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GoodBye :)

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Can’t resist but to say goodbye to a very good blogger :)Apparently this was her last post. Ah well…

Ankhein pagal thi ke bharr aii...


2011, An Overview

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Well, this post is going to be one of those dear diary ones. No, this in no way means that I will be writing, “Dear Diary, she talked to me today…” etc. This is something I do at the end of each year… it’s more of an overview of how my year went.

Well 2011 in all its glory wasn’t such a great year for me at all (apart from some things). The year brought lots of memories, many of whom I just wish to forget but alas if only the human mind was that simple to control.

The year started as usual with the torment of my birthday sitting just around the corner. But sadly, this year my friends and I couldn’t arrange a barbeque like every year, near my birthday, in January. Not to mention I didn’t get any presents for my birthday either, except a few. Yea, thank you guys, what a great bunch of dead beat miser friends you are! 😛

Well don’t feel sad for me, for we did manage to get a bbq and not one but two of them in fact. Of course they both resulted in me ending up either cleaning up and washing the chicken or cooking them in front of the grill but I ain’t complaining… much.

As summer ended, I found myself again in the shrouds of boredom as this year I had no plans for summer vacations at all but to just sit at home and clear one damn subject in the summer camp of my university (Not to mention, hear the words: “OMG, YOU FLUNKED A SUBJECT TOO??” over and over again).

And just when this year couldn’t get any happier I soon found myself on the joyful occasion of attending two weddings of my cousins along with one of a friend’s brother. One at the start of the year and one near the end of it. No, I do not enjoy weddings and hence soon found myself banging my head against the wall in shear happiness. The wedding of my cousins’ went as fast as a snail moving on peanut butter but the wedding of M’s brother really gave some unforgettable memories. Of course that too was tainted by a fight between two of my friends but on the bright side I got to meet one asinine of a net friend.

Speaking of fights, I fought a lot with many of my friends this year and learnt the hard way that somehow, the one a person is committed with means more to them then their friends. Had huge fights with 3 of my friends and all of them, believe it or not happened over their relationships. Somehow the words, “I want to protect you from harm” lost their value and I ended up losing a dear sister and a brother like friend. Although I did manage to patch things up with them but alas, it isn’t the same anymore… and if I could I would go back and explain my actions more and tell them that whatever I did, no matter how foolish it was, was to protect them and I know I made mistakes and went about the matters entirely wrong but sigh, time does not move backward.

Oh, if you think that was sad then my friends please hold on because the year got worse… Two of my friends lost their fathers to the angel of death. Even though I couldn’t be there for one of them in those days, much to my regret, I did manage to get to the other one. The 900 km journey in 2 days with 6 guys in a Suzuki Mehran just to get to a funeral seemed nothing when we heard the words, “I knew you guys would come.”

Anyhow, moving on from all the emo stuff, I did have my fun this year as well. Mainly online, I rekindled my relation with an old friend, met some interesting people online (many of whom are bloggers, that’s entirely another thing that I don’t know anything about them but ah well), started Static, met a sick old lady who gave me chocolates :P, found fraternity in the most strangest of ways, grew closer than ever to one of my old friends, found the value and meaning of the words friendship, love etc better than ever thanks that some of my friends (One in particular). Fought like crazy and then tried my best to win a friend over on more than one occasions.

My family also had the immense pleasure of welcoming a little baby girl, Aleezay, the daughter of my brother and my niece into this world. Izaan (my nephew) grew to be two years old and frankly he is turning out to be one hell of a firecracker.

Other than that, the trip to Khanaspur with my university friends proved to be great fun as well. Speaking of university, I went to a number of science fairs this year as well to represent my department, though that is another matter entirely that we won squat. But ah well, when your quiz team just likes to yell Enrico Fermi as the goddamned answer to everything that was bound to happen. I also had the sheer pleasure of working on the welcome party of my juniors with some of the “calm and cool” minded people of my department. They just were just so awesome that they made me appreciate girls! 😛

Apart from that, I also found myself wrapped in the mess of the departmental magazine and soon wounded up laying the founding stone of it with some colleagues. No, this doesn’t mean I am happy as the editorial staff under me for the English editorial board compromises entirely of girls! WTF!

