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The Story of My Amazing Lucky Day =D

Posted in Funny on November 2, 2012 by Dev!l

It’s not my thing to blab on about my day or talk how things go in my daily life. What I feel and experience is often for my eyes and senses only, for the rest of the world it’s just an elaborate ruse… only showcasing what needs to be shown. But every now and then there comes a day in my life that quite frankly is so hilariously charming and full of “luck” that I must share it with the people who bother to read all this jargon in hopes that they will manage a chuckle out of the whole event.

Yesterday was one of those days. To be honest, I wasn’t really in a well off position emotionally but quite frankly that is none of anyone’s business. Anyhow, I woke up and felt the dire need to just go back under the blanket and stay there but alas my wish was not to be. My mother soon came up and handed me a cheque for me to cash and deposit in her account. After much deliberate lazy acting I convinced her that I would only cash the cheque and would submit the amount in her account later, for the mean while she could use my account. With that I went under the sheets again, only to wake up 10 minutes before my class. I quickly rushed around changing, washing, brushing and ran out of the house towards my university. Alas, the class wasn’t meant to be mine and as a rule of thumb of not entering a class 15 minutes late ever I soon found myself heading towards the bank instead as a half hour had passed.

As I handed the cashier the cheque, he made a face that you see when you hand someone their death sentence. After some mumbling he asked me for a copy of my id card. I didn’t have one and the bank being so generous in its customer service was kind enough to redirect me to the nearest photocopier. I had another class coming up soon so I rushed to the photocopier 300-500 m away and back and once again handed him the cheque. This time the cashier got up, went to one of his seniors and after some whispering came back and handed me the cheque back saying, “Sorry, the cheque belongs to a company and needs the official stamp of the company which you’ve forgotten so we can’t cash you the cheque.” For once I knew why they kept armed guards outside of banks ‘cuz if there wasn’t one believe me that cashier would have had his head broken.

Anyhow, there was no time for sweet nothings so I just picked the cheque and ran towards my department for my class. By now, my body had just given up and I soon found myself my teacher singing me a lullaby and me dozing off while sitting in the front row. After a refreshing nap, I came to know that the teacher had changed and the last lecture was almost over. “Oh joy, finally I would get to go out with my friends for something to eat.”

Well, we don’t usually go out to eat everyday but somehow we all had a plan to have a get together and just let loose. An hour passed, everyone came but the guy who had set up the plan. So we being the genuine friends we are called him asking him kindly where he was only to find out he was in the hospital since his brother was bit by – I kid you not –  a monkey!

Long story short, one and a half hour later we found ourselves in a restaurant. We ordered russian salad, burgers and fried chicken. The salad came first and looked somewhat creamier than Russian salads but since it wasn’t really a gourmet restaurant we decided to let it pass. As we put the spoons of salad in our mouths we all found ourselves tasting the distinct taste of spiced noodles. Apparently, it was a mixed salad in which the expert chef had mixed all kinds of spicy and cream salads. It was a regular fiesta of sweet, sour and spices combined… So instead of battling with the salad anymore we decided to turn our attention towards the main course. Ah the main course, how charmingly tasty it was. Uncooked fried chicken which oozed water when you tried to eat it along with burgers that made apparently seemed to be made out of the same recipe as crackers.

After such an amazing dinner, one friend suggested to have coffee from MacDonald’s. Ah, I would describe the whole thing in detail but then I would have to use some language that isn’t really age appropriate. In short, the black coffee of MacDonald smelled of rotten plastic dipped in coffee while it tasted like someone had thrown one coffee bean in a jar of water. Such amazing coffee, I am still smacking my lips thinking about it.

You know for most the night would just end there but it was not to be so for me and 3 of my friends. 2 of them were on bikes while I and f were in f’s car (yes, that expression would come in pretty handy later… f the car). Since, there was a CNG shortage f fueled up his car with petrol only to find it giving out too much smoke from the rear. He shifted back to CNG and started driving again. We decided to go back to his place instead as the car just didn’t seem right and we could smell petrol every time we tried to convert the car from CNG to petrol. After a little driving f declared that perhaps he had turned both the fuel gauges on causing the engine to overrev due to twin fuels decided to convert the car back to petrol. We barely drove ten minutes till we met a red light. F turned to me and said, “Waleed, look at the fuel indicator, it is dropping quite fast.”

“Hmm, yea and I smell fue…”

Boom, the car’s engine literally gave out a loud bang as the cars bonnet’s first lock (out of the two) was shattered and flames sprung up from under the bonnet.

“Get out! NOW” I heard F yell as he turned off the car, opened the door and quickly got out.

I somehow was very numbly calm to the whole thing and slowly got out which on my part I agree was still kind of stupid but my logic was simple as one blast had already happened there wasn’t a chance that the engine would blow up again. People had gathered as the flames grew more aggressive burning the engine region of the car. Some nearby shopkeepers started to throw water at the car only to find that the car’s fire was caused by leakage of petrol and saw it spread wherever the petrol went. You know to most people this is a signal to stop throwing water, since there is a battery in the car and you really can’t stop a fuel fire with water but would they listen? No… F called his brother and our 2 bike friends also caught up to us. At this time there was nothing we could but see the flames engulf the engine of the car. One of my friends went up and opened the bonnet of the car completely with a cloth while I took out our stuff from the back seat of the car.

All this time passerby’s couldn’t help but stop their cars and enquire what had happened and comment on how we should put the fire out… Seriously that was a big help, here I was thinking of having a BBQ on that fire… Then there were people who were asking us to throw water on the car as well… the only problem being that the only thing we could use to throw water on the car was our hands while the shopkeepers had big 10-20 liter gallon bottles… Maybe we should had peed on the car… that might have had helped… MORONS!

Nearly 20 minutes had passed in this whole ordeal when suddenly we remembered that even though the car was on petrol we hadn’t bothered to switch off the CNG cylinder in the back of the car from its head. As one of my friends did that with a spanner we couldn’t help but hear the constant cries of a beggar nearby who kept saying, “It’s alright, no one was hurt… You should give Sadqa of their/your lives to me” Honestly, amazing!

Well, almost 35 minutes later, things calmed down and we pushed the car to my friend’s home. We sat at my friend’s home for two hours and on my way back I couldn’t help but laugh as I found that my tennis elbow was acting up again.

So yea, apparently it was truly a memorable day for me which saw me go through all sorts of ordeals and have a bundle of “wondrous, unsolicited joy”… So the next time you say, you’re having a bad day… PLEASE RECONSIDER, as it can always get worse! 😛