Nostalgic Quips XI

Well, this one is quite embarrassing but ah well here goes. It was like almost 2 years ago. It was a cold, winters night and I after getting done with my classes finally went to the bus stop to go home. Now, as it was the first stop of the bus, it was empty. So I picked a seat, I fancied and sat. After some time a guy who was very well dressed, came and sat right next to me. I found it quite weird but then again I thought he was one of those chatty types who needed people to converse with as soon as anyone makes eye contact with them. So, I started using my cell, he however sat with his legs across each other and his arm over his legs in such a way that his hand touched my thigh. I pushed it away and went back to texting… Oh boy little did I know… He did it again, but this time his hand was um a lil more towards the inner portion of my thigh. I looked at him angrily and said, “Please move your hand.”


“Uljhan hoti hai.” (It’s annoying)

He looked at me and with a straight face said

“Uljhan kay baad hi tou maza ata hai.” (Pleasure comes after annoyance)

Frankly, I was stunned by what the eff had just happened. I automatically stood up like a Jack in the Box and stepped a little back. My fists closed, upon seeing this he rose up and quickly went out the bus and just went away in haste… But still WTF -.-

23 Responses to “Nostalgic Quips XI”

  1. Anas Shafqat Says:

    Ha ha I remember writing about this in the report I wrote about you ;p I wrote it better. Loser 😛

  2. you know you can be an instant hit if you turn gay. think bout it. =P

  3. Now you know how us poor girls feel when it happens to us ..

    • Well I knew how bad it must feel before that happened too -.- So, didn’t really need a demo -.- I dun even look at girls the wrong way let alone touch them why me T.T

      • I had an experience once on the bus.. first time i ever sat on a bus in khirachi and the twat behind me thought he would get funny… at first i never realised and then when i clicked that he was touching my hand from window side… ( i was sitting with my arms folded and he had slipped his hand down the window side and tried to touch it) i just flipped and started abusing him ( wont repeat what i called him) he got up… ran to the back of the bus… and just jumped of the moving bus!

        To me it looked like he had done this many times before… toba toba .. totally disgusting…

  4. Well.. being a girl such experience are very common… but i never thought that guys have to face it too..!!!
    Cant help laughing after reading this 😉

  5. @madhulika can’t blame you actually -.- It is kind of funny -.- my friends still make fun of the “uljhan kay baad hi tou maza aata hai” part -.- 😛 and yea apparently it does happen with lots of guys o.O
    @Aneesa Yea, well men are pigs 🙂 Well most of them… and the funny thing is he (ur abuser) would have told his friends about this like an achievement.

  6. If he did this to you imagine what he would be doing to females

  7. @Lvii well I simply dun care anymore 😛

  8. Wahabna Says:

    Omg! hahahahhaahha! Uljhan Hoti hai?! DUDE! u sound jst like a girl :p hehehehehehexD

  9. Uljan… Hahahaha 😛

  10. -.- again to quote myself “SHUT UP -.-” 😛

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