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Cryptic Letters – Part I

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Writer’s Note: Well, I was really bored so thought of giving myself a challenge. Even though it didn’t turn out to the way I wanted it to, it was a good exercise to keep myself busy for a little time. Oh for all those who are busy and don’t have time to decrypt the whole thing, you can view the unsolved letter here (though it’s very easy): UNSOLVED LETTER

P.S. Click to enlarge the pic 😀



The Hidden Lands of Fantasy

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Writer’s Note: The following are my assignments that I submitted for a course that tends to teach how to read in between the lines of fiction and fantasy and find the hidden themes. Here are two of my reports that I had to write in between the word limit of 320/270 words. So, don’t mind if I tried to cram a lot of things in a small space but the themes were too many.

Fairy Tales by The Brothers Grimm

The book tells of stories of how the human soul desires power and control over all else and how that power sometimes corrupts the soul into committing horrendous deeds. Also rebellious nature is promoted in the book. Many symbols such as food, King etc are used as all of them in one way or another dictate the desire or the presence of power.

In the tales food, gold and power are the ultimate beneficiary items that must be possessed at any cost. We often see the heroes rebelling against the head figure by disobeying orders of parents, kings etc which always ends up in a good end. Head figures are often described as evil, negligent and selfish with step relations being the cruelest of them all. [Ref: Snow White etc.] Often children find themselves either trying to fulfill their parents dreams or becoming the sacrifice for their desires. Relations such as of brothers etc is somewhat strange as out of all the siblings one is good while the other represents evil.

There are also many hidden symbols for the want of sex and sexual tensions between different relations, many times animals e.g. wolves are used to describe the hidden sexual tension between the villain and the hero of the story. [Ref: Wolves and the seven Children, Little Red Cap etc.] In many tales, sex is categorized even over basic necessities. Physical attraction is often deemed as love in the stories, perhaps to portray the superfacialness of the society. Marriages in many stories are promoted to be more about gaining power or material gains. This may be a hint on the fact that sexual desires can be manipulated to gain power.

Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

Caroll underlays many complicated themes in his book but the one I found most vixing was the reference to aging of a child and how they must tread on a path of self discovery through curiosity. It also gives a strong reference to how set in the laws of the world adults have become.

We see that as soon as Alice falls through the hole, she is taken into a strange world where she can change her size by eating cakes or drinking potions. The changing of the size is a clear reference to aging of a person. We see that Alice must find herself as she grows in size and she starts comparing herself with her classmates. This is the process hinted towards the fact that as we grow older we must all try to find ourselves and our own identity and how we fail to do so by comparing our ownselves with each other. “But if I’m not the same, the next question is, Who in the world am I? Ah, THAT’S the great puzzle!”

We further develop this notion of aging as we see Alice dealing with a world of grown ups set in their laws and how they abide by those laws without daring to ask, “Why?” This leads to the erratic and arbitrary behavior Alice faces in wonderland and in the looking glass. Prime example is of the crazy rules made by the king as “All people that are a mile high must leave the courtroom!” The process of Alice maturing can be seen as she learns how to deal with the crazy world.

In through the looking glass, the process of growing up can be seen through the change of size the chess board and peices. Also Caroll directs our attention towards how Alice is maturing when Humpty Dumpty tells her that, she should had “left off at seven”.






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 Writer’s Note: I’m suffering from a writer’s block along with some problems so here is just a random post I wrote. These are some of the terms in the dictionary that I really think need to be corrected while keeping in mind the flow of our current society.


The name given to clothes when they get torn up and/or are too small for a person to wear. It may also include wearing of pants so low that everyone can see your underpants. E.g.

  1. Dude, why are you wearing your pants backwards?

It’s the latest fashion man!


Any act that goes against developed countries struggle to gain power even if it’s self perseverance or defense. All acts of terror are met with a righteous and holy awe from the skies above in the form of bombs. E.g.

  1. Iran is committing terrorism by standing up to America and trying to accumulate a small fraction of the nuclear power possessed by them.
  2. I don’t like him, I am the president… HE IS A TERRORIST!


A mythical concept used to get out of trouble. Often confused with stupidity and ignorance. E.g.

