Two Friends

For once there were two friends whose friendship was the moral of the local folk lore mothers told their children to make them dream of a better tomorrow. In the people’s eyes they both treaded the same path in life, hand in hand, helping each other if the need be. Protecting, sheltering each other and sharing their happiness.

One day they both got drunk and as they laid in their intoxicated states, one shouted out, “You!!! The enemy of my dreams and aspirations! How content are you, lying there telling me what I can or cannot do? You wicked beast, you make me lie to you so I may feel superior!” whilst the other shouted back “You, how mundane are your dreams and aspirations, I pity you… You the evil demon who always burdens me with your crap and I, the one who has to take it and pretend to care whilst I rather be out having fun…” The night came and past and they both forgot everything they said, still being the friends that people envied.

For once there were two strangers who wore the mask of friendship to be called normal in the world. Treading different paths in life yet holding hands to support their wake, sharing nothing but the occasional laughter and having nothing but fun.


6 Responses to “Two Friends”

  1. this was a nice post.

    and that is why drinking is not good for you.

  2. Lol it wasn’t the drinking that brought it up it was their inner selves…

  3. such is we all…i guess..

  4. moral: so there’s nothing called friendship??

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