My Physical Defects

Writer’s Note: Just another random note. If it bades well I guess I will do another one on my mental defects. =P

Well, I am back to whine. Yes, just when you think I have nothing more to whine about I come out to prove you wrong! Today, the topic was suggested to me by a friend by pointing different physical defects in me. That is when I realized OMG, I have so many of them, and therefore I must whine about them!

Well the first thing to remember is this is all in pure fun and yea lots of would be like, “They are only there because you don’t take care of yourself etc etc…” So before you start on that road, let me tell you I don’t really care. The only part of me I care about I preserve with all my being. No, please don’t have a dirty mind I am talking about my brain. 😛

Anyhow my physical defects… Well let’s start from the top shall we? My hair… yes, my glorious silver hair! I am only 21 years old and I have white hair that can put middle aged men to shame. (If white hair signified experience then I would be one of the most experienced and wisest people of my age to tread this earth.) Moving on, my eyesight is weak (of course that one was my fault! But still I like to believe that it runs in the family :P. Oh and I know what you are going to say and the answer is, yes I have four eyes. Oh how original your jokes are… Now please go buy a joke book). I have a sinuses problem along with the fact that the holes in my ear are smaller than they should be which may cause some hearing problems if my ears aren’t properly cleaned. (As pointed out to me during an extensive army medical test… That’s a long story nvm). Well many of you would think that would be enough to cover my face, well sir/madam you are utterly wrong! Next on the list come my teeth. Yes, you guessed it, I have sensitive teeth! I can’t eat anything hot or cold and for someone who only loves ice cream in desserts that really sucks! I also have a gum problem due to which in my childhood I had a real tough time growing my molar teeth. Something which my dentist really loved and as a child I did too up to some extent. I mean free ice cream after every visit, hallelujah.

Alright, moving on as I already whined about the fact that I am skinny you would think that would be enough about my body but no. I have so many other disorders that it’s not even funny. Firstly, I have weak elbows. By weak elbows I mean that if I ever lift anything heavy with them or keep them bended for long I get “golfers elbow” in one elbow and a “tennis elbow” in the other. (If you don’t know what they are… well, neither do I. 😛 all I know is they hurt like hell so yea.) Moving on, I have a real sensitive stomach that gets digestive problems on the slightest taste of spicy food or unprocessed water. People whine about how sometimes their stomach gets upset but I whine about how stomach my stomach gets well and functions normally.

I get random aches in my legs which often result in me getting cranky. Speaking of the lower body, I have big feet. No I am not related to big foot in any way, it’s just that in my country my foot size is not normal and as a result I have to wear international brand of shoes. Seriously, stupid money hungry local brands x.x.

Well you think these would be all of them don’t you. WRONG AGAIN! Now, I move on to my weird sleeping patterns! I must sleep in certain time patterns or I get stupid headaches. I must sleep 6 or 8 or 10 or 12 hours. If I sleep any less or any more I get headaches. And to top of it all, the icing on the cake is I am very clumsy! I have the magical ability to fall on my own feet on flat land with no obstacle or hurdle in sight! My father calls it my “talent”. Of course, bumping my head into things while walking is another story entirely.

So yea, these are some of my faults. I said some because these were the only ones I could think up right now. There are so many others that I just skimmed or skipped past as getting into them is just stupid or I just don’t consider them important anymore.


49 Responses to “My Physical Defects”

  1. Anas Shafqat Says:

    Interesting 😛

  2. i too have abnormally large feet and hands (giant bones) and instead of stomach problems i have migraine 24/7 so myopia is an obvious thing:)
    anyway good luck with clumsiness..Bang your head so forcefully that your brain starts functioning normally:P

    • Lol, I get a lot of migraines as well but I consider them a normal part of my life so not worth mentioning 😛 and lol well if that were the case I would be a very normal person by now ;P

  3. Wahabna Says:

    wow :p

  4. lol the man who was a hospital… kuch nahe hai ap ko.. siway is key keh ap ka dimagh kharab hai 😛

  5. Hmmmmmmmm first of all congrats on knowing your sleeping patterns that won’t cause headaches because some suffer a life time and never figure it out.

    Second of all you remind me of some nutty professor… Seriously the only two words that come to mind after reading all this is drama queen and hypochondriac.

    Oh and by the way… I’ve noticed your posts are becoming more and more erratic and inconsistent… Are you felling ok? Haha 😉

    • Lol just experimenting with things 😛 and this is supposed to be just random musings that are for my own pass time 😛 besides the sleeping pattern thing well i get a headache and i know the reason 😛 its not lack of sleep its my lack of will to wear glasses 24/7 😛 and still i would love to know what u mean by inconsistent 😛

      • P.S. the nutty professor thing is well what my friends call me =P oh and its not about being a drama queen its just supposed to be kind of a light, smile provoking thing 😛

  6. So I spotted you well on the nutty professor thing 😛
    Inconsistent as one minute your writing romantic stories, then u get hit on by a gay perv then your ramblings 🙂
    Hey I’m not complaining 😉

  7. yea so shhh 😛

  8. wordsfallfrommyeyes Says:

    OMG, I would never dare list my defects! You’re brave!! You know, on X-Factor in Australia at the moment there is a 15 YEAR OLD BOY with silvery white hair and glasses & he has Aspergers and he is doing GREAT! He is one of my favourites – him & Reece. He’s quirky, original, a little spooky in some songs. Embrace your stuff, I reckon. I have heard at work “Oh, I hate Declan” but I don’t know why – I think he’s great! So some people will like you as-is, some not.

    There better not be a Defects Part II… ! Take care 🙂 Noeleen

    • Lol, the best humor is self inflicted. 😛 Personally, I have found that people get offended at jokes directed towards them so its better to make people laugh through your own self 😛 and about the x factor I would check him out =P Though i only follow the britain version of the show, as i like the judges there 😛

  9. never knew you had so many defects 😛

  10. Well… I guess you missed posting your picture in this post 😛
    hehehe.. come on… everybody has some inabilities or the other.. Its just about expecting them and still being successful…
    wish you all the success in life 🙂

    • Hey i never said i hate myself 😛 Ok fine i do hate myself a little but am still proud of what i am 😛 so yea =P and no i dun paste my pictures not my thing 😛

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. 😀

  12. insomnia treatment…

    […]My Physical Defects « Dev!l's Blog[…]…

  13. one-who-must-not-be-named Says:

    “how stomach my stomach gets well and functions normally.”

    ur stomach ur stomach ?

  14. I wonder, if you’re ever getting married if your partner reads THAT!

  15. Don’t trust them? You advise me to trust exactly who then? Imbeciles like you?

    Check his Gravatar…
    I guess either one copied the other.

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