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Everything went quiet, all the voices, all the random thoughts, everything just went away. He could finally hear the silent ticking of his wrist watch, far in a distant drawer. He could finally feel what peace sounded like; there was no turmoil, no thoughts, and no anguish left on his mind. After a decade of unrest, the voices in his head had finally went quiet. For someone who got paid to think, there was no one else in the world who valued silence more than him. Alas, it was something that always eluded him till this moment in time.

There she was, in her picturesque self, the muse he always dreamt about, the Lisa to his Da’Vinci, the Bell to his Doyle, or more aptly put: the essence of his happiness. He reached out and very gently held her in his arms and for that instant in time he knew what true nirvana felt like. There was no angel whose touch would had have been more welcomed than hers at that instant in time. There was nowhere he would have rather been but that place in time, frozen for all eternity. “It’s been a long day” he finally managed to utter a coherent sentence.

“hmm”, she smiled. Her lips moved on to continue speaking but to him it was all incoherent. He was too lost in the innocence of her smile and the allure of her beauty to really care. Even though he couldn’t understand a word, he smiled back and nodded along as the sound of her voice vanquished all his demons. The cynic in him had died away and all he could see was how her hair had fallen on her face as she moved her peachy, full lips to ask him a question. At least, he thought it was a question as she had gone quiet and was now staring at him with her deep dark brown eyes, which held an intrigue and mystery he never could solve, blinking them ever so softly after a few seconds.

“Huh? What did you say?”

“I asked, how are you!” She repeated the question, clearly a bit annoyed. He gave a muffled laugh as he just loved how her cheeks went red and started to puff up when she got annoyed. “I’m great…” He replied.

Perhaps she wanted him to continue the conversation but he just didn’t feel like it. He simply stared into her eyes and asked, “you going to sleep?”

“hmm..” she said as she closed her eyes knowing that he didn’t feel like talking much. He often went into these non talkative phases to which she had gotten used to over the years.

He very slowly pushed her hair away from her face and watched her as she dozed off to sleep. He wanted to time it just right… Just at the moment when she finally gave into the whims of sandman, he pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, “you make everything quiet…”

He wanted to confirm if she had heard him or not but the slight smile that came on her face as he muttered those words into her sweet ear, gave him all the information he needed.


And there was hope once more…

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He smiled at his good fortune. For even a person who was extremely bitter, the taste of ice cream still felt sweet. It was rather funny really; all his life he hated little things. He hated their existence. He hated how he would always notice them only to be dubbed as “observant” in a group of people whose existence didn’t concern him. He had so much hatred filled inside of him that it had started to ooze out. It didn’t really matter to him if people called him a cynic or useless for he knew his words held power. He knew that even without the course of any action, his words retained their power for they were often well thought out and meticulous but there were times when he spoke without thought.

Oh how he regretted those simple words he used to utter in his folly. He always tried to justify to himself that people should had understood him better but somewhere deep down in the shattered remains of his heart, he knew it to be nothing more than a bleak lie. Perhaps that was why people hated him so much. No one really bothered enough to take a stand for him, heck they didn’t even bother when he wanted to take a stand because for them, he was nothing more than a source of entertainment. An entertainer of sorts that they thought they controlled; someone who dedicated a good part of his life to certain puppeteers only to be churned aside like a filthy, torn ragged doll.

People always jeered at him. Some did it because they felt insecure in his presence while others did it as means of testing his limits. No matter what their reason was, he never cared. For him, the whole concept of society was nothing more than a sham. A sham orchestrated by the most cynical of composers in perfect unison. He wanted to stand up and play his own tune but every time that he tried, he was booed down and forced to sit.

He sighed as he took a spoon of the frozen chocolate dessert into his mouth. His luck was finally changing or so it seemed. It was rather funny to him how people used to smite him down, filling him with more hatred and then asking “Why are you so bitter?” He often responded the only way he knew how to: sarcastically but in his heart he couldn’t help but feel sorry for the words that escaped the confines of the prison that was his mind. He wanted to say he didn’t care about anything but he knew that would be nothing more than a lie. A lie, something which everyone around him excessively told as it was a necessity to feel alive. Each day they lied about their emotions, their feelings towards one another with a smile while he suffocated for the truth. Perhaps he had smoked so much poison that now even the cure to his diseases sounded nothing more than a pure fallacy i.e. another poison.

He licked the spoon like a kid as he stared at the ice cream before him. He wanted nothing more to do with people or big things anymore, for they had brought him nothing but pure agony. Even the sweetest of the heavenly delights of this earth had turned out to be nothing more than a sweet poison. Whatever he had touched in the past had turned to dust but today it was different. When he least expected it, when he had given up all hope, when he stared in the face of power cuts ranging for hours at a time, somehow his melted bowl of ice cream had decided to freeze once again. He could see the sun rising through his open window, life was good and hopeful once again… nothing could hurt him anymore for he had a whole liter of chocolate chip ice cream.  

