Food for Thought

Writer’s Note: All of my posts from this day till the end of this month at the very least are dedicated to a beautiful person and a truly enlightening blogger: Mahlaqa… Who for some reasons decided to delete her blog… You’ll be missed dearly buddy 🙂

He stared at the long line in front of him and sighed. Another day with no work… Another day with processions for the poor by rich people… Another day of standing under the hot sun looking at processions pass and trample over their simple dreams of warm food and something in their pocket…

He wasn’t a religious man at all, the only reason he believed in religion was due to the charter that taught its followers to give to the less fortunate. He never could understand the concept of a single deity watching over an unequal and unjust universe filled with pain and saying that He loved all equally. But he never could question his beliefs as they got him food when he could afford none… they got him pity when he needed love… they gave him hope that he could sleep and wake up in bliss… He smiled at the thought he once heard, “As long as there is inequality in this world, there will be a religion.”

He wanted to study his religion, to ask but alas no one taught the religion anymore… They all taught their own views.

“Oh Philosopher, would ya move your ass? ‘M ‘ungry here.” His chain of thought was broken by a gruff voice coming from behind him. The line had moved forward and he was still standing there. He slowly moved forward staring at the empty space.

“Ay Jackass, would ya move your ass any faster or do it need a good whoppin’?”

He chose to ignore… “Ohh a silent one arentcha? What’s the matter princy, we too good for ya?”

He wanted to respond but his attention was diverted once again as another procession past chanting slogans of equality and rights to poor. His head began to boil, he turned around and pushed his verbal assailant and gave him a push. Needless to say, a brawl ensued between the two. No one bothered to break them up; all they wanted was that they would fight on a side so they would get closer to the food.

His hands were trembling in anger as he punched his opponent. He was blind with anger… Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head and a strong grip pulled him back and threw him on the ground. He turned around angrily to find himself face to face with the shrine guards holding batons in their hands. He could have taken them as well but he knew the price for that would had been too great. He quietly got up and shook hands with his brawler as they both silently yet slowly walked towards the back of the line while the chants of “Food for the poor! Jobs for the Poor!” could be heard faintly in the background.





10 Responses to “Food for Thought”

  1. And we thought our anti tears guy here wasn’t gona blog for a week for someone.
    The writer’s note is well written.
    : )

  2. touching on a few levels.

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