Read, Learn and Educate

Uh, something I wrote out of shear boredom. It’s published at my other blog, Static. Do read if you want. Its titled: Read, Learn and Educate


11 Responses to “Read, Learn and Educate”

  1. I left a comment there 🙂

  2. Are you a hater, LOL?

  3. You have to try your ways then to make it funny 😉 umm, I’ve never thought that devils can get annoyed .

    • you’re contradicting yourself Mr dev!l,you said you ‘re annoyed with the world and its way but you’re not hater ,but this is what a hater does ,get annoyed of everything ,disapproves of hate teachers ,you hate woman ,you hate educated people ,you hate everything?YOU EVEN WRITE THINGS OUF OF BOREDOM not because you love that .you know ,If the devil is looking for a new home your place will be perfect coz here he can breath but hatred .I was wondering if you enjoy doing something other than being cruel .

      • Ah but if I was purely someone who hated, I would never give solutions to the predicaments that plague our society today. The thing is, sure I’m annoyed by a lot of things and almost everything gets hate from me but there are people and causes I strongly believe in and do appreciate their hard work. The bad part is in this world the good is slowly vanishing and if we don’t make a stand then one day the morals we deem as “evil” today would be considered as “good” and I can’t let that happen silently…

  4. -“good”,I don’t know your definition of this word . I just was wondering what good you can see in making fun of ” a woman in love” or as you like referingr to her “girl friend”, by dressing her ugly attire ,sometimes of a wolf, sometimes else of a sheep.In that article you stripped woman of her most beautiful jewley ,her mind ,you just depict her as an animal just looking for a prey.It hurts a lot to read such article about woman written by a man.
    -Yeah,we all want to change the world ,because we want the best for the people around us because we care for them,love them ,not because we hate them. Allah warned prophet Mohammed peace him not to be cruel with people around him and be patient so that they won’t desert him and follow him instead. Honestly ,i found many interesting things here ,i learned some new vocabulary too, but I stopped taking notes when i came across your article about girlfriends,im not one , but im a woman and your words when talking about them offended me a lot.I’m sorry if i crossed some lines ,some articles of yours are provocative.

    • Lol, firstly: that article was written in humor no offense was intended to anyone. I wrote a similar one about guys as well 🙂 So the sword is sharp on both sides. And I am mean to women because they are mean themselves. As for the love part well in today’s world we rarely see the emotion love… Hell, it makes me wonder that perhaps its just a wild fallacy for people who are seeking ways to hurt themselves or want something to believe in.
      Um I would prefer if we don’t discuss anything related to religion here. Thank you. Other than that like i said my articles are written in humor and aren’t meant to offend people. Few of the people I care about most on this planet are girls and I would gladly be stripped of my hands than to insult them. The ones I mentioned are the ones that are present in the women gender giving it a bad name.

  5. P.S. All the types mentioned in either the GF or BF article have live examples. Yes I did say example”s”

    • gOod night and sweet dreams 🙂

      • @ arabian rose
        dear girl
        well i being one of the girls would like to say that never in a single place it was mentioned ever that all female gender is taken care of in this article. hence the types mentioned were mentioned in pure humor, satire may be, but well never did it mean to label or categorize the whole or the unit. n well u must be a little unbiased here cz u must also have witnessed many a things that women bring upon themselves and that too in the name of attitude and brazenness.

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