Untitled o.o

Writer’s Note: Ok, the following makes no sense to me what so ever but I just wrote it because I was bored out of my skull. Before you ask, yes I think I’m sane (well, sane up to my standards at least). So yea 😛 BORED 😛

He stared at the city burning bright with lights, the glamour of laughter escaping its cocoon of fallacy and the shadow of an unsaid evil cast upon on its streets. It made him sick to his stomach but then again everything made him sick. After all what one sees on the outside is nothing but a mere reflection of what’s inside him. He was no different. Nothing made sense to him, not that it really mattered for life had taught him enough to not to question the absurdity of it all. He was feared long and wide for his ruthless nature but no one knew that deep down, like every being on this planet, in the caverns of his soul, he was nothing but a frail man, scared of the unknown. He talked of things high and mighty but lacked the will to believe them. He always convinced himself that he didn’t have anything to hold on to yet he clung on to every last bit of hope that ever lightened his dark life only to have it taken away. Funny thing hope, like a disease it spreads throughout your body, giving you sensations you don’t want or really need yet it makes you feel special. It gives you that dose of attention we all crave yet are too afraid to admit.

He stared for a long time before he slowly started walking again. His destination, he didn’t know about. His path, he agreed to whatever way life took him in silent obedience. The only thing he did know was he sought a cure, a cure to the diseases that plagued him.

“Why howdy” a cheerful voice called after him.

He silently nodded towards the caller and carried on.

“Where you headed to stranger? Need a lift?”

This made him chuckle for he didn’t expect people to understand where he was headed nor did know. He opened his mouth to speak but no words came out.

“Well, suit yourself. No need to be rude” the friendly voice said as it vanished as fast as it had come.

He smiled and kept walking forward, only to stop a little while later to change the dressing on his bleeding feet. That’s when he saw a little girl crying.

“What’s the matter” he spoke in an attempt to comfort the child.

“My kite is stuck in that tree” she replied sobbing uncontrollably.

He smiled and climbed the tree. He threw the kite to the girl, who at once giggled and left singing, playing with her kite once more. As for him, he just sat on that tree for he didn’t really know how to get down. He sighed to himself with a smile and jumped down. “It’s going to be a long night…”, he thought to himself as he limped his way forward once more.


13 Responses to “Untitled o.o”

  1. just a reader Says:

    who told you that you weren’t sane now?

  2. this did make sense and you’re definitely insane IF you don’t think so -_-

  3. mahn00r Says:

    doesn’t make sense x.x

  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes Says:

    You’re an interesting guy. Like this piece.

  5. That was definitely a good read.

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