Dog Tale

He was just another stray dog, never knew where he belonged or where he came from. All he ever sought all his life was a home, someone to love him and care for him and he thought he found it in her. She was unlike any human he had ever seen before in his life. He followed her home just because he saw what he wished. At first she like every other girl was delighted with the knowledge of a lost puppy following her home. She took care of him, fed him and gave him somewhat of a shelter in a broken wooden box. But he didn’t mind, he was finally somewhere he belonged. Someone for once wanted him in life.

As time flew by, the new puppy which was a delight slowly started to become a burden. The smile she used to have when she fed him slowly vanished. Clearly she was had started to feel jaded but she was to reluctant to admit it. Their play time soon vanished and was replaced with random practical jokes she played on him but he still didn’t care. For he knew the person who took him in was still in her somewhere. With time her jokes started to get crueler and her attention slowly shifted into her own life.

It had been years since she had actually sat next to him, patted him or hugged him. He still sat in the remains of what seemed to be the ruins of once a wooden box, more shattered than before he still didn’t care. He still wanted to remain by her side and protect her. As he stared at her, his left paw ached again. He stared at the scar of one of her practical jokes and howled in pain as it still hadn’t healed.

“Stupid dog, would you just shut up! Mum was right, should had gotten a parrot or something.”

He put her head under his paws and silently whined. Perhaps it was time for him to search for a new home or just go wandering in the streets like his childhood… He tried getting up but something was pressing him down. It was then he understood that she wasn’t someone he wanted… she had become someone he needed, she had become his obsession and now that obsession had taken over his body. He no longer was the master of his own will.

It was just another sunny day when it happened… He was out on his daily allowed walks when a car ran him over. The pain was unbearable, he knew his time had come but he didn’t want to die just yet. He wanted to see her once before he died. He tried getting up but couldn’t, the world around him slowly grew darker.

“It’s very difficult that he would survive, I would suggest that you make it easy on him and allow us to kill him.”

“Sure, go ahead. I won’t have to clean up the mess would I?”

“No, no… You’re going?”

“Yea, why?”

“Well most owners stay for the final moments…”

“Yea I would like to but I have a job that I have to attend to. I’ll pay the receptionist on the way out, don’t worry doc.”

He slowly opened his eyes for the last time as he heard her voice but it was too late, she had gone. As the doctor stood over him with an injection of poison, he stared at the door thinking that she might come back… His world slowly grew darker once again, he looked up at his killer and in his eyes he saw something he had missed for years… There was compassion and sympathy in the vet’s eyes. He slowly howled for the last time and closed his eyes forever.


22 Responses to “Dog Tale”

  1. such is life..

  2. I wonder what inspired you to write this ?

  3. I was just Kidding, ofcourse! 🙂 😀

  4. Nicely elaborated… 🙂
    Visit my blog–> Stay Blessed

  5. “and so love slowly howled for the last time and closed it’s eyes forever…”

    You have written some pretty strong thing here today….. I’m touched.

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  7. Hmmmm… If only it was that easy to put everyone else out of their misery.

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