The Beggar

“Sir, may I interest you in a hymn?”

“Huh? No, thank you.” I responded automatically without bothering to look at whoever had spoken.

“Please sir, may I interest you in a hymn?”

“I said no!” I turned around angrily only to come face to face with two innocent eyes staring at me. He was a little boy of about 8 years old. His clothes were torn at places and his face showed signs of exhaustion way beyond his years.

“Sir, please…” He pleaded again

Before I could say No again my friend stepped in, “WE SAID NO! GET LOST! NOW!”

The kid silently bowed his head, crossed his arms, looked up at us and before leaving gave us a smile that was to become the fuel of my nightmares.

“Dude, what is your problem? He was just a kid!” I heard my friends arguing amongst themselves.

“So? If his parents can’t feed him why did they bother giving birth to him?”

As heartless as it may seem, I chuckled at his remark as I started walking again. “Sure, his parent couldn’t feed him and sure he was their responsibility but what was his fault? He didn’t ask to come in this world now did he? I was sure he didn’t even understand why he was meant to suffer while others were so lucky… Hell, sometimes even I didn’t understand that… But perhaps he could have worked instead of begging…but then again don’t we all beg for something every now and then?” My mind started to become numb with the increasing number of thoughts.

Two days later, we were walking along the same street when we ran into the same voice, “Sir, may I interest you in a hymn?”

Before anyone could respond I found myself saying, “Here are 5 rupees, just shut up and get lost…”

26 Responses to “The Beggar”

  1. just shut up and get lost ??? !!!!

  2. or may be he told the kid to get lost so that his friends wouldn’t yell at the kid? :p

  3. Or maybe to keep my head clear?:P

  4. yes we do beg all the time for one thing or another.. n many a times we are told to get lost silently…

  5. This was great!!! love the humor bit and even a jerk can be nice sometimes haha

  6. What a nice story

  7. lol good to know it was fiction, or i was like errr… 🙂

  8. where art thou, noob?

  9. hmmm..brings to mind a movie I saw recently

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