Hey Look! It’s a Car that Runs on Water!

Today, I am going to talk about something that is sweeping the entire nation of Pakistan off their feet and apparently out of their minds. Yes, I am going to talk about the recent new technological marvel, the water car! (OMG, he is whoring himself by writing about something so mainstream! Yea, don’t really care.)

Alright, here is what happened: An engineer named Agha Waqar has developed a kit that supposedly makes a car run on water alone. No more fossil fuels, just plain distilled water. His claim is that this will solve the energy and fuel crisis that over 60 nations face today.

As a student of Physics, I find this claim incredible. So, today I am going to educate all of the supporters of Agha Waqar out there in a little branch of science known as Chemistry and Physics. No no, don’t turn away, this isn’t going to be E= I DON’T GIVE A DAMN Physics but your basic high school physics that apparently our great nation knows nothing of.

So, first we are going to imagine how it can be done! The most basic principle to get energy from water is via electrolysis. What we do in this magical alchemy is that we convert H2O (Water) into its forming components i.e. O2 and H2. Now H2 is highly volatile (that means it goes boom boom when near fire) which when burnt would give us energy. Sounds simple enough? So, why isn’t the world using this technology? Well there is a thing known as “the law of conservation of energy” that stands in the way. Mathematically speaking to convert 1 litre of water you need round about 5kWh (i.e. 5000 Watts in one hour) for the sake of simplicity let’s call them 5 units of energy. Now this will produce about 55.4 mol of H2, for simplicity and the sheer destruction of chemistry and physics let’s call them 55 grams of H2 (yes, I know there is a standard way of converting from moles to grams etc but am going as basic as I can to simplify it for the geniuses out there). Now by experimentation, that is what SCIENTISTS do in order to do actual science; we know H2 gives round about 242 kJ/mole, which we will call 242 smaller units of energy per gram in our analogy for the mentally deranged. So by doing basic mathematics, where 1 kWh = 3.6 MJ (M=mega = 10^6 and k=Kilo=10^3) we get 3.72 units of energy. So, if you do have a brain that functions, it wouldn’t take you long to notice that you gave 5 units of energy to the whole system and got back 3.72 units of energy back. 5>3 even if you don’t believe it, it’s true!  That just means handing a person 500 Rupees and asking him to give you 300 Rupees back. You didn’t do anything but waste 200 Rupees!!!

So this is what Agha Waqar proclaims he did! Or maybe wait, he used something totally new perhaps… So, how did he do it? Well, those who do have a scientific mind did ask him, if he was changing batteries due to the loss of electricity or if he was using some new sort of catalyst (something that will raise the 3.72 units of energy to 5 units or even more) to which he said, NO! He then went on to say he could do this as the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics were wrong!

So what are these laws? Well they are absolutely nothing but somethings that just kind of state that in any process in which work is done, heat (energy) is absorbed by the system. This is the law of conservation of energy. The second law states, “No process is possible whose sole result is the transfer of heat from a body of lower temperature to a body of higher temperature.” That means no engine works at a 100% efficiency, no no not possible and I’m saying that without even involving entropy! Something that literally makes the world go forward!

So by him stating that those laws are wrong, he is actually stating that he can make energy without equivalent exchange or so to say less energy can produce more! That is like you saying, “Hey, I can push this heavy crate of rocks by just standing next to it!”

Now here come the people I love to Agha’s defense! The ones who state that he can be right as laws are meant to be broken and give examples of the four elements, the world’s flat, Newton vs. Einstein etc. So, to all those geniuses out there, firstly: The laws that we talk about in normal life can be broken but scientific laws are not like that. They are actually made by morons who wasted their entire lives seeking after them, tested and tried again and again by people who came after them whether they were true or not.  Then they were called laws as they held up to every experiment thrown up to them. That is done by experimentation you dumb beepholes! Try actually reading the science text book of an 8 grader instead of memorizing it! Actually you know what if you do believe in that so much do me a favor, Don’t send your kids, nephews etc to school as if this is true the entire world of Physics and chemistry will crash. Your kids are just wasting their time learning something not true at all! Or better yet just don’t reproduce.

The laws of thermodynamics are even proven by another branch of Physics known as Statistical Physics. If they are wrong then not only Statistical Physics but subjects like Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Computation, General Relativity and many more will perish! That means whatever we have done uptil now will all just be a sham. Oh wait you know what this may actually be true… It may all be a conspiracy of the Illuminati! OMG, thank you oh great savior Agha Waqar that helped us uncover their evil plot to rule the world, you con artist!

