An Incomplete Story

His eyes twitched, his head hurt and his heart throbbed slowly clasping itself tighter and tighter. He was having trouble breathing. He wanted to go to sleep but his eyes refused to close themselves in hope. He wanted to cry but tears refused to come out anymore. It hurt; it hurt more than any physical pain he had ever experienced… It hurt inside as he recited Gibran, “Much of your pain is self-chosen. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self” for the umpteenth time for no reason.

He knew his pain was self chosen but there was nothing he could do to avoid it. He wanted to shout but the silence around him scared him of attracting unwanted attention. He just wanted the pain to end but he knew it wouldn’t. It was funny really how one “would be” failure could lead to his entire being into such agony. Yes, a “would be” failure for the failure wasn’t complete even though every bit of his overactive imagination pointed otherwise.

He stared at the dull screen of his cell phone ready to jump to life with his touch. A touch that he just couldn’t manage for he feared he might miss the joy of it lighting up on its own to announce that someone, somewhere in the world cared for his being. That someone cared… but would it had mattered? Chances were no, for the one he wanted to care, didn’t give a damn at all. It was just unfair but then again he wasn’t fair with those who wanted him to care. Perhaps Karma had its own way to strike back.

He took a deep sigh, how things had changed. From the top of the world just one stumble made him fall into the pit of despair. Just one wrong decision and it was game over. Ironic, how he lost the things and the person he thought he wouldn’t lose faster than every other thing. The pain was strong, strong enough to blind him from those who actually were there and he knew that. He wanted to hear those who were there instead of those who weren’t, he wanted to feel love even though it was from a source he didn’t wish it from and funnily enough he did up to some level. But the question begged itself, was it enough? Apparently not… apparently, the only unique collection of particles he cared about just wasn’t there in the way he wanted it to.

He stared at the ceiling with a deep sigh of regret. He just wanted to move forward but his feet weighed him down. He wanted to crawl and each day he promised himself that but just couldn’t manage to bring himself up for the task. He just wanted one favor, one little denial or one clear sign to get rid of the weight he didn’t need but alas he knew he was too unlucky to get it directly. He smiled at the thought as he promised himself for the umpteenth time to move forward again as he got up and silently went out for a walk.

34 Responses to “An Incomplete Story”

  1. he went out for a walk, just like that??? :p
    anyway the quote from Gibran is great (and yes i did get this one)

  2. What is it that this man did?

  3. just a reader Says:

    how’s the ending coming?

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