A Strange World

Writer’s Note: Well I have my exams going on so yea even though still two remain I am going to be a drama queen and whine about how I couldn’t update during the week…

He stared towards the heavens above but found a disdained silence, the moon hid behind the Earth and darkness ensued everywhere. Everything was a blur and bathed in black. Although, he stood in the middle of a crowded street, yet he felt alone… alienated… and simply lost.

“Hey, Excuse me… Can you guide me to…”

But no one bothered to stop and listen. Their faces stern with harshness of the winter and their eyes hollow and voided of life… Nothing mattered to them but their own selves. He fell to his knees and silently cried.

“Hey, you dropped this.” He heard a familiar voice. He turned around and found a face he thought he knew. “Thank you…” he slowly reached out and grabbed the mask from the stranger.

“No problem, bye” the stranger got up with a content smile and left as if he had accomplished some feat of greatness and went on his way. That is when he realized… He wasn’t the only one who was lost… they all were… trapped in a maze of predetermined freedom; they all were shackled in the fetters of slavery… He smiled, wiped his tears and slowly put his mask on as he started walking towards an unknown destination.


17 Responses to “A Strange World”

  1. thats some deep stuff

  2. m guessing your paper went bad. 😛

  3. i thought u never believed in predetermined freedom.. but well u do.. 🙂

  4. Sometimes you just need it…

  5. i think i missed my interview!

  6. Ok let me be clear :S I usually use skype :S 😛 don’t have gmail messenger 😛 msn I do have :S choose one of those and um can you just tell the time in GMT? 😛

  7. How do you manage to find all those random ideas to blog about?

    & I think I’ve already said this but you are an Awesome writer compared to most of the guys.. 😀

    Most dudes I know HATE it & suck too..

    😛 😛 I hate to say this but you are a great writer 😛 😛

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