Yea moving on, this year I couldn’t help but see how fast life moved and how quickly it has started to wrap people around me in its complexities. The number of hangouts this year with my old friends was shockingly low, though the ones we did had were fun nonetheless. Everyone is moving on so fast, many of my friends are either in serious relationships or are engaged, which leaves me, single and happy. Not that I am complaining that I want a girlfriend or something I am just surprised by the fact that everyone grew up so fast. Ah well, one can’t always be carefree… I know there are still a few days left in this year but unless something extra ordinary happens I would be fixated before my computer screen playing Elder Scrolls or tending to my new puppy… that I just got a few days back and is gravely ill…

Ah well, this was a short overview of my year and even though I cut out many integral parts out of it due to the fact that I don’t wish to speak about them I can’t help but wonder in the end, was this year truly worth writing about? I guess by the experiences I had, sure…

At the end, I would like to address all my old and new friends… “I am sorry if I did anything to hurt you this year, I know I have been introverted throughout the year but with time we all are becoming intensively busy and slowly drifting apart. In this diffusion many of us have forgotten what our friendships meant to us. I would like you to please take a moment out of your lives and just look back and remember all the good old times we shared… Life may move fast and it doesn’t mean you have to forget everyone you cared about.”

Exams Fever

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All further activity by me on my blogs and FB pages is on a halt till my exams end. That would be around December 19th, 2011. Not that anyone cares, so yea see you all later.

Dammit Comics!

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It was Oscar Wilde who once said, “True friends stab you in the front.” Now, we believed that this wasn’t the whole quote so, here is what really happened in our view and what Wilde truly said. 😛

Artist: M. Usman Khan                Concept and Dialogue: M. Usman Khan and Lilith

Dammit’s FB Page:

Screw Everyone II

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I did this quite a while back, but here I am back again with anger bubbling inside me forcing me to say what is about to follow. Before starting I would like to warn everyone that the language used will be severe and abusive. So, if you are one of those “OMG, he said a bad word” people kindly, leave this page right now.

Screw all the morons who would sit and criticize everyone and everything they can set their eyes at, yet would never have the courage to take the initiative themselves. Screw people who form opinions about things without even trying them. Just because you have a mundane soul doesn’t mean we want to listen to you, you egocentric moron. Screw those who would comment on how bad things are in their city and how good things are in another. More than half of them haven’t even been to any place near the places they whine about! Everything looks good in pictures you effing jackass!

Screw everyone who mutilates religion to get what they want! Screw everyone who doesn’t condone terrorism just because they think it is for a religious cause! God created everything; you have no right to kill those who are helpless! Screw everyone who are blind when it comes to religion. GO TO AN OPTICIAN AND A NEUROSURGEON YOU ASSHOLE! Screw everyone who make the religion difficult by getting into details that no one gives a damn about. Religion is something personal, if you fail to realize that then please stop breathing my air, you narrow minded moron! Screw the people who care more about their sects rather than their religions! Sects are there to make things easier for some, not for you to think of yourself as someone important. NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT WHO YOU ARE!

Screw those teachers who say they encourage questions but would insult anyone who asks them. Screw everyone who would change the topic instead of admitting he doesn’t know the answer! If it hurts your ego, then stop telling people to ask you effing questions! Screw those students who put up with such teachers instead of speaking out! Grow some guts!

Screw those who care more for their personal gains rather than the good of the society. If you have no moral fiber, it doesn’t mean you are right you egocentric asshole. Screw those who promote capitalism and refuse to pay more taxes. If you lose 1 million out of a billion it wouldn’t make you any poorer, you jackass! Screw everyone in the “Occupy Movement” who are there without any knowledge of the movement nor know the objectives of it! If you are there to whine about how “the man” kicked you out of your job, go back home and do it with your wife who hopefully would put an end to your effing misery with a gun! Screw the Movement in general for failing to have a single voice in general! Admit your failure and start over, you MORONS!

Screw all the bloggers who would write posts about how “the creative genius of our era” Steve Jobs passed away, yet won’t say a single word about the famines in Africa! People die there daily so don’t give me bullshit about how Steve Jobs changed the world. Perhaps one of those children who died there might have been greater than Steve Jobs ever was! Screw all those who think Steve Jobs is to thank for everything good that was ever made in technology; he had a team of scientists you morons! If he showed you an invention, doesn’t mean he made it!

