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The Blind Child

Posted in Stories. on April 18, 2012 by Dev!l

Writer’s Note: The following are some of my views about life, our society and religion. No, they do not reflect my entire views… So, please have an open mind while reading.

There once lived a lumberjack in a forest. He had no family except for a blind son. The boy had never left the forest and had next to no contact with other human beings. His father took it to himself to educate the lad irrespective of his little knowledge in the worldly arts other than cutting trees. One day whilst the lumberjack was out chopping down trees, his son, tired of just hearing about the world and God decided to go roaming it on his own. Days passed and the son never came back till one fateful night when the father came back he saw his son sitting near the fire with a stranger. He rushed towards the apple of his eye and hugged him tightly.

“Hail me father, for I am back!”

His father, now composed looked at the stranger with a questionable look.

“Son, why don’t you tell your father about your journey?” The stranger spoke eloquently.

“Father… I left this graveyard and left seeking what I always heard you talk about. I walked and walked till I reached a place where I could hear people talk. They were so happy to see me that wherever I went their joyous laughter followed. Soon, I found a place where girls worshipped God ecstatically by screaming, “Oh God, am coming” at the top of their voices and males gave generous contributions to those pious ladies for their prayers. I entered and was ushered to a private room. Soon one of those glorious nuns entered and asked me if I had any coins. I said no… For some reason she got mad and had me kicked out. As they threw me out, I met this man who took it upon himself to lead me back home.”

The lumberjack looked at the stranger with tearful eyes and just managed to say “Thank you.”

“The boy wishes to travel the world, allow him to go with me. I am a teacher, I will teach him and when he is ready set him off to see the world.”

The father resisted at first but at last gave in. Time passed and the once brown forest, turned green again. On one of these nights, the lumberjack returned home to find his son sitting near the fire.

“Hail me father, for I have seen the world.”

“Seen? Does that mean you have your eyesight back?” The father asked joyfully.

“No, for one need not the eyes to see. Sit father, for I have to apologize.”

“Apologize for what?”

“For I was wrong, this was never a graveyard but a safe haven. The real graveyard lies out there and it’s filled to the brim with lifeless bodies.”

“What happened son?”

“Father, I travelled city to city with the sage, searching for God and myself. Everywhere it was the same. They all had their own Gods… They gave Him a new name in each city and cursed other Gods.”

“But surely, one of them had to be right?”

“I couldn’t tell, for they even amongst themselves never could decide whose God was right. They all behaved as learned scholars, teaching people their own scriptures, their own rulings. They even fought between themselves over the same God about things like whom God liked more or what His will was or how others deciphered the scriptures of God they held to be true, wrongly. Some sang to pray whilst others prayed in silence but at the end of it all they always complained how their prayers were never heard. They all gathered zealously in the name of God on causes which were bred with hate. They forgot that religion was another name of empathy and love. They kept eternal peace and religion separate, not knowing that one satisfied the other. They sought the creator of love with hate, the creator of life with death… I pitied their blindness for theirs’ was worse than mine.

They followed laws which were silent as long as they heard the clatter of gold but spoke sternly in its absence. They preached love in the wicked masquerade of lust and wore their hatred with pride. They spoke with tongues sharper than any swords man has ever made yet knew how to give each other kisses with it. They had hearts as dark as the night yet spoke as if they felt the pain and suffering of one another.

They were slaves of their own freedom yet were too blind to see. They all knew what was wrong yet were dumb when it came the time to speak against it. They saw no evil in themselves but could name all the vices in others. They all blamed words like fate, destiny and luck not knowing that it was they who defined them.

They kept armies at their shores not to protect themselves from wildlings but to oppress each other. They valued land and gold more than human lives and respected each other by their abundance. They sat in thrones, drunk and corrupted with power and complained how the poor should be less needy whilst the unfortunate struggled to survive.

They laughed in each other’s joy yet none of them truly shared anything but envy. They cried in each other’s sorrow but shared a mutual joy thinking someone had it worse than them. They all were actors of the highest creed.”

“But the world is a big place… Surely, you couldn’t have had seen it all in such a short time.”

