2012, An Overview

So another year bites the dust and we survive the horrible Mayan apocalypse to stare at the light of a new dawn. It’s funny really how each year we celebrate clinging to the hopes that the forthcoming year will be better than the old one. How we will be more successful etc. when nothing really changes but the hands on the clock.

As per tradition, I am here to review my previous year. Yea a little late for that I know since whole 4 days have passed since the New Year hit us but truly time is all but relevant and reflection at any time should be welcomed. 2012, in retrospect was one of the worst years of my life but I would be a fool to say that I didn’t learn things of value from this year. Materially, I was stripped of everything I held or could hold dear, my intelligence, moral integrity was questioned and nearly shattered but I carried on. I carried on and learnt many things which I had forgotten over the years. Yea this is going to be one of those life lesson things so if that bores you kindly get lost. I am doing this for myself so that one day I can look back at these words and just laugh at my mistakes and naivety. For isn’t that why we make mistakes? So we can look back upon them and remember our folly and youth.

Like every year 2012 began with the traditional bbq for my birthday (for those of you with an astute observational skill, yes my birthday is in January). It was the first time I tried mixing my university friends with my net/other/I don’t know how to tell how I know them friends with almost horrible consequences. Sparks flew between the two and quite honestly I realized that they were two different crowds entirely. As for gifts well the only gifts I did get were a USB, a card with lots of buttons (yes I said buttons), a watch that glows in the dark (yes, I love that thing more than the fact that it has a very good stop watch), The Zahir (It’s a book), Chocolates, Pringles and a chocolate cake with a zinger. Honestly, I don’t really care for the gifts to be honest heck I would be glad that if people would just forget my birthday.

It was a good start and educationally I was at the peak on almost everything. I held the position of chief editor of my department’s magazine (especially important to me since the idea of the magazine was my baby), was the unofficial shadow VP of the department’s event organizational committee, scholarship holder etc. This is when it all went downhill. I was accused of helping someone in their examinations, which I did do without my knowledge and was punished. I was dropped from the whole semester causing a delay in my graduation by one year. It was quite funny now that I think about it. It taught me a lot, I learnt that honestly I don’t have many people that care about me nor do I have a lot of friends. I learnt that in today’s society being honest and saying you won’t lie as you have your principles would only get you the title of a lunatic who doesn’t know anything about the world. I learnt that how hypocritical people really can be. I learnt how people could lie to your face and truly how much diplomatic we all as humans are.

For those of you wondering, the story is simple: Someone texted me for answer of a question, I texted back. Turned out the guy was in the exam and I was called up. I stuck to my principle of not lying and had to face the music. Now please I don’t want to talk about it thank you.

This all changed me completely in a sense. I got into applying what I knew about human psychology and emotions and after a little while I could finally tell how and when people were lying or faking sympathy and as a result changed my look on my life completely. Yes, people do change and so did I. But honestly, I welcomed that change with open arms for it taught me a lot. It gave my life a direction I wasn’t ready to take. Honestly, it gave me a chance to grasp my passing life with my hands and take control. It was due to this that I started working online for different employers in 2012 and earned my first official pay check (yes first official pay check, unofficially I had been earning on and off for quite some time). I set certain targets for myself career vise in this time and honestly have been sticking to them.

In short, I became more responsible and learnt that every action has a consequence that we must bear alone, unfortunately the hard way.

Well enough with gloom and doom right? On a happier note, I went to a mountain retreat with my university friends (who dragged me along to take me out of the dumps). It was a lot of fun apart from the first 2 days in which I was running a fever of 104 and filling canteens with water thanks to some lazy bums. One of my friends lost his father which we honored by driving to his village in a 9 hour drive with 7 people in a 4 seater car. That was memorable in its own self.

Life continued and soon two of my friends left for further education. Truth be told, yes I do miss their company which itself is a big thing for me to say in itself. There were no really memorable get togethers with other friends or acquaintances this year as life had made them distant in their own self. Some of them were busy in jobs, others busy in their studies (which frankly I never could understand perhaps cuz I never had difficulty with studies) but ah well this is how life is.

I finally got around to updating my pc with the money I earned which was a real treat for me as games are one of the sources my escape from this realm of reality into a world of my own making. I started university again to earn a scholarship laptop (which in itself was given to so many students just so they would vote for a particular political party in the upcoming elections of this country). Now, before I continue any further I want anyone reading this to avoid motivational or pitiful comments because honestly I am sick and tired of all this crap. All year it was the same story. Those who stuck around me started blaming everything I did bad on the whole incident instead of taking it out on me. They started looking for changes that were bound to happen and blamed the whole event. True, those changes happened but in my view they made me a better person so does it really matter what caused them?

Moving on, my other blog Static finally went Static even after we were spotlighted in National Magazines as a blog that was crying out for a change in the actions of the youth. The reason of it was simple really; Anas or I honestly didn’t have any time for it as we were consumed by life itself.

I reconciled with some old friends who I did wrong. Truth be told, admitting ones mistakes takes a whole lot of burden off your shoulders that you never know is there. On this note I also grew closer to some friends and at the end of this year fought with them for no apparent reason only to reconcile for no apparent reason. Life is just funny this way and funnily enough I just realized how gay I sound =P So screw you all! 😛 But I did find my romantic, loving side during this year as well which is totally stupid and I wish it would just die with all the love for certain people (those who I love) with it 😛

Oh also I met someone as insane as me which was quite a surprise in itself as I usually don’t get to meet that many people who are so insane so yea hats off to that person!

Sure, 2012 was a really bad year for me but honestly it doesn’t really matter now. What happened, came and pass but here I still stand ready to face more. So yea, 2013 maybe as bad of a year or maybe over compensating but honestly I don’t care anymore but let’s be optimistic so here is to a happy new year to me. As for you, well may this be a happy new year to you as well.


19 Responses to “2012, An Overview”

  1. Anas Shafqat Says:


    • ? LOl funnily enough I wanted to write a lot more but it would had been way more insulting =P

      • Anas Shafqat Says:

        I really liked this post. It shows how mature you’ve become over the course of the year 🙂
        It didn’t feel like whining. It felt like you are sharing a life-changing experience.
        Although, you mentioned me :p It was in something I wish had not happened. It still makes me sad. We did a great job! 🙂 I’m so glad I worked with you on it. 🙂

  2. Such a touching post…your grateful and thats all that matters…lol. Here is your sympathetic comment. 🙂

    cherish every moment, good or bad, the consequences are worth living and learning for.

  3. Cool story, brah. 2012 was hard on us all. Damn I’m glad its over, but 2013 isn’t looking all that great either.

    Where’s the optimist in me? *sigh* ANDDDD, editor? woot woot! That’s awesome!

    I also don’t know when your birthday is, so happy birthday, advance or belated, whichever. 😛 cheers

  4. just a reader Says:

    you, the writer of THIS blog, managed to find someone just as insane>>???

  5. WordsFallFromMyEyes Says:

    Hope you’re still with that person you met as insane as you 🙂

    Don’t know why I clicked on this, but in afterthought – reading a review of the year, now May: it’s interesting. You’re so right we hold out hope the next year will be better. Why are we all so dumb?!!

    Ah yes, the Mayan apocolypse. YOu know, to be honest, I did think it completely possible “something” would happen, I just didn’t know what. But not even that happened! WHY are we so dumb….

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