Screw everyone who is a racist! Just because you are worth nothing in your life doesn’t mean others who look different are worth lower than you! It’s just you, you dumbfuck! Screw all those who polish their politics by being racists and blaming everything that goes wrong on other provinces! Just because you are an illiterate bastard who can’t handle anything correctly, doesn’t mean it’s the fault of other. GO DIE NOW YOU ASSHOLE! Screw everyone who endorse street gangs to gain power in their politics! You are a scumbag who doesn’t even deserve to live!

Screw the mindless assholes who say anything they want just to boost the ratings of their tv channels! Screw them for promoting violence and fear in the public to get more viewers! There are other ways to do so, you effing jackass! Screw the people who waste their time by watching shows that have no purpose! Screw the tv heads for approving mindless reality shows, there are other concepts than reality! FIND THEM! Screw the news reporters for pestering everyone they can get their hands on. If someone is sad, he DOES NOT WANT TO TELL YOU HOW HE FEELS AFTER HIS BROTHER/SISTER WAS KILLED IN A BOMB BLAST! GO DIE YOU EFFING ASSHOLE! Screw the effing morons who become mindless drones and recite scripts just to appear on tv! Appearing on tv once would not make you a celebrity, you shithead!

… No, I am still not done yet I feel much better… So yea in the end, screw all the mindless morons who would just read this in amusement and still won’t think of what is wrong with this world!

Types of Girlfriends Part I

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Well, it’s been some time since I wrote about types of boyfriends. Now, as all of you who know me, do know that I am kind of a misogamist so therefore I present to you, “Types of Girlfriends.”

The Psycho

This type of girlfriend is one of the most dangerous one out there. She is the kind who will act all cool if you are talking to another girl only for you to find her in a video on YouTube titled, “Catfight!!!”. This type of girlfriend is so  much fun to hang out with, that the only reason that keeps you coming back is the fear of the safety of your own limbs, how wonderfully romantic.

The Romantic

Unlike the mythical type of romantic boyfriends out there, romantic girlfriends do exist. They are so amazing that the only thing that would occupy their mind 24/7 would be cuddling or sweet talking. Oh, how I pray to the Lord each day for such a girl and how I envy the guys with such girlfriends… If you are such a guy, please I beg you marry that whackjob of a girl and keep other guys safe!

The Gluer

This type of girlfriend is one of the most common type of girlfriend out there. The only thing that will separate her from her boyfriend would be a 12 hour surgery. If she can’t be there in person, she would demand that her guy keeps texting her. Going in a relation with such a girl is like being reborn with a Siamese twin… Not even the privacy of the toilet would be enough for you, ever again….

The Talker

This type of girlfriend gets on my nerves the most. She is the girl who just won’t shut her mouth. It’s like having a thousand crows, singing their beautiful songs in your ear all day long. The downside? There is none! Well other than the fact that you will get envious of deaf people.

The Anorexic

Due to the recent popularity of skeletons in our fashion industry this type of girlfriends are becoming common every day. The only thing more pleasing and charming than their money saving ways on dates is their constant query to their boyfriends, “Do I look fat?” I really don’t know anything what’s more appealing, the fact that they can give Gandhi a run for his money in hunger strikes or the fact that they think skeletons look fat.

The Dumbbell

Usually this type of girlfriends is associated with blondes but believe me, they exist in every race! With the brain power to put a brain dead hamster to shame, they continue to impress boys with their charming stupidity and carrying a sign, “I’m easy!” The only thing that makes them anymore of an abomination on this planet is the fact that they believe they are the prettiest girl on the planet and the whole world should worship them for their hard work in looking oh so beautiful.

The Mullah

Oh, don’t be fooled by the name. This type of girlfriends are the ones who are often found in veils and doing everything in accordance to the commandments of their religion… They are so religious and pious that they full fill the order of wearing veils to the letter and often forget to wear anything else underneath the veil other than miniskirts, sleeveless, skin tight shirts etc. You know what the religious people wore in ye olden times. They are often found addressing their boyfriends to also follow the “religious” ways while they are not busy making out with them. (Disclaimer: Not all girls who wear veils are like this.)