @Aneesa: I am a harmless old soul 😛

  10. @Apinder well its complicated. And your more than welcome mate 🙂
    @Aneesa no thats just me being innocent 😛

  11. no one touches my hair and comes away unharmed .. soch leh 😛

  12. It wasn’t until I’d posted the comment that I realised you were talking about your own hair…. A thousand apologies…

    • Lol, your thousand apologies remind me of “Mind your Language” =P
      And hahaha well guess same to u if you thought i was rude, i was only joking though :P_

      • no i didnt think you were being rude.. but the mistake was mines…

        one thing about wordpress i hate is the fact that u can never edit a comment once its posted…

  13. Lol that makes it all the more fun actually 😛

    • it depends how much you’ve messed up your comment 😛

      oh and about the thousand apologies… clever boy.. you clicked on well 😛

      • The messier the better:P makes you think before you speak and lol ofc i would click on to that -.- that show rocked my childhood 😛

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