  1. But your honor I am innocent! I didn’t know you couldn’t park in the no parking zone to pee at a cop car.
  2. She is so innocent that she doesn’t even know the meaning of sex. That’s another thing that she was 16 before she learnt how to wave goodbye.


The craving you get when you get up in the middle of the night and realize that you must have something to fulfill your physical needs. E.g.

  1. I love food.
  2. I love Sarah.

No, wait I love Bella now, she’s hotter.


The universal adverb, adjective, verb and pronoun that can be used to define any or all events of life. There is no real meaning of Fuck and it can be used on all occasions due to its versatility and ease of use.


  1. That fucker got the fuck out before I came in.
  2. Fuck, I am so fucked.
  3. So what the fuck is your problem?

General Knowledge

The knowledge of everything related to showbiz related people and their pets. Spreading of this knowledge in all circles is a duty obligated upon all of us. E.g.

  1. Hey do you know what LHC is?

No, but do you know who Kim Kardashian is?


Dude you don’t know anything at all! Shes …….


A mythical being that sparkles in the sun light and is extremely gay looking, they suck blood to survive but that is no reason for all the girls in the world to stop wanting to be their girl friends. E.g.

  1. Edward


A form of arts that is made by people who are deaf for the mentally retarded using computer software known as Auto Tune. Usually causes a lot of attention and coining of new terms in the English language after the good looking “genius”. E.g.

  1. Justin Beiber is a musician and his song Baby has such a deep meaning to it.


The thing that makes the world go around and the source of every action by the people.


Looking thin and amazing for the world to see and adore. Synonyms: Sexy, Beautiful


The supposed centre of the universe and any action done by men is done to impress them.


The act of doing the right thing and thinking only about own well being as you are the most important part of this universe


Someone who has a lot of money and as stated money makes the world go around; it gives limitless power and no accountability to the person who wields a lot of it.


A fun family game played by people in power to see who can steal the most from the public without getting caught.


A mythical concept choked down people’s throat to make them give power to the candidates of corruption.

Homer Simpson

A person with an IQ greater than half of the world’s population.


A place where people can gather to pretend to appreciate the mundane daily activities of each other such as going to the washroom or waking up and having breakfast.

Insane Ramblings

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Writer’s Note: Um these are just some insane ramblings i wrote don’t know why… though do remember when. Anyone who can make sense of it is well, really amazing because I damn well can’t 😛

Closed walls, crowded empty chambers, no escape…  Hollow smiles, mindless babblings, unreal expressions. Just a cell with a stage full of actors, each trying to over shadow the other. I want to breathe; I want to look beyond… I want to watch a different play now… I always heard there was a guardian angel looking out. Where is mine, why doesn’t he hold my hand when I try to escape this pit of malice? Why doesn’t anyone hold me to shelter me from the dark…? I am tired, why doesn’t the door open? Why must I go on with this monstrosity of a play that rambles on way beyond its climax? Why am I the only spectator in this mad house? Why do they all laugh at me?

Oh now I get it, I am not the spectator, they are. The monotonous madness is not a play but the mere crowd watching as I etch my way to insanity… I want to shout, LEAVE ME ALONE, but my voice fails me. When would the door open… when would I be free? Closed walls, crowded empty chambers, one escape… Death…

Random Life Update

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Well, at long last my vacations have finally ended and as Eminem said, “It’s back to the lab again” (quite literarily in my case) No, I am not some kind of a nerd who counts the number of days left before school/college/university starts. In fact I am quite the opposite of it. I hate waking up to a monotonous and mundane routine each day and expecting something different to happen every day… Like Einstein said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

It’s been three years in that single hell hole which runs by siphoning the creativity of its students and sucking each bit of hope, dignity and logic out of them… that is unless you are a girl, in that case it’s a quite another story but I digress. This is about me. To think, in just one more year I would be churned out into the cold cruel world to fight for my survival. Does make me, hell everyone, wonder that am I ready? To face the harshness of this materialistic world when the only purpose I loved books was to gain knowledge from them? When the only reason I attended classes was for the intention of learning something new? When I never bothered thinking about the bitterness of the outside while sheltered from it inside my sweet cocoon of negligence and fun?

