Sensless Rant :D Again

It has been quite some time since I just ranted out what’s on my mind that I really don’t know where to begin. I know a lot of you won’t care and would most probably treat this like some mindless blabber you hear every day but don’t worry I’m quite used to be treated that way from the people around me that I can portray a callous attitude towards this sort of behavior (Oh and if you’re going to say, “Woo hoo give him a medal” kindly no one asked you to be here in the first place so do me the injustice and just deprive me of your oh so intellectual company).

Anyhow, I digress for the topic is to just say what’s on my mind. Right now, I am tired of people treating everyone on their looks. I mean I’m sorry but I missed the class in which they taught to treat everyone on their looks and not on what was inside that person (yes, I know, “what a brand new topic to rant on”). So keeping in light the uniqueness of the topic, before you start to justify yourself, just look at yourself and answer why are you trying to maintain a figure? Why are you wearing that branded watch or shirt? Does it really matter or do you do it to get acceptance from your peers? Yes, I know most of you would bluntly answer that it’s all because you like to and I would like to agree with you, I truly would but I am kind of allergic to bullshit.

Trust me I know how it feels when people judge you on your looks. It’s the reason I never comb my hair or dress adequately enough because it always amuses me when people look at me and make their assumptions, only to have them proven wrong. I have met alcoholics who couldn’t believe that I didn’t even smoke and yet knew so much about their tricks of the trade, I have met rock heads who would just look at my apparel and dub me as a nerd but would gawk at me when browsing through my play list, I have met spiritualists who couldn’t believe my views on meta physics after they had dubbed me a non believer, I have met the “cool kids” who would look at me and dub me of having no social life yet be amazed after I tell them more about their favorite hangouts than they can. I have been branded the least interested in girls yet never fail to surprise people with my knowledge. The list goes on and on. Trust me in no version of it have I ever been judged correctly and it always is amusing but tiresome; nonetheless. Why can’t I be what I want to be without people having to pass judgments on my looks? Is it that important that I must dress the part to play it? Oh before you go home running to your mother about the mean old man talking about drugs, let me clear one thing: I, in no way am implying that I want to be a rock head or a junkie.

Shouldn’t you actually talk to a person before dubbing them unfit for your company? Or perhaps you would like me to elaborate: Why do you judge on something that can easily be faked? Are you really that naïve or do you really make such special efforts to please people like me?

Moving on, why are our views based on what some brilliantly clueless genius describes them to be? Want me to speak on a personal level? Ok here’s the dumber version: Half of you would hate many artists yet have never given those artists a chance e.g. Justin Bieber, One Direction etc. I mean how can you actually decide about something just by looking at it? If the above bands aren’t your style, perhaps half of you would hate classical music and would term it as “gay” yet have never sat down to listen to it. Yes, what complex creatures full of thought you all are, I believe they have a beautiful term for you all, something to do with a “flock of sheep” or something, just saying.

Oh and for the love of God, no, this isn’t a scheme to pick up chicks you damn ignorant mule (another disclaimer, yes I care so much about what you think. I keep wide awake at nights thinking what you may say about me). Fine, I get it that we all have the need to be accepted by the society but why do we have to agree with everything blindly? Sure, you don’t have what it takes to be a leader sweetie or perhaps you’re just so damn active and in control of your life that you need someone to take the steering wheel from you but honestly why in hell’s name would you say that you have your own opinions? If you had your own opinions, you wouldn’t be such a genius, now would you? News Flash: You have a 3 pound organ known as the brain, learn to USE and EXERCISE it.

The whole point of this pointless and astray argument is for the love of everything pure, judge on what’s inside a person and for once leave the good things you do or think of while seeing facial beauty where they belong: in the gutter. Oh I meant in your head but frankly there is no difference, now is there?


28 Responses to “Sensless Rant :D Again”

  1. Anas Shafqat Says:

    Amazing. You inspire me :’)

  2. LOOOOL. I cant imagine you saying the word “sweetie”.

  3. yea its called “sheep herd mentality” 🙂

  4. your ranting remains the same :’)

  5. I can totally relate to this. :S
    not trying to be cocky or anything, but I’m pretty good looking. And sometimes I hate it because people judge me by how I look instead of what’s inside.
    They wanna talk to me just cause I’m pretty, not cause I’m a nice person.
    They’re too quick to judge and are very stereotypical.
    And while I know its a part of human nature, sometimes its really, really pissing off.

    • Lol, well somebody is full of themselves =P Lol, btw funnily enough, the first thing people judge from a pretty face = she must be dumb =P And if you can train a dog to fetch, I for one think that humans can be trained to not be so stereotypical =P

  6. cryptic999 Says:

    Seeing the side bar, I discovered this blog might has been initiated in 2007. And now, 2013. A long journey, eh? But what really attracted my attention was the quality and standard, in terms of writing and all that energy to maintain it through these years. So, I liked this place, much. Also, I love anonymity. Enigmas are fascinating. And so are the people who’re cryptic. [ Though you aren’t that much, neither are the writings but still, it gives one, such a feel ].
    Hence, this is the place of my choice. Cool, good going.
    P.S: I loved the randomness over here.

    • Oh yes, nothing fascinates me more than a person who pretends as if they know me 😀 But ah well, thank you anyways. And yea sometime around the end of 2007 I guess and as for the effort lol, that’s a good joke 😛

  7. cryptic999 Says:

    Yes, I joke around quite often, (NOT).

  8. Sweetie? Huh? Sounds stupid from your mouth…never read it in this post, maybe missed it…read that comment…
    Well, SWEETIE? Ufff. That sounds UGLY from your mouth.

  9. Thanks. I control+F-ed that monstrous word. And it did work.
    And I pushed the follow button, just for the sake of fun…and I feel like pushing it again.

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