A Boring Physics Rant

Well, I am back with somewhat of another rant but unfortunately this one is kind of scientific in nature. Yes, if you haven’t guessed it it’s about the recent neutrino controversy. Well if you were living under a rock, known as a social life then here is the short version: “Some scientists proclaimed that there are some particles known as, “neutrinos” who travelled faster than light.” Now, the term proclaimed is an important term to consider. It means it in no way was proved as many blogs stated! The whole experiment was and still is under scrutiny from the scientific community. Science as my teacher puts it is basically, “refutation and conjecture”. This was just a conjecture and would be further tested and then it would be decided whether it would be refuted or accepted.

The media has just hyped it up beyond measure. Fine, they said that is the result that we obtained after checking but they also said that we invite the whole scientific community to reconduct the experiment and verify or reject our results. That is what one scientist recently did by calculating the time difference in the neutrino’s speed from that of light. And the media went on frenzy again. Seriously, even if it explains the result perfectly: this is just another result which is still to be verified by the scientific community. Even though the scientists who did the research and who explained it are constantly telling everyone that this is just a result that needs confirmation but why listen to a moron with about 20 years or more in physics education right?

Wait, before I rant more let me tell you what are neutrinos. Neutrinos are particles which were suggested by Wolfgang Pauli to conserve the Law of Energy and Mass in the beta decay. Neutrinos are small particles that have a small mass and which are electrically neutral. So what if they travel faster than light? Well, they would void Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Yes, it is still a theory even after 100 years have passed. So what if they void the theory of some crazy old lunatic who looked more like a mental patient rather than one of the brilliant minds of this millennium? Well, the answer is simple: Einstein’s theory gave birth to many interesting principles and explained a great lot in particle physics. Yes, the theory does state that one cannot travel in time but it is not the only thing in physics that stops anyone to become a descendant of Dr. Who.

But would the media tend to look into that? No, because it would make things lose their hype. There is a principle, known as the Law of Entropy which indirectly states that one can’t travel back in time. The state of disorder of a system always increases so it is the belief of many in the scientific community that this law prohibits the travelling back in time. And it is a LAW not a theory. If you don’t know the difference between the two, well laws are something that holds under every situation and is general, a theory however is just a conjecture which is yet to be refined and doesn’t necessarily explain everything thrown at it.

So what was the point of this senseless blabber? Well, everything in science needs to be confirmed through a vigorous process and nothing in science happens overnight. A result obtained is analyzed by various scientists to test its validity along with any possible answers. So, seriously if you are going to write a blog about something please do some research before blabbering about something you have very little knowledge on.


21 Responses to “A Boring Physics Rant”

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  2. hmm a rant which sounds fair and makes sense 🙂

  3. lol something like that :p

  4. Do you now feel better after this rant? 😛

  5. why do you always ask me that x.x and i’ll feel better when the media stops being an ass

  6. well miss princwss ofc a rant makes me feel better but if the thung just vaishes that would be amazing

  7. what a rant! lol

  8. Interesting post, I don’t profess to being an expert in the field so all new info for me, thanks. However, your last statement a bit off course, I guess we need to appreciate the fact that ppl may post without research as it depends on what context they are writing in. I still think there is a grey area around whether blogging is a serious form of writing to be governed by rules.

    • Lol actually it wasn’t only the blogosphere but also the main stream media did this thing which is completely wrong. The Guardian etc did the same thing. Those are the blogs are the ones that are governed by certain rules

  9. neutrinos… sounds more like a type of biscuit

  10. jack sayjack Says:

    the scientists forgot to plug the machinw in, so it malfunctioned. that’s what they’re saying now. face palm.

    • Excuse me? Where the hell did you read this crap? Plug in the machine? Do you have any freaking idea how LHC works? Seriously

      • jack sayjack Says:

        not what i said, its what they said,(that also part of the reason i put the face palm there)

      • There have been no such comments from CERN (the lab that made the discovery)! The only comments they made after the whole event was that perhaps they had observed not one but two Higgs Bosons which is something that is quite fascinating and game changing in itself

  11. The main source that stops us ( as a planet) from tumbling through the universe if u will is gravity. Every single thing in the universe that has mass has a independent source of gravity. This means that if u were in space and u had a 100 kilo piece of rock and a paperclip, the paper clip would be attracted to the rock. This is the circumstances as the sun and all the planets such as mercury, Venus, Saturn, mars, ect. All the planets are in constant attraction to the sun and we are getting to the inevitable point of which we will collide with the sun in trillions of years. But then lies the question if everything in the universe holds mass what does the sun revolve around and the answer is the galaxy known as the Milky Way. But if the sun is removing around the Milky Way then the Milky Way must hold mass which means it is the biggest source of gravity in the whole of universe. But the journey doesn’t stop here oh no, the universe itself is the biggest source of gravity that we know about and it constantly getting bigger. It is expanding constantly and proof of this is the dark nights on earth. All the stars are suns and have been there for hundreds of thousands of years but because the universe is constantly expanding the distance is getting further part which means the universe must be expanding faster than the speed of light because of the dark nights on earth. So in closing the universe is the greatest known source of gravity expands faster than the speed of light therefore the universe is the only 4d object that holds mass in all of time and space

    • So what’s the point of this high school physics lecture? And as for the universe expanding faster than the light well, I disagree as even in expansion and creation of particles, they are spawned at the speeds of light not faster.

    • And secondly the word “in space” is way to vague. As if you literally mean space instead of vacuum, well then sir yes even though there will be a force of attraction between the rock and the paper clip, it will be way too small for them to be actually attracted towards each other. Else, everything in the international space station would just stick to each other 🙂 Not to mention if we calculate the values from the simple Newtonian Gravitational law.

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