To be quite honest, I am scared… Yes, I am humane after all and I do feel things contrary to the popular belief. Who wouldn’t be scared at a time like this? When inflation has hit the roof and the ceiling leaks of failures… Ah well, still I can’t help but feel like a sense of happiness thinking that I still have one last glorious year…

One more year of hanging out with friends. One more year of sitting around doing nothing and laughing at every little thing that can arouse a smile. One more year of bunking a class just to kick a soccer ball around the park and just walking barefoot in the scorching sun on the concrete road. One more year of walking in the rain, jumping with joy, taking random unplanned trips to God knows where. One more year of making plan out of absolutely thin air, mocking girls and their “oh my God attitude” or um rightly put, one more year of GENDER WARS! One more year of sitting in the computer lab totally and utterly bored while the teacher talks about something I discovered ages ago. One more year of writing with my eyes half closed and while half asleep. One more year of finding myself stuck in weird situations that just makes anyone go, “MY LUCK SUCKS!” and much more…

Of course there are always things that I hate going back to… such as the gender inequality that rages on everywhere I go. Or the fact that administration rules all whilst the students are just mere pawns in their scheme for leeching out more and more cash. Or the mere amazement of the fact how the hell some of the people can call themselves a “teacher”? And of course how can I ever forget the most amazing politics… class or university who cares both suck…

Oh and of course one more year of learning stuff that actually either you already knew or just makes your head go POP. Seriously, 4 years in one place and the only smarter I feel is when I actually find myself sleeping during class. You know with all this to look forward to I guess I feel a little confident. The future is going to come and hit you hard whether you wish for it or not so might as well enjoy what you have, right? Besides, being afraid is always fine as long as you have the courage to face your demons. But still for the record, life sucks -.- I WANT MORE VACATIONS x.x

Random Dialogue# 3

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“So had fun today?”

 “Uh dude I went to a funeral not the circus.”

“Oh come on funerals are so fun”

“Fun? You find someone’s death fun?”

“No, idiot it’s the way people behave that’s funny”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh come on, have you never been to a funeral before?”

“Not many but the last time I was I never saw anyone wearing a clown costume and dancing around the dead body”

“Oh seriously stop it with the lame sarcastic puns, they suck.”

“ya ya, anyhow do tell me how do you find funerals funny?”

“oh come on, don’t you find it funny that everyone who comes has have to ask the person who was the closest to the deceased how he died… and everyone just wants to hear it in private and they must really know every last detail like it’s a matter of national security.”

“Its common courtesy”

“Yes, it’s a common courtesy to put salt on the recent wound of a person. I mean he is suffering from the loss of his beloved and there you are asking how did the deceased DIE?”

“You are a sadistic bastard you know that?”

“Like you people aren’t? No one cares about the dead, half of them are there to eat free food, the other half are there because they just have to be. They go in groups of jokers laughing and giggling to the home of the deceased, shed a few fake water drops or make a frowny face and return with their bellies filled and a smile on their faces. It’s not a funeral its just a party with a dead guy in it”

“Uhhh…. Bu…..”

 “Hahahaha, yea yea go on I’m listening”

“At least I didn’t ask.”

“Ah yes, going and sitting silently in the corner is SOOO MUCH better than putting salt on someone’s wounds. Oh btw when’s your birthday I wanna gift you a dictionary”

“What the… why?”

“So you can look up the phrase ‘to comfort someone’.”

“… At least I’m better than the people you were blabbering about”

“Oh only by an inch… only by an ”

“Hey, would you stop staring at the mirror and come here? God, for someone who doesn’t even brush his hair you sure do spend a lot of time in front of a mirror mumbling.”

“Oh shut the hell up Shah, I’m coming.”


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Note: DO NOT GOOGLE/SEARCH THE ANSWERS PLEASE OR LOOK AT OTHER PEOPLE ANSWERS OR COMMENT ON THEM! The object of this quiz is not to degrade you in any way. Please fill it sincerely and if you find any question you don’t want to answer just put N/A. Keep your answers as short as possible. Your identity would remain anonymous and you can use either English or Urdu, whatever you are more comfortable expressing your view in. Please answer as anonymous, put a fake name and a false email ID. You can answer with your real name if you want but in that case I would prefer if you email me your answers on either my email or Facebook, so that to ensure your views don’t fall into anyone’s hands. If you do not wish to pursue it please don’t waste your and more importantly my time because I really don’t find you funny. Oh and in advance yes I know I suck. Thank you.