Belated Eid Mubarik

Ah the month of Ramadan is over… Funny how pious everyone behaves on the basis of some scriptures that when torn by an Arabic is said to be fine but when done by a little kid is said to be an act of blasphemy.

Ramadan is supposed to teach us tolerance yet the only tolerance I ever saw was when people patiently waited in lines in front of big restraints for a table while the poor watched them with eyes filled with hunger. Ramadan is supposed to teach us compassion and we do get compassionate… We decrease the price of all foods by 2% by first raising them as high as 10% before Ramadan.

Yea yea, I know it’s supposed to be about being pious. That we do very well! We turn the whole month into a competition and continuously meddle in other people’s religion. We find it very prideful if we set one sinful soul straight by scolding them and publicly humiliating them not realizing that this way his fast won’t be for God but for the sake of avoiding another humiliation. So very pious we are… And then the coveted Chand Raat comes and everything just goes away. Tv Channels showing men with big beards are replaced with girls wearing skimpy clothes, radio channels reciting the Quran are replaced by songs like, “I wanna F*ck you” etc. This is all very pious right?

I really don’t want to talk about religion as I believe what we do is to satisfy God in our own way. I believe in religious freedom but I do believe that for this month people from different religions show more compassion than Muslims. I have met Muslims who would stuff their faces in front of a very hungry me and Christians who would just smile and say, “I can eat later buddy” even if their stomach is rumbling. So, there goes that down the tube…

I know a lot of what I am saying here makes no sense what so ever but this is how things are in a nut shell… I would have had loved to elaborate but I’m running a fever and a sore throat atm and just am not able to sleep even though my eye lids are shutting themselves forcibly. No, there is no need for get well soon or anything… No one really cares so people should act like they should… False expectations are far worse than the feeling that no one is there. Oh since I was away to my village for Eid, Happy Belated Eid to everyone who bothers reading this post and is a Muslim. To everyone else, prayers of happiness and peace even if you don’t believe in them. Traditionally, I am bound to ask how was your Eid but frankly I see no purpose in doing that… For those who wish to know how mine was, well the sentence that best describes my Eid would be, “A starry night with a rogue fire fly.”

P.S. I would prefer if those who do know me personally would leave my personal life out of the comment box, thank you very much. It’s not very polite to spread theories etc. 😛


40 Responses to “Belated Eid Mubarik”

  1. I would like to add what I observed as well but then again its all the same thing.
    Just on the first day of eid I have seen people dancing mad on the beats of sheila ki jawani when the call to aser prayer is made. Muezzin bechara halak khushk hogya hoga uska bula bula ke…

    That’s how it is. Rasmi Rasmi se log rasmi rasmi ibadatein.

  2. and yes. Eid Saeed. Belated.

  3. hmmm.. can people that don’t know you personally theorize?? You didn’t specify. 😛 Eid Mubarak and iA, hopefully, you get better soon. (I dare you to show me I don’t care!) Your rant made perfect sense to me. I see similar things, different but along the same streams. Ramadan teaches us a lot of things, but few students pay attention, restless, fidgeting, and annoyed they miss the point of the lessons. They sit watching the clock and complaining about all the extra work.

    • Yes it’s very simple: You won’t care if i were to vanish from this Earth right now 😛 I would just be another nameless soul who just made a small impact and vanished 😛
      and sure I would love to hear the theories of people who don’t know me so go ahead and entertain me 😛
      and yea its just sad

      • Hmmm.. you are WRONG!. I would actually care. You have a name. I don’t need to know it to care. I’m no one trick donkey to entertain you 😛 So I shall keep my theories to myself, for now. 😛 If you are really so bored.. read all about next gen camo. as per impact… hmmm…I’m of the opinion that the smallest things often make the largest impact. 😀 eat something spicy and delicious now

      • Lol 😛 nah most of them are just delusions that we create to satisfy ourselves that we are still humane… And no please do tell me, it’s usually nice to know what a person who doesn’t know you has to think about you. Lastly, uhh I read such news on a daily basis… Bit of a science nerd 😛 and yea there’s the thing anyone who knows me would never tell me to eat something spicy 😛

      • Well someone who knew me, would not say that. But fellow SciNerd, I shall let you believe as you will. Spicy things help with fevers and colds. Nobody is forcing you, but I shall remember that. 😛 My opinions matter little. 🙂 They do have a tendency to slip out little by little though.

      • Lol, interesting 😛 and well nah I have a very sensitive stomach =P So spicy = a very bad undigested day for me 😛 and yea, no one is forcing me I know that. Oh come on it would be fun to hear them

      • 😦 on the sensitive tummy. I hope you would remain undigested! (indigestion is no fun). I shall grant you 1 and only 1. I think you have a very interesting humor/wit. Interesting is good.

      • Lol well lets just say that unlike most people I think of a day as a really good day when I dont have indigestion 😛
        lol that is not fair -.-

      • its totally fair.. 😉

      • Fail to see that

      • You said you already know! Why am I being repetitious if you already know? 😛

  4. Khair mubarak! …and feel better! flu season here too.

  5. @White this is not fair 😦
    @Eva good luck 😛

  6. a starry night with a fire fly…// u had a good share of eid then 🙂 get well soon. n yes i dont care i know.

  7. Eid Mubarak to you too…

    Your post does make sense… It’s the same everywhere… I get emotional on chand rat knowing ramzan is over. But many miss the significance of this night and many stop being religious again… Till the following year…

    Hope you’re feeling better

  8. The point is not if someone cares.. its if you care that someone cares about you.

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