Types of Girlfriends II

The Stalker

Normally, such types of girls aren’t very common but they do exist. I can write on about such girls on and on but I guess the best way to explain to them is, “Every move you make, every step you take, they’ll be watching you!” From your Facebook profile to your blogs, they will monitor every activity like NSA agents gathering intel for an assassination mission.

The She-Wolf

Like their guy counter parts, these type of girls are always on the prowl for a new guy. It doesn’t matter if he is rich or poor, they want him. These types of girls make excellent tech geeks since they are always in the market looking for new models to upgrade their “systems”. The only thing more fascinating than their boy changing habits is their abilities to handle two guys at once in a serious relationship. They really give girls everywhere a good name!

The Money Hungry

These type of girls are similar to the She-Wolves with the only difference is that they always are in the market looking for new “meat on expensive wheels”. The funniest part is guys know about such type of girls and love to exploit their weakness to riches. The most amazing thing about such type of girls is that they can burn through your wallet faster than you can earn/borrow it! Their faithfulness is the stuff of legends and they would loyally remain yours till your wallet has the sleek gold look.

The Lioness

These types of girls are the advent of modern society. They are trustworthy, faithful and would always give you room to breathe. They would give you their eternal love… The only downside is that once you try to break up with them they will shred through you like a lioness shreds through a zebra. They will make it their personal vendetta to ruin all your future relationships along with any fun aspect of your life. Going in relation with such a girl is truly the most amazing feeling ever till I don’t know… you perhaps start thinking for your own self! The other name for such girls is. “The B****”.

The Tomboy

Secretly lesbian-ish in nature they are the perfect candidates for guys seeking for girlfriends they can be friends with. They are the epitome of girlishness with their “wanna-be” boy clothes and their charming language which oozes of sweet, pretty abuses like asshole, b*tch, f*ckface etc. They love to be lady like and always would slap instead of punching. That is another matter entirely that their slaps are manlier than half of the men’s punches.

The Gamer

These are the rarest yet the most sought after girlfriends out there! Usually personified by tomboys, they are a breed apart from regular girls. Their idea of a romantic date includes whooping some ass on Call of Duty to playing Super Smash Brothers in 2 player mode. They love cheap, inexpensive nerdy gifts making them the ideal teenage fantasy woman. The only downside being is that they might be a better gamer than the dude…

The Nerd

These types of girlfriends’ world start and end in books. Usually fascinated by mythical gay, shinning, homosexual vampires or shirtless morons having the atrocity to be called werewolves, they are often found arguing about which team is more pretty and shimmering. Ah but not all hope is lost many of them are also well read into other books making them immune to the immortal bullshit of shitty books. They only accept well read and articulate boyfriends with the agreement that they only would always come second to their fantasy boyfriend. How utterly realistic they are…

The Attitude Girl

These type of girlfriends think they are the world and would go all out to prove it. They make guys feel on top of the world by giving them immense joy by just saying “Hi” to them. In any room they always are the centre of attention and would prove any theory wrong that doesn’t state that the world revolves around them. Their charm and eloquence makes every guy want to give them a big free bear hug, crushing them in the process. These types of girls should stop breathing my air asap.

The Girl Who Loves to eat and admits it

Sorry, such types of girls are only mythical and can’t be found in real life.


27 Responses to “Types of Girlfriends II”

  1. lol..i can def see myself in one of these.

    you are so creepy

  2. 😛 like really u know a lot many girls 😛

  3. @Both: I am not a misogynist -.- Am more of a guy who likes equality 😛 so yea, its cool 😛

  4. waaahoooo GAMER!!!!!!!! me me me me 😛

  5. mahn00r Says:

    im the stalker :p and the girl who loves to eat (yes they do exist :/) and funny thing about that is im a little satisfied about my weight too :p and a little bit of the nerd xD

  6. Puhleeezz!!! Return to your old Dev!l self! kuch kam ka b likhaa dayy instead to writing for this buch pf female readership you have!

  7. i wonder how you missed some very important categories 🙂

    anyways…..that was fun to read this informative post 😉

  8. Hmmmmm I could have sworn u were writing about me … Not saying which one though 😉 actually I don’t think I make a good girlfriend at all. I really pity the guy who has ended up with me. 😉

  9. Ofc I mean you just interest me so much gosh 😛

  10. oh i totally agree with you.. poor them… 😛

  11. You, my friend, have a serious problem!
    Girls are not that bad, really!
    It’s usually boys who cause problems. 😉

  12. @Lvii I have no intentions dude 😛
    @Sillyme: You need two hands to clap… always… Fine men are pigs but not all of them are that way either despite the popular belief 😛

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