Nostalgic Quip

Now, the following is a true story as it happened to a classmate of mine. He lives in a hostel room with a rather fat fellow; the following are the exploits of that person.

Exploit 1

A (the fat roommate) is very dirty and doesn’t take baths much. One day I forced him to go take a bath. He went and after 15 minutes came back.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?”

“No, btw when you go out do bring back some cloth washing detergent”


“Well I looked around and couldn’t find the soap so I bathed with the detergent.”

Exploit 2

One day we were sitting in the room when A said to me, “B can you pass me the water bottle?”

“Bro the bottle is near you, just get up and get it.”

A was sitting near the medicine cabinet and the bottle was on the table next to the cabinet. He looked at the water bottle then looked at the medicine cabinet… Without bothering to get up he opened the medicine cabinet took out a whole bottle of cough syrup, put it to his mouth and drank it whole.

“Uh dude?”

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me. Besides, I didn’t even have to get up”

Exploit 3

One day a friend needed some blood, A agreed to give some. I took him to the hospital and asked him if he wanted to eat something. It was early in the morning and we just had had breakfast. “Sure” he replied and ate 2 sandwiches. The friend who needed the blood soon came after approximately 30 minutes and out of courtesy asked him, “Have you had anything to eat?”

“I did have a very light snack but I am hungry…”

The friend bought him a “shawarma” and a bottle of juice. After giving the blood, A took another bottle of juice from the host and returned to the hostel. It was near 2 o’clock and that is when he said… “I’m hungry I just donated blood. Come let’s go eat”

He ate 2 plates of Chicken Karahi with 5 chappatis….


16 Responses to “Nostalgic Quip”

  1. Lol the wtf expression fails describe my face at this moment. A bottle of a cough syrup? I don’t buy that.

    • a bottle of cough syrup? dude. wth :/ was it tremanic (or something wich tastes orange-ish :p) b/c only the flavour of that cough medicine is bearable (as far as i know :P) though i still can’t believe it lol. Cough syrup?? :SS

  2. You have some very weird friends.

  3. yeh tumhare dimagh ka futoor hai. 😛 such a person can not exist. 😛

  4. Well he did give his blood :)p

  5. LaWL.. 🙂
    Almost ALL of your posts have words I don’t even know the meanings of! 😛

    & then I just DON’T GET IT! -.-

  6. exploit 1 shows quick thinking ingenuity skills, exploit 3…perhaps survival instinct? and whatever else…he did give blood… I now want karahi chicken… thanks

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