Insane Ramblings

Writer’s Note: Um these are just some insane ramblings i wrote don’t know why… though do remember when. Anyone who can make sense of it is well, really amazing because I damn well can’t πŸ˜›

Closed walls, crowded empty chambers, no escape…  Hollow smiles, mindless babblings, unreal expressions. Just a cell with a stage full of actors, each trying to over shadow the other. I want to breathe; I want to look beyond… I want to watch a different play now… I always heard there was a guardian angel looking out. Where is mine, why doesn’t he hold my hand when I try to escape this pit of malice? Why doesn’t anyone hold me to shelter me from the dark…? I am tired, why doesn’t the door open? Why must I go on with this monstrosity of a play that rambles on way beyond its climax? Why am I the only spectator in this mad house? Why do they all laugh at me?

Oh now I get it, I am not the spectator, they are. The monotonous madness is not a play but the mere crowd watching as I etch my way to insanity… I want to shout, LEAVE ME ALONE, but my voice fails me. When would the door open… when would I be free? Closed walls, crowded empty chambers, one escape… Death…


54 Responses to “Insane Ramblings”

  1. This world will drive anyone crazy… Crazy to death

  2. then die…simple isn’t it??

  3. the overwhelming monstrous stupidity and insensitivity of the world around you weighs on you…ideals and ideas are a dangerous maddening thing sometimes, especially when you realize they cannot be fully realized.

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