Random Life Update

Well, at long last my vacations have finally ended and as Eminem said, “It’s back to the lab again” (quite literarily in my case) No, I am not some kind of a nerd who counts the number of days left before school/college/university starts. In fact I am quite the opposite of it. I hate waking up to a monotonous and mundane routine each day and expecting something different to happen every day… Like Einstein said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

It’s been three years in that single hell hole which runs by siphoning the creativity of its students and sucking each bit of hope, dignity and logic out of them… that is unless you are a girl, in that case it’s a quite another story but I digress. This is about me. To think, in just one more year I would be churned out into the cold cruel world to fight for my survival. Does make me, hell everyone, wonder that am I ready? To face the harshness of this materialistic world when the only purpose I loved books was to gain knowledge from them? When the only reason I attended classes was for the intention of learning something new? When I never bothered thinking about the bitterness of the outside while sheltered from it inside my sweet cocoon of negligence and fun?

To be quite honest, I am scared… Yes, I am humane after all and I do feel things contrary to the popular belief. Who wouldn’t be scared at a time like this? When inflation has hit the roof and the ceiling leaks of failures… Ah well, still I can’t help but feel like a sense of happiness thinking that I still have one last glorious year…

One more year of hanging out with friends. One more year of sitting around doing nothing and laughing at every little thing that can arouse a smile. One more year of bunking a class just to kick a soccer ball around the park and just walking barefoot in the scorching sun on the concrete road. One more year of walking in the rain, jumping with joy, taking random unplanned trips to God knows where. One more year of making plan out of absolutely thin air, mocking girls and their “oh my God attitude” or um rightly put, one more year of GENDER WARS! One more year of sitting in the computer lab totally and utterly bored while the teacher talks about something I discovered ages ago. One more year of writing with my eyes half closed and while half asleep. One more year of finding myself stuck in weird situations that just makes anyone go, “MY LUCK SUCKS!” and much more…

Of course there are always things that I hate going back to… such as the gender inequality that rages on everywhere I go. Or the fact that administration rules all whilst the students are just mere pawns in their scheme for leeching out more and more cash. Or the mere amazement of the fact how the hell some of the people can call themselves a “teacher”? And of course how can I ever forget the most amazing politics… class or university who cares both suck…

Oh and of course one more year of learning stuff that actually either you already knew or just makes your head go POP. Seriously, 4 years in one place and the only smarter I feel is when I actually find myself sleeping during class. You know with all this to look forward to I guess I feel a little confident. The future is going to come and hit you hard whether you wish for it or not so might as well enjoy what you have, right? Besides, being afraid is always fine as long as you have the courage to face your demons. But still for the record, life sucks -.- I WANT MORE VACATIONS x.x


48 Responses to “Random Life Update”

  1. Dont loose hope… you have one more year to go…
    i am case i’ll be graduating by the end of this academic year. I had lot of masti in the last 4yrs and now my nightmare is to pas out unemployed 😦
    But still.. I am keeping my spirits high and trying to be positive.
    Trust me.. depression cant take to the peak of success, ‘never give up’ attitude cab take you there.. so just keep trying….
    and yeah.. down the line after few years when you’ll look back to these 4yrs.. everything would look beautiful and you are gonna love it anyways 🙂

    • Still don’t see my loving my institute 😛 I will always hate it even if its well respected x.x I KNOW WHAT GOES ON INSIDE THERE =P and lol its not a sad post more of a nostalgic one 😛 so yea well ty for the advice anyways.

  2. When I finished uni I was over the moon… No more studying or uni life. As much as I loved it I couldn’t wait to go back home and just be myself and chill.

    4 years does become a way of life but knowing your goals keeps you going. And by the 4th you are ready to move on and get into the real world.

    I suppose it’s tough not knowing whats really gonna happen career wise and all I can say is think positive and never give up hope.

    More vacations… A vacation from life itself would be brilliant.

    • Lol nah the sad part is I might opt for even higher studies… >.> Sucks doesn’t it -.- 😛 and well still after 4 years I will miss some aspects of university life and am sure so have you.
      and about the vacation from life… Sure, that can be arranged on a permanent basis 😛

      • higher studies? you really are a glutton for punishment!! 😛

        i do miss some things about uni… but I missed my home life more and was desperate to get back… i remember not wanting to be there in the first place… i was actually forced to go to uni… get an education… a degree… and my reply was.. what does a princess want with a degree?… so of i went into the big bad world to spend the next 4 years of my life pretending to be normal 😛 and looked forward to returning my palace permanently 🙂

        I miss the buzz of uni and my friends.. it certainly is another life..

        permanent? what else could i expect from the devil himself… 😦

  3. as for me the college n uni days were the bestest days of my entire life and then… i had to grow up.. 🙂

  4. @Asma Lol, actually call me a psychopath but I study for the heck of it and not because its an obligation being pushed down my throat 😛 and lol wow princess… your highness thank you for commenting on a peasants blog 😛 lol 😛 now would milady wake up from her dream?:P
    @Mahlaqa or grow down 😉

    • It’s not obligations or something being rammed down your throat its about doing something to secure your future and becoming a better person with better prospects of surviving in this cruel brutal world… coz u just never know what’s round the corner… only thing is at that age you have other dreams and ideas…

      i did wake up from a dream.. after 4 years at uni.. then i came back to my reality 😛

      • Actually its better to study to gain knowledge and not measure it in some materialistic standard… Study not to make money or survive study to be a better person

        and lol yes your highness -.- 😛 and milady is a princess of….?: P

    • lol Dev!l i aint no curious miss benjimin button 😛

  5. And I was just looking forward to college.
    Jeez, thanks a lot.

  6. there are millions of ways to gain knowledge without studying .. yes it does help though.. and u can make money without it too.. and gain anything you want… its just a way of thinking for certain people…

    … and princess of…. now that would be telling… 😛

    • Yes there are a million other ways, so even if you follow those ways a little studying doesn’t kill you now does it?:P
      Ah but milady should tell me of her glorious and bountiful kingdom so I may offer the service of my sword in her honor? 😛 or crap like that 😛

  7. My glorious and bountiful kingdom is serene and tranquil and is guarded well by fort and knights in shining armour… No room for little devils 🙂

  8. @mahlaqa no o.O

  9. @Aneesa pride hath a fall milady. =p

    • it’s not just pride ma dearest soldier/strategist… it works and always has done and InshAllah always will…

      you are keen!

      if you enter my kingdom… there is no option of leaving… apni marzi seh aou aur fir mere marzi seh jaou .. soch leh 😛

  10. @mahlaqa exactly!!! 😛

  11. You will be fed well…clothed too and a place by the massive fire to sleep… and protected well should there ever be an enemy attack… pay? what is that? 😛

  12. sounds more like a prison than a college:S

  13. I love finding these uplifting posts about Life. =)

  14. @Aneesa lol nah i would manage so please 😛

  15. Not tidy 😛

  16. I don’t really understand the problem with you….
    You need a SHRINK!
    You want to go to university, and you don’t. You like things and you don’t. You are a ‘he’ and a ‘she’. Hell, yeah, you’re complicated, and too tangled up in life…
    You are INSANE, the only good thing is that you have a good sense of humour…something I appreciate….very much.

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