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An Incomplete Story

Posted in Stories. on September 29, 2012 by Dev!l

His eyes twitched, his head hurt and his heart throbbed slowly clasping itself tighter and tighter. He was having trouble breathing. He wanted to go to sleep but his eyes refused to close themselves in hope. He wanted to cry but tears refused to come out anymore. It hurt; it hurt more than any physical pain he had ever experienced… It hurt inside as he recited Gibran, “Much of your pain is self-chosen. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self” for the umpteenth time for no reason.

He knew his pain was self chosen but there was nothing he could do to avoid it. He wanted to shout but the silence around him scared him of attracting unwanted attention. He just wanted the pain to end but he knew it wouldn’t. It was funny really how one “would be” failure could lead to his entire being into such agony. Yes, a “would be” failure for the failure wasn’t complete even though every bit of his overactive imagination pointed otherwise.

He stared at the dull screen of his cell phone ready to jump to life with his touch. A touch that he just couldn’t manage for he feared he might miss the joy of it lighting up on its own to announce that someone, somewhere in the world cared for his being. That someone cared… but would it had mattered? Chances were no, for the one he wanted to care, didn’t give a damn at all. It was just unfair but then again he wasn’t fair with those who wanted him to care. Perhaps Karma had its own way to strike back.

He took a deep sigh, how things had changed. From the top of the world just one stumble made him fall into the pit of despair. Just one wrong decision and it was game over. Ironic, how he lost the things and the person he thought he wouldn’t lose faster than every other thing. The pain was strong, strong enough to blind him from those who actually were there and he knew that. He wanted to hear those who were there instead of those who weren’t, he wanted to feel love even though it was from a source he didn’t wish it from and funnily enough he did up to some level. But the question begged itself, was it enough? Apparently not… apparently, the only unique collection of particles he cared about just wasn’t there in the way he wanted it to.

He stared at the ceiling with a deep sigh of regret. He just wanted to move forward but his feet weighed him down. He wanted to crawl and each day he promised himself that but just couldn’t manage to bring himself up for the task. He just wanted one favor, one little denial or one clear sign to get rid of the weight he didn’t need but alas he knew he was too unlucky to get it directly. He smiled at the thought as he promised himself for the umpteenth time to move forward again as he got up and silently went out for a walk.


Random Story… Yay?

Posted in Stories. on September 24, 2012 by Dev!l

He stared at the blank piece of paper that lay before him. The pen twitched in his fingers nervously as time was running out but he had nothing to write. No matter what he thought of just didn’t seem enough. He tapped the pen on the table in frustration but stopped as the noise annoyed him. He stared at the floor covered with paper balls reminding him of his failure of expression. He wanted to say so much yet had so little to speak. He had so much to express yet it all just didn’t seem enough.

“Calm down… It’s just another friend” He thought to himself.

“That’s a lie and you know it.”

“Perhaps if I start over…” He took a deep sigh and put his pen on the paper and slowly etched “Dear…”

“NO NO NO!!! That just seems too direct and forceful” he yelled at himself as he grabbed the paper and threw it on the floor.

“Perhaps I should just skip the formality at the start and concentrate on the main subject. Hmm… yea, I know… Perhaps I should tell how much I love my friend… But that would make my love have boundaries… something it doesn’t have. I know perhaps I should just write about how I will always love my friend… but that would make my love conditional… no no that won’t do. I know perhaps I should just write about the positive influences they have had on me… No… Or maybe I can praise their appearance? But that would be just stupid and common.” He grabbed his head in agony as the clock ticked.

“ARGH!” he got up and took the batteries out of his wall clock just so the ticking would stop. He needed peace and quiet.

Minutes passed before he stood up and yelled, “DAMN IT! IT’S TOO QUIET!”

He was a little unorthodox but so was his friend and it exactly wasn’t easy writing up the perfect set of sentences to describe someone so beautiful that … Well that was the problem he just didn’t know what to compare things to. For everything is beautiful in comparison to something but everything he could think of just paled in comparison. He loved everything about his friend, from the childlike innocence to the tears he had to wipe to the smile he adored so much. If only he could just shatter the fetters of consciousness and just could say everything he felt without having to use those silly and irritating words.

He just wanted to write how special his friend was and how much he loved and cared for his friend but apparently out of the 4 languages he knew none had a decent enough vocabulary to do his feelings justice.

He threw his pen away in anger. Nothing was justifying the perfectionist in him. Nothing really could describe someone so loony yet so sane, so childlike yet so mature. He could go and on about the things his friend was and was not and how the entire collection of oxymoron in the English dictionary could be used to describe his friend but he just didn’t have the time.

He grabbed another pen from his table and grabbed the card in anger and started to write.

Finally after five hours of extraneous labor and thought he was done. He held the card in pride as he read his statement one last time

“I hate you for being so unique. Words fail to do justice to you or the relation I share with you. You are special and I thank the heavens above for making our paths collide. From one gypsy to another; from one idiot to another, one teacher to his student who ironically is also a teacher… Happy Birthday.”

A Blasphemous Post

Posted in Rants on September 21, 2012 by Dev!l

Dear Lord, forgive my soul for I am about to commit blasphemy… No, before you decide that I should be executed like a dog, the thing you should know is that the only holy person I am going to insult are the ones right now on the roads of my country spreading warmth and sunshine by lighting delightful fires by using other people’s properties as fuel.