“No father, I didn’t have to… I had already experienced it quite much the first time I met the sage… The world is a whorehouse where people are looted in the name of God whilst a show is put on to impress the one with the heaviest pockets. People wear fake laughter and pretend to be happy. There is no love and those who do love are forbidden to show it. And when you run out of gold they throw you out in the cold and shut their doors. The soul of humanity has died and I thank Lord that he made me blind for people hear but they don’t listen… They see but they don’t feel… They aren’t blind like me… They are dead… and even though He didn’t bless me with vision he gave me LIFE.”

“Did you find God?”

“Yes, He lives in me… He lives in my love… He lives everywhere I go… He loves unconditionally and equally… He is one, He is divine, He begets not nor is He begotten and I shall only remain His servant and not of anything made of flesh claiming to be alive…”

The father silently shed a tear as he got up and slowly walked towards the door.

“Where are you going, father?”

“I’m no better than the rest of them… I guess it took your innocence to show me that I lost something very important… I’m going out to find God and perhaps my humanity.” He replied as he shut the door behind him, disappearing into the warm summer’s night.


The Tale of a Traveller

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The night was dark and eerie, the road: even darker and desolate. Everyone hid inside the comfort of their homes, for the outside scared them. Everyone except one; he was a traveler, walking, nay stumbling, towards a predetermined destination. His face was innocent and lacked any emotions or certainty yet his eyes were filled with experience required of a journeyman. His soul longed for a companion yet he knew he was destined to walk alone. How people could share his path but not his destination. He shivered with cold as the wind grew more hostile to his advance; his feet were becoming heavy and his head numb. He stopped. Perhaps it was time to give up and turn back… Perhaps it was time to go back and look for an alternate path; one that was chosen by him entirely. He looked back only to realize he was far too along the road to turn back. He laughed at the idea of turning back as he had been walking for as long as he could remember. He started to walk again. It had been such a long time since he had stopped and thought that he had almost forgotten what it felt like. The cold suddenly had stopped bothering him and his head was becoming clearer. “What’s the point of treading upon a path when I don’t even know where it’s going to take me?” he thought as he sat on the earthen road. He looked around but found nothing of interest as the darkness had engulfed everything in sight except the road. The wind stopped and the clouds started to scream at the top of their voice. Soon it started to rain. But he sat, as the rain drops wet his clothes, he sat… as the cold made way through his body, he sat… Finally, he got up. It was time, he had made his decision. He started to walk again but this time he wasn’t walking on the road he had traversed for so long. No, he had decided he had had enough traveling the path others had designed and as the rain poured he walked on his path as the water wiped the traces of his steps.

Two Friends

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For once there were two friends whose friendship was the moral of the local folk lore mothers told their children to make them dream of a better tomorrow. In the people’s eyes they both treaded the same path in life, hand in hand, helping each other if the need be. Protecting, sheltering each other and sharing their happiness.

One day they both got drunk and as they laid in their intoxicated states, one shouted out, “You!!! The enemy of my dreams and aspirations! How content are you, lying there telling me what I can or cannot do? You wicked beast, you make me lie to you so I may feel superior!” whilst the other shouted back “You, how mundane are your dreams and aspirations, I pity you… You the evil demon who always burdens me with your crap and I, the one who has to take it and pretend to care whilst I rather be out having fun…” The night came and past and they both forgot everything they said, still being the friends that people envied.

For once there were two strangers who wore the mask of friendship to be called normal in the world. Treading different paths in life yet holding hands to support their wake, sharing nothing but the occasional laughter and having nothing but fun.

Q & A

Posted in Uncategorized on April 8, 2012 by Dev!l

There was something about writing the rules and crap but honestly I couldn’t care less… I only did this because I was bored and had nothing better to do… So, here it goes

  1. What are the reasons or inspiration for your blog?

Honestly, I started blogging on the request/in the following of a good friend, Salman Latif. I mostly write for my own self to delineate my feelings so I just don’t burst… gotta let your frustrations out somewhere…

  1. If you were given 3 wishes what would you wish for? ( can’t ask for more wishes)

i.            To right some wrongs most probably…

ii.            A state of the art super computer =P

iii.            Knowledge

  1. Time is running out and you only have time to either have a shower or iron your clothes, what will you do?

Of course shower o.O I am not into ironing clothes in the first place

  1. The reason behind you having the mobile that you do?

Because it works?

