Random Story… Yay?

He stared at the blank piece of paper that lay before him. The pen twitched in his fingers nervously as time was running out but he had nothing to write. No matter what he thought of just didn’t seem enough. He tapped the pen on the table in frustration but stopped as the noise annoyed him. He stared at the floor covered with paper balls reminding him of his failure of expression. He wanted to say so much yet had so little to speak. He had so much to express yet it all just didn’t seem enough.

“Calm down… It’s just another friend” He thought to himself.

“That’s a lie and you know it.”

“Perhaps if I start over…” He took a deep sigh and put his pen on the paper and slowly etched “Dear…”

“NO NO NO!!! That just seems too direct and forceful” he yelled at himself as he grabbed the paper and threw it on the floor.

“Perhaps I should just skip the formality at the start and concentrate on the main subject. Hmm… yea, I know… Perhaps I should tell how much I love my friend… But that would make my love have boundaries… something it doesn’t have. I know perhaps I should just write about how I will always love my friend… but that would make my love conditional… no no that won’t do. I know perhaps I should just write about the positive influences they have had on me… No… Or maybe I can praise their appearance? But that would be just stupid and common.” He grabbed his head in agony as the clock ticked.

“ARGH!” he got up and took the batteries out of his wall clock just so the ticking would stop. He needed peace and quiet.

Minutes passed before he stood up and yelled, “DAMN IT! IT’S TOO QUIET!”

He was a little unorthodox but so was his friend and it exactly wasn’t easy writing up the perfect set of sentences to describe someone so beautiful that … Well that was the problem he just didn’t know what to compare things to. For everything is beautiful in comparison to something but everything he could think of just paled in comparison. He loved everything about his friend, from the childlike innocence to the tears he had to wipe to the smile he adored so much. If only he could just shatter the fetters of consciousness and just could say everything he felt without having to use those silly and irritating words.

He just wanted to write how special his friend was and how much he loved and cared for his friend but apparently out of the 4 languages he knew none had a decent enough vocabulary to do his feelings justice.

He threw his pen away in anger. Nothing was justifying the perfectionist in him. Nothing really could describe someone so loony yet so sane, so childlike yet so mature. He could go and on about the things his friend was and was not and how the entire collection of oxymoron in the English dictionary could be used to describe his friend but he just didn’t have the time.

He grabbed another pen from his table and grabbed the card in anger and started to write.

Finally after five hours of extraneous labor and thought he was done. He held the card in pride as he read his statement one last time

“I hate you for being so unique. Words fail to do justice to you or the relation I share with you. You are special and I thank the heavens above for making our paths collide. From one gypsy to another; from one idiot to another, one teacher to his student who ironically is also a teacher… Happy Birthday.”


6 Responses to “Random Story… Yay?”

  1. your friend is blessed to have a friend like you 🙂

  2. Hahaha good going guy…:D though you used typical words and phrases yet it still stood out; the genuine feelings I mean 🙂

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