He stared at the ceiling as the class commenced. Funny how a classroom filled with bodies seemed empty to him… but then again that’s all they were to him… bodies.

“Mr. Ray? Care to join us?”

“Uncertainty” he replied without taking his eyes off the ceiling.

“Excuse me?”

“Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is violated therefore the term is not physical and the second term is not localized, so only the third term remains and that’s our answer.” he replied casually still lost somewhere in the ceiling.

The teacher stared at him, cleared his throat and said, “Yes… Yes. Problem solved, class dismissed.”

Everyone got up and left but him… He just sat there with his head tilted backwards.

His cell phone buzzed and buzzed but he didn’t bother. There was no reason to bother for he knew on the other side was someone, self obsessed with his own life wanting to catch up with his just to fulfill some social protocol.

The buzzing continued, irritated he picked it up and turned it off. There was no point left sitting there anymore as his peace was disturbed. “Might as well walk among the hollow dead.” He thought to himself as he picked his bag up and went outside.

“Hey lost bunny” a cheerful voice called after him. He slowed down but didn’t bother to reply.

“You know it’s rude to ignore your girl friend slash fiancée.”

“If I had turned around to greet you, you would had had found something else that I was being rude at. So, what’s the point if you’re gonna assume what you want in the end anyways?” He spoke softly.

“Seriously, sometimes I do wonder how come a cheerful girl like me ended up with a boring bum like you.”

He chose to ignore her and simply walked towards the railing.

“You know I never know what you find so fascinating about just standing there looking at the ground below.”

He cracked a small smile, pulled out a piece of paper from his bag and wrote something on it.

“Oh look at the great Einstein, developing his equations. Anyhow, today is Smith’s birthday what are you getting him?”


“Smith? Your childhood friend?”

“Oh, yea… here take this.” He folded the paper and handed it to her.

“Uh, ok…”

“Read it aloud and know that you’re a moron and I love you.” He said with a huge grin on his face.

She was taken aback by his reaction nevertheless she opened the paper and started to read

“I always wanted to know how it would feel like to jump down from this railing. How hard would my heart beat? How fast will I fall? Would I cry or laugh? Or would I be afraid… But I never had the freedom to find out. I always preferred surrounding myself with people who always understood what they desired and be critical of every step I took.”

“What the hell is this?” She clutched the paper more angrily

“Hahahaha, just read on it’s a story I’m working. An unknown person commits suicide and leaves behind a letter but I can’t imagine how the main characters would react to it.”

“I always built castles not in hopes to keep intruders out but to challenge those who wished to enter. They say that those who think they are misunderstood are the biggest fools of them all but unfortunately people with no souls can’t understand… they are obsessed with their own selves so much that they have lost themselves in the process. Their dreams and passions are decided by logic and their logic by their obligation to society and self importance; I refuse to be surrounded by such hollow straw men. Do not think I am giving up… No, I am just trying my right to be free… Free to be wretchedly alone and in this world I can’t find a single place where I can find the peace of mind to be alone.”

“Uh, so? What do you want me to do now?”

“Nothing, just complete my story…” He smiled and jumped off the railing hysterically laughing with joy.


10 Responses to “Freedom”

  1. Posts like these just make me miss writing so much! 😦

  2. Sooo beautiful. I can’t wait to read your next story.

  3. @lvii o.O and what is that supposed to mean =P
    @Arabian thank you 🙂

  4. Woah !!
    loved it:)

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