  1. A song you love but are embarrassed to let anyone know, what’s it called?

No, I’m not embarrassed to admit any song that I love.

  1. If you were an animal, which would you be?

A snow leopard or a black jaguar…

  1. If you could turn back the clock and fix a mistake you made, which would it be?

That would be turning back the clock…

  1. Out of all the blogs here on wordpress which one would you recommend to me for reading?

I guess the blog of Anas Shafqat. Won’t link it, find it yourself =P

  1. What’s the worst post you have ever read and why was it so bad for you?

That would be someone bashing Physics around without any knowledge of the subject… and it was bad for me because I am a Physicist =P

  1. Why have you chosen the theme that you have on your blog?

It’s black, simple, elegant and looks good to me

  1. Your favourite quote of all time?

There are too many to share… As no one quote describes every situation but I guess, “And thus your freedom when it loses its fetters becomes itself the fetter of a greater freedom.” By Jibran


No Idea What to Call it…

Posted in Stories. on April 4, 2012 by Dev!l

He stared at the sand slowly seeping through his fingers despite his vain attempts to keep it in the palm of his hands. As the last grains of sand escaped his grasp, he took a cold sigh and extended his fingers towards the ground…

Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

“Albert Einstein…” He replied without bothering to look up at the speaker.

The new comer sat next to him, smiling.

“So, here we are again…”

“I guess…” He replied as he filled his hand with sand again.

“So, why are you here?”

He didn’t bother replying as he watched the grains of sand slip through his fingers again.

“Hmm… You know I had a whole speech prepared if you had answered.”

“Well too bad life doesn’t go the way you want it to.”

“Doesn’t mean you should give up…”

“When you have nothing left, you have no other choice… No matter how much I tried I couldn’t hold on to what I held dear” He replied as the last of the grains slipped through his fingers.

“Wrong…” His friend grabbed his hand and opened his clenched fist forcefully… “Look…” he said pointing towards a minute quantity of grains left in the palm of his hand.

“Too little to be of significance…”

“Everything is too little to be of significance if you get high enough, mate… It’s time you come back down… Sure, the ladder under your feet has gone… So what? You build a new one starting from scratch.”

“Even if I get back up there, society will never forgive me for my mistakes.”

“Yes, they won’t… it’s a fact that we are judged for the mistakes we make and not the services we commit.”


“So doesn’t mean we should just give up… We all must bear the consequences of our actions even if they were committed unwillingly. Ignorance is never an excuse and frankly neither it’s a bliss.”

“Even if I do admit it… What then ‘m still a los…”

“No! You’re wrong! Never say that you’re a loser. There will be plenty of people in the world to call you that but never call yourself that. Be thankful for what you have… Sure, they can be cruel… Sure, they can damage everything you ever held dear… Sure, they can crush your dreams and spit on your beliefs but they can never take away what’s in your heart. We only fear and seek to destroy that what we can’t understand or think is or will be better than we are. It’s not their pride but it’s their fear that talks… You hit a wall, you shouldn’t wait for a door to magically appear… you push through the wall and make your own way.”

“Even if it takes an eternity?”

“You are here to satisfy your inner demons not the worlds… Live for your own self and for what you love and believe in…”

“What if…”

The advisor stood up looked down upon him and slowly spoke as his existence slowly started to vanish, “You can either sit here whining about what went wrong and what you lost or will lose… You can sit for all eternity talking about how the doors closed on your face or you can stand up, salvage what you do have, be thankful for it will all your heart and knock anything that stands in your path. Even if you fall during the process, at least you will know you died a hero’s death.”

He smiled, stood up and stared at the palm of his hand. “I guess one can only talk with one’s own self for so long…” He laughed as he blew the sand off his hands…