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There was once a slave boy who never knew what freedom meant. The concept of it all eluded him and the thought only bemused him. One day help came and he was told that he now was a free man. He stood there bewildered about what they meant. He enquired and he was told that he now had liberty to do whatever he wished. He became happy and in his glee slapped his owner. When he was stopped it only angered him and in his anger he abused the law enforcer who restrained him. He was beat up and thrown in a cage. He became confused once more as if he was free to do what he wished for why was he in jail?

He soon learnt that freedom meant living under set rules which the society deemed appropriate. It meant not to hurt someone for your own pleasure. It was slavery dressed in a refined suit. He started to work hard once more hoping to earn his freedom. He spoke out against the corrupt system and was once again jailed. As he laid in his jail cell he deduced that only those in power were truly free. He soon was released and his struggle for freedom started again. Soon, he rose to power and acquired everything a mortal could wish for; wealth, fame and knowledge. Still he didn’t understand freedom. He was above the laws that applied to the average people and was free to do what he wished. He could kill a man and get away with it but still he found himself bounded towards a greater cause. Something inside him enslaved him and constrained him to his humanity. Soon, like all men he became old and fragile and as he laid on his bed, scholars surrounded him. He asked the only question he never had an answer to. What was freedom? They all gave their definitions. They argued amongst themselves. Some said they were free now others retorted the only freedom was in death but it all was in vain for he wasn’t free and neither were they. As his eyes were about to close he heard an old sage quoting Gibran, “And thus your freedom when it loses its fetters becomes itself the fetter of a greater freedom” and he understood… There was no freedom… not even in death.