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An Ode to a Singularity

Posted in Uncategorized on December 24, 2015 by Dev!l

Author’s Note: If the Physics of this sound a bit sketchy to you, trust me it might very well be as these are far more complex things than what I can ever comprehend.

Dear Singularity,

It’s strange, you’re something people dedicate their lives to yet when asked to explain simply stutter away. I never understood that but now that I have met you, I find it hard to define it as well. How can I explain something so ambigious as a singularity? Something so complex, mysterious and baffling that it can drive any man insane. I guess I can’t but I am in a better position to state what you mean to me.

You are the unified field which gives my existence its meaning. The force I feel for you is undoubtedly the fundamental force we have marred eras searching for. To exist in your frame of reference is my dream as no matter how I put it, time always seems to come to a stand still when I am around you. You are the singular observer who has violated Schrodinger’s Cat paradox as no matter when you observe, my states always collapse to one of excitement and bliss.

I know that what I feel may very well be an anomaly that might not hold true for all but I know for a fact that you deserve a love as strong as a black hole. A love as strong as the forces that bind two quarks together inside a hadron. A love that would make you feel like you are the singularity upon which reasons of men fall.

I want to show you that you are the singularity I have searched for and though you may very well obliterate my existence, I don’t care as I will experience a moment of infinity with you. I want to be sucked into the ever consuming event horizon and hope to quench your thirst and radiate energy which will be studied till the end of time. This may sound silly to you, I know but in the end I just want jump in blind, to what may be my own destruction, and give my everything to you. And even though I may not survive, know this that my final moments will be spent with a smile on my face, a smile which would scream of my callous attitude towards what may come after the event horizon.


A Mad Scientist