Fusillading Innocence

Writer’s Note: Don’t know what I wanted to write but wrote this. Anyhow, am really happy as one of my blogs/cause got published in a national news paper yesterday! For those who care, View here!

He stared at the wall with a cold sigh, a thousand thoughts rushed to his minds as his feet got heavier and the air around him got denser. He looked around but found no sympathy in the eyes of the spectators. They were silent and seemed to stare right through him, like he didn’t even exist. There was no angry crowd or a media team ready to record his momentous words; it was nothing like in the movies he saw as a child. The room was dark and the only light was of a small window near the ceiling. He stared at the window to catch a glimpse of the sun that would set him free but it was in vain as he was pushed towards the stage. The clatter of the fetters was the only music he had heard in such a long time that he ignored the push and just smiled thinking, how there was a day when he wouldn’t have had given a damn to such a little pleasure of life.

There were a total of 7 people in the room other than him, he recognized none of them. From their uniforms some of them looked like high ranking officials but somehow it didn’t matter to him, not anymore. For now he knew that one day nothing would matter and they would all be equal 6 feet under. He was to die a nameless death but it didn’t matter anymore… “It was worth it”, he thought as he stood on the marked spot. His shackles were removed and set aside. As he caressed his aching wrists he heard one of them whisper something. “You know it’s rude to whisper in a” but he was silenced with a punch to the stomach before he could finish his sentence. He smiled how they still couldn’t hear the truth.

 “Any last words or regrets?” he heard one of them ask in a sneerful voice

“Those who seek forgiveness for their sins have regrets. Those who are in the right have no regrets or sorrows, General. Today you pass your judgment on me; tomorrow God will pass judgment on you. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, from this Earth we all come and to it we shall all return.”

“Still stuck on your ideals I see? Corporal…”

He stared at the first rays of dawn as a blindfold was placed around his eyes.

“Lieutenant Ray, you have been accused of mutiny and treason. You have been sentenced to be shot at sunrise by the Military court of…”

“Save me the speech…” He said as he closed his eyes beneath the blindfold and thought of his life.

The speaker however chose to ignore his taunt and carried on. After a few moments he stopped. Ray knew it was time for he could feel the warmth of the sun on the horizon, ready to grant him his freedom.

“READYY!!!” He heard the shout


Ray smiled as he thought about his ideals, the revolution and pumped out his chest in arrogance.


Dozens of bullets passed through his body into the wall but he didn’t feel any pain… There was nothing but nirvana.

13 Responses to “Fusillading Innocence”

  1. I really enjoy and love reading your stories.They’re unique as mine 😉 umm,I think i become addicted to them,any more please 🙂

  2. […] Fusillading Innocence written by dev!l Published March 3, 2012 by arabian roses https://albusclosethedoor.wordpress.com/2012/03/03/fusillading-innocence/ […]

  3. Hmmm.. I just voted your blog… 🙂

    But what is it about?
    Some competition or sumthn? o.O

  4. congrats for static waleed 🙂 to anas too..

  5. Well done on your newspaper publication. Well done 😉

  6. i was just curious 🙂

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