The Scientist

Writer’s Note: This post is written in utter humor and aims to be different than all the other stupid love stories out there but does borrow the same old plot. So, here is something old in a new dress =D

He gazed upon her picture; all data suggested that this was a mental illness. There was no way anyone alive could secrete this much Serotonin whenever she was near. All of his precious science just melted away whenever she smiled and the laws of entropy just didn’t seem to matter as, “how could something so beautiful lead to the disorder of anything?” He always felt so massless even though his particles in reality interacted with the Higgs field in a natural manner.  He was astonished at the fact at how he felt so empty when she wasn’t around even though his mass remained constant. He never could explain the anomalies of how she could bend his space time continuum even though she never violated any axioms of the general theory of Relativity.

“Perhaps Einstein was wrong after all? NO! You have become insane.” He argued with himself as always. The science of his condition was just absurd. No man stuck in the Minowski coordinates could explain his conundrum yet it was there. “Perhaps String theory is right and these are the works of forces that appeared stronger in the compactification of the extra dimensions or maybe there are some extra forces?” he couldn’t help but laugh at the stupidity of his argument as he knew there were only 4 forces of nature and none of them could account for his behavior.

“Perhaps it is time to accept that you are in something us commoners refer to as ‘love’?” His friends repeatedly asked him but he just couldn’t accept their logic. If literature was right, all these problems arise from the heart but the heart did nothing but pump blood. How can an organ that could be replaced by a pump based on simple mechanical laws could be so troublesome to give the feeling that it hurt. He couldn’t answer for he was not a biologist. Perhaps Feynman had something or Einstein or Dirac… he searched helplessly in his books but found only the universal language of mathematics open for interpretation and significance. If everything could be expressed in formulas, why was he failing to express her significance to him?

Anything could be the centre of the universe, even he but why was it that she was the only point that truly was the centre of the universe for him? If the choice of axis was arbitrary, why was it that she was the origin of all of his actions? Perhaps he was an extra terrestrial life form, from a planet whose physics was somewhat different than of those on this planet?  But Drake’s Equation nullified even this, the wildest of his hypothesis.

He had to tell her, “Perhaps she might have a solution.” He approached her ever so cautiously that day and explained his anomalous behavior which sounded much more complex than that of water when he was in 8th grade.

She first smiled then looked at him with eyes of sorrow. “You are in love with me but I’m afraid that we can’t be together as I have my commitments to follow. I love you as well but reality and logic negate our co-existence in the same habitat. Perhaps if this were a story…”

His brain paralyzed and for the first time since he was 4, he couldn’t comprehend what the other person was speaking of. His neurons sent sharp signals of pain and his flight or flee instinct was urging him to run… run far away and never look back but gravity was pulling him towards itself with a force stronger than usual. He smiled weakly; the laws of the world were slowly coming back to him. No longer was the entropy of his state remained constant but it had started to change with time. He knew that things would change soon and smiled more. For the first time ever, he had became a believer of the multiple universe theories, just on the hope that by shooting himself to bits he had given another him in a parallel universe immense happiness with her saying yes. For the first time in his life, for that single moment in time, he believed in fairy tales and happy ever after endings for they at least existed in his imagination in that split second.

His smile broadened, he ran his hand through his hair messing them up and said with a cheerful and teasing voice, “Hey, no big deal. So, what’s up? What’s the name of the other commitments? Jack? Mike?”

But deep down he was still stuck in a universe with its space time curvature bending around a single singularity point; her. Perhaps someday that black hole would collapse and he could finally start rebuilding from the ashes… He knew it was only a matter of time but he also knew that this singularity and its cosmic back radiation would exist forever. He knew he would move on eventually but the desire to be at the event horizon of this black hole would always be unique and more powerful than anything else…


64 Responses to “The Scientist”

  1. i have funny feeling that something similar would happen with you too:p

  2. No longer did entropy of his state was constant but it had started to change with time…typo?

  3. No longer was the entropy of his state remained constant but it had started to change with time. 😛 By state, I am referring to the micro state of a system usually denoted in Statistical physics by Capital Omega 😛 Entropy of a state is always increasing with time 😛

  4. couldnt be better 🙂

  5. barii awaam parhtee hai tera blaaag DEVLAAA!!! :p

  6. late??
    well first of all, physics finds its way in most of your posts and it seems to influence your life a lot or at least the way you think about people:p

    secondly, you are a more agreeable and decent version of tristan barker and people like him, if and when fall in love, fall hard XD

    and thirdly i have a hunch…simple enough, no physics logic involved here:p so you can say sticks and stones as much as you like until your time draws near XD

    (p.s all of the above was based upon your posts that i have read.. no i don’t claim to be a personality analyst or whatever ’cause i dont even know your proper name;p)

  7. Yeah tera pyar ek din Sab ko pagal kar deh ga…

  8. you perfectly know what the hell I’m talking about. Clingy loverrrrr 😛

  9. @mahlaqa & hp
    Oh boi! and I thought the only think you guys talked about was metaphysics and physics… this is alarming 😛 teri prem katha to famous hojae ge aise hp!

    • Ok lets get one thing straight -.- M single so let me be -.- Go take your theories elsewhere 😛

    • lol, LVII whhhhaaatttt… is this not physics and meta physics?? oh Lord have mercy on me.. why didnt u tell me Waleed 😛 seriously LVII go read the post again its all physics and wrong chemistry 😉

  10. Interesting. Same thing again n again though.

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