Yes, this post is about the blasphemous video but no I am not going to denounce any evil any Christian or Jew did or how the Church even condemned their actions. The reason I am speaking about the glorious religion of the people of my country is to say that it’s not my religion. If killing an ambassador after he apologized on the behalf of his country on his own will is Islam, then I am not a Muslim. If going out on the streets and breaking cars, hurting innocent people and causing monetary harm to your fellow brethren Islam, then I am not a Muslim. If branding all Christians as the root of all this Islam, then my friends I am definitely not a Muslim! For my religion always taught me peace and prosperity and my Prophet (SAW) was the perfect example of it. It taught me to fight but always in certain boundaries. It taught me never to hurt innocent people. It taught me NEVER to kill a messenger of some foreign land after he brings an apology of the king.

Yes, I am a Murtid… Get out your fatwa’s and kill me for I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. I don’t want to live on the planet where popular social media pages with 50k followers promote the holocaust as the “righteous deed” and Hitler as a hero and nobody has a problem with it. I don’t want to live where people are so broad minded when it comes to religion that if you try to prove with a fact that what they are saying is not the way of the religion, they get mad as you don’t have a beard or can recite Quran back and forth from heart. Yes, that is the criteria for knowing your religion!

For those of you who are going like what the hell…? Well, my country right now is burning over the blasphemy video that some jackass produced in his backyard. Yes, we are such proud and religious Muslims that this thing demands our full response! We must pick up sticks and break windows and cars. I mean how dare people sit in cars? Don’t they know that cars are made on an automated assembly line that was patented by Henry Ford who was a US citizen? That makes them murtid as well! Die all people in cars!!! How dare people put windows on their shops? Don’t they know the popular method for … Uh, wait doesn’t matter they be murtid for having windows because we said so! DIE DIE DIE!

Seriously, if wishes came true I would wish for a gun with endless bullets so I can go out in the streets and shoot all of those bloody morons in the knees to make them suffer while they die. Then I would wish for their resurrection just so I can repeat the whole process.

Now many of you might be going like that many of those protestors are even kids. Well, yes kids are supposed to be innocent but the moment they step in front of a camera with pride while their city burns around them and tell with pride we did this in protest… They deserve to be taken to their parents and made to watch as we torture their parents!

I used to hate hypocrites; I don’t anymore because I realized that my entire nation is full of hypocrites. Why? Oh well if US starts violence saying that one Muslim did this therefore the entire religion is bad; that’s wrong but if we do it it’s all justified.

But wait it is all the fault of Jews and Americans! Everything is their fault… Wait someone just rung my home bell and ran away… DAMN BLOODY JEWS HOW DARE YOU!!! IT’S YOUR FAULT! So where was I? Oh yea, Jews and Americans! Everything is your fault! We are uneducated, illiterate, moronic and violent and it’s your entire fault!

Now a lot of you may say this is doing of illiterate Muslims but what is your answer to them when you get a text saying don’t stop Muslims we are winning? What the hell are we winning? Did we win last time when we destroyed so much and banned Facebook? NO! They don’t care because even if we ban them their major revenues are not generated from our countries! So yea, I know lets ban Google as a whole! It’s like saying, “Hey you insulted my family? Let me slap my own face… Yea, that will show you!!!”

Oh and before people start their Fatwa on me, I want you to take a moment and consider the alternative proposals by actual scholars to try out the blasphemers in the court. Oh sorry my bad… that was just stupid. I mean it’s not like the whole freedom of speech thing is in the American constitution and must be taken to court. Stupid me… You’re right… Proceed to kill me now.




Food for Thought

Posted in Stories. with tags on September 8, 2012 by Dev!l

Writer’s Note: All of my posts from this day till the end of this month at the very least are dedicated to a beautiful person and a truly enlightening blogger: Mahlaqa… Who for some reasons decided to delete her blog… You’ll be missed dearly buddy 🙂

He stared at the long line in front of him and sighed. Another day with no work… Another day with processions for the poor by rich people… Another day of standing under the hot sun looking at processions pass and trample over their simple dreams of warm food and something in their pocket…

He wasn’t a religious man at all, the only reason he believed in religion was due to the charter that taught its followers to give to the less fortunate. He never could understand the concept of a single deity watching over an unequal and unjust universe filled with pain and saying that He loved all equally. But he never could question his beliefs as they got him food when he could afford none… they got him pity when he needed love… they gave him hope that he could sleep and wake up in bliss… He smiled at the thought he once heard, “As long as there is inequality in this world, there will be a religion.”

He wanted to study his religion, to ask but alas no one taught the religion anymore… They all taught their own views.

“Oh Philosopher, would ya move your ass? ‘M ‘ungry here.” His chain of thought was broken by a gruff voice coming from behind him. The line had moved forward and he was still standing there. He slowly moved forward staring at the empty space.

“Ay Jackass, would ya move your ass any faster or do it need a good whoppin’?”

He chose to ignore… “Ohh a silent one arentcha? What’s the matter princy, we too good for ya?”

He wanted to respond but his attention was diverted once again as another procession past chanting slogans of equality and rights to poor. His head began to boil, he turned around and pushed his verbal assailant and gave him a push. Needless to say, a brawl ensued between the two. No one bothered to break them up; all they wanted was that they would fight on a side so they would get closer to the food.

His hands were trembling in anger as he punched his opponent. He was blind with anger… Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head and a strong grip pulled him back and threw him on the ground. He turned around angrily to find himself face to face with the shrine guards holding batons in their hands. He could have taken them as well but he knew the price for that would had been too great. He quietly got up and shook hands with his brawler as they both silently yet slowly walked towards the back of the line while the chants of “Food for the poor! Jobs for the Poor!” could be heard faintly in the background.