Peek a Boo… Higgs, we see you!

Writer’s Note: The following is a small rant along with some laymen explanation about the newly discovered Higgs Boson. Much of the explanation is rushed so you can ask questions but I highly doubt someone will actually ask anything.

“The LHC is going to destroy the entire galaxy as we know it.”

“Oh NO! Please do tell our audiences more about it.”

“Well they are going to try to recreate the big bang and as we all know in the big bang there was an equal part of matter and ANTI-matter created. This experiment would also cause the creation of ANTI-matter and we won’t be able to contain it as the matter and anti matter would combine and destroy everything!”

“There you go audience, a physicist who tells us the shocking truth about the new LHC which is going to start its operation soon in Geneva.”

And suddenly everyone around me had only one topic: We all are going to die this August thanks to some whacked up scientists. Internet forums were made and no matter where I turned people kept badgering me on and on about “expert” analysis and how they were right.

I tried being the better person and keep myself on the high road, trust me I did. It’s been almost 5 years since the operations of LHC started. Apart from tons of data, some miniscule (yes I will call them small) discoveries were made but none was good enough to justify the billions of dollars spent on making the LHC. I kept quiet but smiled whenever a person mentioned LHC just because the world didn’t die (surprise surprise) in spite of expert analysis.

Last year (approx or so I don’t remember) the unofficial news of scientists at LHC discovering something big did come forward but the scientists wanted to be sure. I kept quiet and watched. Yesterday, they did announce their findings… They finally found something that was big… something that reduced an 80 year old namesake to tears. The possible discovery of Higgs Boson was finally announced.

The moment was finally here, I rushed to the TV only to find nothing had happened. My country’s media was quiet. The equivalent of DNA was finally discovered but they were quiet. The standard model (a scientific formula i.e. putting it roughly that unifies three fundamental forces of nature except poor gravity) was finally standing tall. But nothing on the TV about it, now I know that science doesn’t get many ratings but my only beef with the moronic Media is that if they can’t admit they are wrong they shouldn’t publish a whole news report on it to begin with. Seriously, where is the apology for “OH MY GOD WE ARE GONNA DIE DUE TO LHC”? Where are those effing experts now? Where are those people who had their PhD. In nuclear accelerators and doomsday calculations?

Anyhow I digress, this was just to write a little educational topic in laymen terms to tell a little about the Higgs Boson.

There are 12 fundamental particles in nature that make up everything. These particles are divided into two groups known as fermions and bosons on the basis of something called their quantum spin and some other mumbo jumbo which makes whole 4 credit hour courses in universities. Anyhow, moving on one of the major problem with the standard model was it couldn’t explain how things acquired mass. So this field (like the magnetic field you learned about in school) known as the Higgs field was suggested with which every particle would interact to gain its mass and the Higgs boson (the particle) was the excitation of this field. The Higgs field also explained why the “weak nuclear force” (force which binds the nucleus together) was exactly weaker.

Moving on, with the addition of the Higgs field the standard model could explain the mass of things and thus that is why the Higgs Boson is also laymenly and quite frankly truthfully referred as the particle that gives everything its mass. The Higgs Boson (Well scientists are still 99.9 percent sure that it is the boson) found was a little heavier than we anticipated it to be. Also something you may have heard is that it was found to be within 5 Sigma. What is sigma you ask? Sigma is the standard deviation. Standard deviation from what we anticipated and theorized it to be. So, it is a particle that behaves as the Higgs Boson should had. As this is not quite what we expected it to be, scientists do hope that it will open new doors and perhaps give us the ultimate dream of achieving a unified theory of all forces (String theory is one of them).

 Also, lastly: Higgs Boson is often frowned upon for being called as the God Particle due to a book whose author originally wanted to call it the Goddamn particle due to its evasiveness.

P.S. I know finding Higgs Boson does not in any way chance any major problems we face as a society in this world and there are people who are still dying each day without the basic necessities of life. I do feel for those and in no way mean any disrespect to any person suffering.


16 Responses to “Peek a Boo… Higgs, we see you!”

  1. Anas Shafqat Says:

    I seriously loved this post 😀
    You know you even make physics sound interesting :p

  2. Im very glad i know a blogger who has interest in this. 😀 You must know about the nebulas and all then m sure.
    Its very demon and angels book like talk going on out there after this , really. Cool post! 🙂

    • -.- am a Physics Major… I ought to know all these things -.- But apart from that I do have interest in Physics as well. And honestly that is what drove me to write this -.- Angels and Demons is fiction the anti matter we do have is so small in mass that it poses to threat and to amass one of the magnitude mentioned in the book would take round about 10000 years or more with our tech. And no I am not saying this to you but to the idiots out there who can’t distinguish fiction from reality…

      • lol no offence taken. I know its fiction, othrwise I would have been a great follower of Dan brown, no?
        : )

  3. still wana know more about it. will have to contact my teacher to get to know why is it called God particle, why did scientist brought dooms day theories regarding this? and what is gona change abt the things we already know about our nature of cosmos.. and ofcos i would wana know how does this higgs field actually work in layman term??

  4. uh dun bother i asked my teacher already. 😛

  5. Salam Walid =) I nominated you for one lovely blog Award,I would be so happy if you accept it =) happy blogging.

  6. haha found it, i knew you’d write about it=) wow physics really is interesting, too bad im done with it now:p

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