Yay, Another Love Story?


Writer’s Note: The following is an average love story… The reason I wrote it is for the fact that it’s actually true… I just made few minor changes in it but at the very least the plot of it is all true… Sad really…

“So you came…”

“Against my better judgment, better make it quick I have a party to attend.”

“Party? Didn’t you hate those?”

He gave a muffled laugh, “Well the things I thought I loved came to bite me in the ass, so why not.”


“Yea well, the past is history. Seriously, can you put a move on?”

“Umm, I need your help”

“Need, oh that is such an overstatement for you. The word you’re looking for is want.”

“Can’t you just let it go, jack?”

“Sure I can.” He got up from the table and turned to leave.

“No, please… I need your help… I need you.”

His body froze in a conundrum. He wanted to leave but something was pulling him back. He gave in and took his seat again.

“He’s in trouble and…”

“Oh your “just a friend” is in trouble?” He jeered

“… I guess I deserve that but I do need your help.”

“Look miss, I may think about helping you but him? I have no relation with him.”

“But I do…”

“Don’t really care.”


“You know just for the heck of it… Humor me. What’s the problem?”

“Well, he is about to get suspended from his job for something he never did. Anyhow, since he is in trouble, he stays depressed nowadays. Money is becoming scarce and he is not willing to lend from his parents.”

“Ah, yes let me just get my IMF check book out. So how much do you need? 30 Billion USD?”

“… No, I need you to hook me up with a job interview at a firm. The hiring manager is your old friend, Cody.”

“Ah, how the mighty have crumbled…”

“So will you?”

“Really? After all we went through, you still ask me that? Hell no.”

“Help me, for the sake of our…”

“Shut up, don’t you dare use the term…”


“I said don’t disgrace something so beautiful with what you had for me… Mere infatuation.”

“But I did love…”

He banged his fist on the table.

“Oh grow up, people fall in and out of love all the time. Move on for God’s sake.”

“No, people fall in and out of infatuations. I asked you once the difference between both and you told me you “Loved” me. It was the sake of the love that I stayed quiet when you befriended HIM. You said he was a friend and I believed you. My friends warned me, they even wanted to present evidence to me but I believed you. 5 months later I found out that you were getting married to him on your wedding day and you still have the nerve to use the love card on me?”

“I didn’t tell you because I thought it would hurt you… And you were never around he was… He never was so serious about every small idiotic problem”

“haha, you said you fell for me due to that… Ah, this was truly a mistake. You called me not to ask me for help but to hurt me more.”

“You never could understand how I…”

“Yea, and you never could understand that I wasn’t made of stone.” He got up quiet calm for a man with tears in his eyes and left.

“You know I thought I always had a friend in you…”

“Well, friends don’t lie to each other.” He retorted without bothering to look back

A week later she opened her house door to a mail man carrying a single letter in a black envelope. She opened it…

“50K has been transferred to your old bank account. You are due for an interview tomorrow at P&P, everything is spoken for, just show up, smile and answer few basic questions. Zack’s job has been restored and he won’t be bothered again in the future as long as he sticks to the rules. Please never contact me after this for I barely stagger along as it is… You never could value my love, guess you never had a heart to begin with. Have fun and no need to return the money, it is my wedding present to you both.”






35 Responses to “Yay, Another Love Story?”

  1. Anas Shafqat Says:

    Thank you.

  2. “Well the things I thought I loved came to bite me in the ass, so why not.” ….truth hurts sometimes

  3. mahn00r Says:

    “Well the things I thought I loved came to bite me in the ass, so why not.” i like :p

  4. Tool of assault for some, joke for others. Poor love, always misunderstood by humans.

  5. Nice story… Love… Brings you to your knees…

  6. mahn00r Says:

    no matter how badly love breaks you apart, some people just can’t get the hint when to let go :p even if it comes to bite them in the ass :p

  7. jack’s wealthy:P

  8. just a reader Says:

    read it again.. no insult or injury meant to you.. I might hate this story a bit though.. or at least the feelings it drags to the surface.

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