No Idea What to Call it…

He stared at the sand slowly seeping through his fingers despite his vain attempts to keep it in the palm of his hands. As the last grains of sand escaped his grasp, he took a cold sigh and extended his fingers towards the ground…

Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.”

“Albert Einstein…” He replied without bothering to look up at the speaker.

The new comer sat next to him, smiling.

“So, here we are again…”

“I guess…” He replied as he filled his hand with sand again.

“So, why are you here?”

He didn’t bother replying as he watched the grains of sand slip through his fingers again.

“Hmm… You know I had a whole speech prepared if you had answered.”

“Well too bad life doesn’t go the way you want it to.”

“Doesn’t mean you should give up…”

“When you have nothing left, you have no other choice… No matter how much I tried I couldn’t hold on to what I held dear” He replied as the last of the grains slipped through his fingers.

“Wrong…” His friend grabbed his hand and opened his clenched fist forcefully… “Look…” he said pointing towards a minute quantity of grains left in the palm of his hand.

“Too little to be of significance…”

“Everything is too little to be of significance if you get high enough, mate… It’s time you come back down… Sure, the ladder under your feet has gone… So what? You build a new one starting from scratch.”

“Even if I get back up there, society will never forgive me for my mistakes.”

“Yes, they won’t… it’s a fact that we are judged for the mistakes we make and not the services we commit.”


“So doesn’t mean we should just give up… We all must bear the consequences of our actions even if they were committed unwillingly. Ignorance is never an excuse and frankly neither it’s a bliss.”

“Even if I do admit it… What then ‘m still a los…”

“No! You’re wrong! Never say that you’re a loser. There will be plenty of people in the world to call you that but never call yourself that. Be thankful for what you have… Sure, they can be cruel… Sure, they can damage everything you ever held dear… Sure, they can crush your dreams and spit on your beliefs but they can never take away what’s in your heart. We only fear and seek to destroy that what we can’t understand or think is or will be better than we are. It’s not their pride but it’s their fear that talks… You hit a wall, you shouldn’t wait for a door to magically appear… you push through the wall and make your own way.”

“Even if it takes an eternity?”

“You are here to satisfy your inner demons not the worlds… Live for your own self and for what you love and believe in…”

“What if…”

The advisor stood up looked down upon him and slowly spoke as his existence slowly started to vanish, “You can either sit here whining about what went wrong and what you lost or will lose… You can sit for all eternity talking about how the doors closed on your face or you can stand up, salvage what you do have, be thankful for it will all your heart and knock anything that stands in your path. Even if you fall during the process, at least you will know you died a hero’s death.”

He smiled, stood up and stared at the palm of his hand. “I guess one can only talk with one’s own self for so long…” He laughed as he blew the sand off his hands…


6 Responses to “No Idea What to Call it…”

  1. great post… if you dont keep at something because of your past, you will never make your future…or present. you will make a great parent!

  2. well…i couldn’t understand this post when i first read it.. i had to read it twice…. nice i must say 😉

  3. were u able to do what u were taught??

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