Everything went quiet, all the voices, all the random thoughts, everything just went away. He could finally hear the silent ticking of his wrist watch, far in a distant drawer. He could finally feel what peace sounded like; there was no turmoil, no thoughts, and no anguish left on his mind. After a decade of unrest, the voices in his head had finally went quiet. For someone who got paid to think, there was no one else in the world who valued silence more than him. Alas, it was something that always eluded him till this moment in time.

There she was, in her picturesque self, the muse he always dreamt about, the Lisa to his Da’Vinci, the Bell to his Doyle, or more aptly put: the essence of his happiness. He reached out and very gently held her in his arms and for that instant in time he knew what true nirvana felt like. There was no angel whose touch would had have been more welcomed than hers at that instant in time. There was nowhere he would have rather been but that place in time, frozen for all eternity. “It’s been a long day” he finally managed to utter a coherent sentence.

“hmm”, she smiled. Her lips moved on to continue speaking but to him it was all incoherent. He was too lost in the innocence of her smile and the allure of her beauty to really care. Even though he couldn’t understand a word, he smiled back and nodded along as the sound of her voice vanquished all his demons. The cynic in him had died away and all he could see was how her hair had fallen on her face as she moved her peachy, full lips to ask him a question. At least, he thought it was a question as she had gone quiet and was now staring at him with her deep dark brown eyes, which held an intrigue and mystery he never could solve, blinking them ever so softly after a few seconds.

“Huh? What did you say?”

“I asked, how are you!” She repeated the question, clearly a bit annoyed. He gave a muffled laugh as he just loved how her cheeks went red and started to puff up when she got annoyed. “I’m great…” He replied.

Perhaps she wanted him to continue the conversation but he just didn’t feel like it. He simply stared into her eyes and asked, “you going to sleep?”

“hmm..” she said as she closed her eyes knowing that he didn’t feel like talking much. He often went into these non talkative phases to which she had gotten used to over the years.

He very slowly pushed her hair away from her face and watched her as she dozed off to sleep. He wanted to time it just right… Just at the moment when she finally gave into the whims of sandman, he pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, “you make everything quiet…”

He wanted to confirm if she had heard him or not but the slight smile that came on her face as he muttered those words into her sweet ear, gave him all the information he needed.


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