In the Name of God

Saad opened his eyes in a small house, filled with like many others with love and religion. He grew up soaking in the warmth and love of God. His morals soon took shape according to “the” religion. It soon dawned upon him that not everyone around him worshipped the same God. Many had different beliefs, his mother dubbed them as infidels. People who had lost their way. He didn’t understand what God could be truer than his?

He soon started school and made friends. One day his friend asked him his religion. He answered with pride. But something went wrong; upon hearing the answer his friend got angry and started lecturing on how wrong his beliefs were and how they were the ones loved by God. They were through, and he didn’t understand what God distinguished between his own creations?

He went to college, confused as ever. He fell in love. Oh how heavenly beauty was she. Her gaze made his heart yearn to give everything he had to her. She soon started to feel the same. He told his parents. They at once declined yelling how she was from a different sect of their religion. He didn’t understand what God parted his own religion to stand in the way of love?

He carried on with life, broken and hopeless. He decided to leave the city that haunted his dreams and plagued his heart with memories of her. He silently walked out of his home and sat in a bus towards an unknown destination. Soon, it was stopped by some people brandishing weapons and shouting slogans in the name of God. He was hauled off the bus with the rest of the passengers as the armed men asked them their religion and sect. He too answered with honesty. The people were divided into two groups. One who followed his sect and the other who didn’t. The other group was shot. As he heard the screams of women, children and men begging for their lives, he didn’t understand, What God allowed the killing of His beings that chose their own path to worship Him?

He was forced back onto the bus only to be stopped a little later by another group of armed assailants. They were asked the same question. He again answered. There was only one group this time. As the armed assailants pointed their guns towards them, he knew that they were the followers of some other religion or sect. As bullets shredded his body to pieces he looked towards the skies hoping for divine intervention. But none came… As his body hit the earthen floor, he understood… There was God… but He wasn’t what many of them worshipped anymore… They all had their own Gods… Those which allowed to kill others who prayed to the same God in different ways. Those who hated people who were different. Those who preached abstinence from free will and as he drew his last breath and the world around him grew dark, he finally understood… but there was no one there alive to pass the light…


6 Responses to “In the Name of God”

  1. There was God… But He wasn’t what many of them worshipped anymore..
    Beautiful and spot on line.

    Your post reminds of the Quranic Verse, : and hold firmly to the rope of Allah and not be divided..

    Appreciate the post!

  2. and what light was there he wanted to share with the dead living?? plz do share with me 🙂

  3. ofcos we can 😛

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