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And there was hope once more…

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He smiled at his good fortune. For even a person who was extremely bitter, the taste of ice cream still felt sweet. It was rather funny really; all his life he hated little things. He hated their existence. He hated how he would always notice them only to be dubbed as “observant” in a group of people whose existence didn’t concern him. He had so much hatred filled inside of him that it had started to ooze out. It didn’t really matter to him if people called him a cynic or useless for he knew his words held power. He knew that even without the course of any action, his words retained their power for they were often well thought out and meticulous but there were times when he spoke without thought.

Oh how he regretted those simple words he used to utter in his folly. He always tried to justify to himself that people should had understood him better but somewhere deep down in the shattered remains of his heart, he knew it to be nothing more than a bleak lie. Perhaps that was why people hated him so much. No one really bothered enough to take a stand for him, heck they didn’t even bother when he wanted to take a stand because for them, he was nothing more than a source of entertainment. An entertainer of sorts that they thought they controlled; someone who dedicated a good part of his life to certain puppeteers only to be churned aside like a filthy, torn ragged doll.

People always jeered at him. Some did it because they felt insecure in his presence while others did it as means of testing his limits. No matter what their reason was, he never cared. For him, the whole concept of society was nothing more than a sham. A sham orchestrated by the most cynical of composers in perfect unison. He wanted to stand up and play his own tune but every time that he tried, he was booed down and forced to sit.

He sighed as he took a spoon of the frozen chocolate dessert into his mouth. His luck was finally changing or so it seemed. It was rather funny to him how people used to smite him down, filling him with more hatred and then asking “Why are you so bitter?” He often responded the only way he knew how to: sarcastically but in his heart he couldn’t help but feel sorry for the words that escaped the confines of the prison that was his mind. He wanted to say he didn’t care about anything but he knew that would be nothing more than a lie. A lie, something which everyone around him excessively told as it was a necessity to feel alive. Each day they lied about their emotions, their feelings towards one another with a smile while he suffocated for the truth. Perhaps he had smoked so much poison that now even the cure to his diseases sounded nothing more than a pure fallacy i.e. another poison.

He licked the spoon like a kid as he stared at the ice cream before him. He wanted nothing more to do with people or big things anymore, for they had brought him nothing but pure agony. Even the sweetest of the heavenly delights of this earth had turned out to be nothing more than a sweet poison. Whatever he had touched in the past had turned to dust but today it was different. When he least expected it, when he had given up all hope, when he stared in the face of power cuts ranging for hours at a time, somehow his melted bowl of ice cream had decided to freeze once again. He could see the sun rising through his open window, life was good and hopeful once again… nothing could hurt him anymore for he had a whole liter of chocolate chip ice cream.  


Something on the Elections in Pakistan

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For those of you who don’t know, elections have taken place in Pakistan just yesterday and now we all are standing in the wake of its repercussions as the victors are celebrating while the ones who lost are chanting “cheat” and “Only idiots and **** voted for the winning party”. This post originally is intended for apologizing to people who after the elections uploaded pictures of their thumbs (it has a mark put on it by the Election Commission to indicate that this person has voted so he/she may not vote again). In any case, I found that highly stupid and spoke out against it and the happenings but apparently was met with hostile answers as apparently speaking out against what you find wrong is apparently not good. In any case, this shouldn’t really concern you as it is mainly for those who actually know me in person.

My past few statuses and statements may have offended some people and I therefore apologize if I insulted anyone or their views. That was not my intention. I just spoke what I felt was wrong and I still stand by that. Sure, I could had done so without calling people stupid but to be honest that was just meant to add a little flavor to what would had been a very serious post otherwise. I in no way feel that I am superior to anyone on this planet as we all excel at something where others don’t. I for one recognize and respect that fact. Anyhow, I really don’t like speaking about religion or politics as people are usually very rigid and easily irritated when those topics come up. But, to be quite honest I just can’t stand and watch what is going on without speaking what’s on my mind.

… You wanted a new Pakistan? Lol, look around and tell me how do you hope to achieve that if you as a nation stand divided and fight amongst your own selves? Why can’t you see the silver lining that at least people expressed themselves and respect their opinions? Why is it that you must abuse to convey your point to someone? I really don’t understand, I thought we were all Pakistani’s but apparently we are everything but that.

You want a new Pakistan then why don’t you start making it yourself? Why don’t you start shunning the corrupt ways and actually try sticking to the truth for once, even if you know it will harm you. Why don’t you try educating someone in need for free? Why don’t you try compensating for your “third world” education by actually broadening your own horizons by reading books that aren’t in your syllabus for once? Heck, if that isn’t your thing you can always use YouTube to educate yourself. Oh but wait, YouTube is for songs only. What the hell was I thinking? Why don’t you try helping those in need without asking for anything in return? Why not help a stranger on the road without reason? Why don’t you actually start speaking against everything you feel IS wrong without abusing?

Now what I am saying may sound highly theoretical but truth be told, it is achievable. Sure people will call you whiny, crazy, pathetic and plain old stupid for doing so but remember your words are important. “For words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth.”

So please, I ask you to keep calm and remember we are after all brethren, we belong to the same nation and no matter where we belong to, who we are, we were all created equal and in many ways are still equal.

As for those thinking this is just another lecture, by all means carry on but for those who want to think, I beg you please do so. For if you are gracious in defeat only then can you be humble in the face of victory.

P.S. I for one am opting for my own “new Pakistan” by following whatever way I can and thinking of as many ways as I can as to help those in need and educate all I can. I have and always will stand by the truth no matter what. So yea, these words come after action.