Now, for those who give examples of how Einstein proved Newton wrong. No, Einstein didn’t prove Newton wrong, he just elaborated his laws more to give us relativity. Newton’s laws are still applicable in the macro world (the world we see with our naked eyes). So, please actually read up on subjects before barking about them! Oh and then there is the branch of people who say that we are against the great engineer because he is from a backward area and not a famous scientist. Well, to all those people, Einstein was a German who had migrated to Switzerland and was working as a clerk in the Swiss patent office after he couldn’t get a job at a university. He was a nobody in another country when he came up with his scientific papers that revolutionized the world.

Oh and a lot of you will say, what do you know? You are just a Physicist who knows nothing about engineering… Well, to all those people I have one thing to say: The laws that Engineers work on were actually made by Physicists. We are the ones who provide the blue prints and Engineers are the one who make them better or build them. Sure there are times when even they provide the blue prints and we accept them but then again many engineers also believe in what I believe in right now.

If Mr. Agha is really that much of a genius, please I request the government to give him his patent and beg him to please publish a paper on how he violated those 2 laws of thermodynamics so as a Physicist I can burn my degrees, the world of science may actually prosper and actually call myself a proud Pakistani. Again, I am not asking him to publish how he made the water kit, but just how he proved those two laws to be wrong! Till then, Me, Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman (A scientist with more than 850 research papers in the field of Chemistry), Dr. Hoodhboy and many more with a sane brain and actual concepts of science will say: FU AGHA WAQAR, you are a con artist and thank you for showing us that our nation is full of nothing but bloody morons!


40 Responses to “Hey Look! It’s a Car that Runs on Water!”

  1. lol…i see your scientific feathers have been ruffled..

  2. oh damn!!! 😛 I see Mr. I know it all going baboons n baboons!
    I wish I cud see u burning down ur degrees! Alas! such a dream cannot come true ..only if it cud, I would have blogged on it. :p
    zada rola nah dalein. Apko compensation mai mehran di jayegi 😀 n it runs on petrol.

  3. Lol thank you thank you “:P” I would like to thank so many people on this momentous occasion 😛 and m not rude am just a little eccentric 😛

  4. i want a car that could run on eccentricity.. if u know what i mean..

  5. great logic, proud of you but…55 grams, 3 smaller units of energy…like seriously?
    oh and by the way Dr.Atta ur Rehman is also a Pakistani which proves that the whole nation isn’t made up of bloody morons -.-

  6. the scientist one…but its okay now,it wasn’t opening the other day..

  7. Mr physicist, they are having a debate on Hamid Mir’s show over this fraud thing ! my family supporting him n m kinda firm on ur point. whats ur latest view now? interested to know !

    • Show me the Physics and then ask my opinion 🙂 Like i said you just don’t stand up and prove that everything in Physics is a sham and you are right

      • Show the actual proof, cuz anyone can prove those bozos on tv wrong and lead them to believe whatever you want. e.g. CERN’s LHC is going to destroy the world… This was the belief of Hamid Mir after a hacked up excuse of a scientist just used some fancy words on his show and said so 🙂 LHC just discovered Higgs and didn’t destroy the world OMG how can this be?

      • Hmmm! This whole scenario is making me really pissed off dunno why! Well he do seem very stubborn n firm on his point. The whole less literate nation going baboons for him.
        Rockstar Scientist!
        I hope it earns him some good coverage for like more few months on TV and a good rishta from some patriotic family lol if he aint married yet 😛 what a sham!

      • Lol it’s not that, it’s the fact that if you are stubborn about something then why not prove it? Publish a paper, any scientist in Pakistan hell even the world would love to co author a paper that proves the laws of thermodynamics wrong… I mean if he is so trustworthy why are the government trained scientists/professors all still rejecting his thesis in a majority?

      • Oh exactly, thats the point man! at which the people who have fallen prey to illogical being say, oh let him breathe he will prove, all scientists r jus jealous of this man here n so on!
        Rubbish. Mr. Water car. I think he’s tryin to b like hugh jackman, who found the so called youth fountain in the movie Fountain 😛 this sham is his road to awe.

      • I just watched the capital talk show and frankly as long as they don’t allow scientific conversation to take place for the sake of ratings he can’t be proved wrong and he si taking advantage of that bloody fact by misquoting researches of Planck… He doesn’t even know the formula for electrical power FGS -.- There was so much wrong there that I want to kill myself literally cuz i weep for the dexterity and intelligence of my nation -.-

      • I know. this frustration is mutual n look, m not even a scientist! pata nhi kia ye….! pagal akhate hojate hain roz tv pe. someone shud deal with him clear !

      • The things is actually, i kant believe my uncle said it. He was like, wo apna secret kyun dey? ….
        lol. kabar mai le ke jayega kia ye secret wo!! My precious my precious !

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