Untitled o.o

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Writer’s Note: Ok, the following makes no sense to me what so ever but I just wrote it because I was bored out of my skull. Before you ask, yes I think I’m sane (well, sane up to my standards at least). So yea 😛 BORED 😛

He stared at the city burning bright with lights, the glamour of laughter escaping its cocoon of fallacy and the shadow of an unsaid evil cast upon on its streets. It made him sick to his stomach but then again everything made him sick. After all what one sees on the outside is nothing but a mere reflection of what’s inside him. He was no different. Nothing made sense to him, not that it really mattered for life had taught him enough to not to question the absurdity of it all. He was feared long and wide for his ruthless nature but no one knew that deep down, like every being on this planet, in the caverns of his soul, he was nothing but a frail man, scared of the unknown. He talked of things high and mighty but lacked the will to believe them. He always convinced himself that he didn’t have anything to hold on to yet he clung on to every last bit of hope that ever lightened his dark life only to have it taken away. Funny thing hope, like a disease it spreads throughout your body, giving you sensations you don’t want or really need yet it makes you feel special. It gives you that dose of attention we all crave yet are too afraid to admit.

He stared for a long time before he slowly started walking again. His destination, he didn’t know about. His path, he agreed to whatever way life took him in silent obedience. The only thing he did know was he sought a cure, a cure to the diseases that plagued him.

“Why howdy” a cheerful voice called after him.

He silently nodded towards the caller and carried on.

“Where you headed to stranger? Need a lift?”

This made him chuckle for he didn’t expect people to understand where he was headed nor did know. He opened his mouth to speak but no words came out.

“Well, suit yourself. No need to be rude” the friendly voice said as it vanished as fast as it had come.

He smiled and kept walking forward, only to stop a little while later to change the dressing on his bleeding feet. That’s when he saw a little girl crying.

“What’s the matter” he spoke in an attempt to comfort the child.

“My kite is stuck in that tree” she replied sobbing uncontrollably.

He smiled and climbed the tree. He threw the kite to the girl, who at once giggled and left singing, playing with her kite once more. As for him, he just sat on that tree for he didn’t really know how to get down. He sighed to himself with a smile and jumped down. “It’s going to be a long night…”, he thought to himself as he limped his way forward once more.

An Incomplete Story

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His eyes twitched, his head hurt and his heart throbbed slowly clasping itself tighter and tighter. He was having trouble breathing. He wanted to go to sleep but his eyes refused to close themselves in hope. He wanted to cry but tears refused to come out anymore. It hurt; it hurt more than any physical pain he had ever experienced… It hurt inside as he recited Gibran, “Much of your pain is self-chosen. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self” for the umpteenth time for no reason.

He knew his pain was self chosen but there was nothing he could do to avoid it. He wanted to shout but the silence around him scared him of attracting unwanted attention. He just wanted the pain to end but he knew it wouldn’t. It was funny really how one “would be” failure could lead to his entire being into such agony. Yes, a “would be” failure for the failure wasn’t complete even though every bit of his overactive imagination pointed otherwise.

He stared at the dull screen of his cell phone ready to jump to life with his touch. A touch that he just couldn’t manage for he feared he might miss the joy of it lighting up on its own to announce that someone, somewhere in the world cared for his being. That someone cared… but would it had mattered? Chances were no, for the one he wanted to care, didn’t give a damn at all. It was just unfair but then again he wasn’t fair with those who wanted him to care. Perhaps Karma had its own way to strike back.

He took a deep sigh, how things had changed. From the top of the world just one stumble made him fall into the pit of despair. Just one wrong decision and it was game over. Ironic, how he lost the things and the person he thought he wouldn’t lose faster than every other thing. The pain was strong, strong enough to blind him from those who actually were there and he knew that. He wanted to hear those who were there instead of those who weren’t, he wanted to feel love even though it was from a source he didn’t wish it from and funnily enough he did up to some level. But the question begged itself, was it enough? Apparently not… apparently, the only unique collection of particles he cared about just wasn’t there in the way he wanted it to.

He stared at the ceiling with a deep sigh of regret. He just wanted to move forward but his feet weighed him down. He wanted to crawl and each day he promised himself that but just couldn’t manage to bring himself up for the task. He just wanted one favor, one little denial or one clear sign to get rid of the weight he didn’t need but alas he knew he was too unlucky to get it directly. He smiled at the thought as he promised himself for the umpteenth time to move forward again as he got up and silently went out for a walk.

Random Story… Yay?

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He stared at the blank piece of paper that lay before him. The pen twitched in his fingers nervously as time was running out but he had nothing to write. No matter what he thought of just didn’t seem enough. He tapped the pen on the table in frustration but stopped as the noise annoyed him. He stared at the floor covered with paper balls reminding him of his failure of expression. He wanted to say so much yet had so little to speak. He had so much to express yet it all just didn’t seem enough.

“Calm down… It’s just another friend” He thought to himself.

“That’s a lie and you know it.”

“Perhaps if I start over…” He took a deep sigh and put his pen on the paper and slowly etched “Dear…”

“NO NO NO!!! That just seems too direct and forceful” he yelled at himself as he grabbed the paper and threw it on the floor.

“Perhaps I should just skip the formality at the start and concentrate on the main subject. Hmm… yea, I know… Perhaps I should tell how much I love my friend… But that would make my love have boundaries… something it doesn’t have. I know perhaps I should just write about how I will always love my friend… but that would make my love conditional… no no that won’t do. I know perhaps I should just write about the positive influences they have had on me… No… Or maybe I can praise their appearance? But that would be just stupid and common.” He grabbed his head in agony as the clock ticked.

“ARGH!” he got up and took the batteries out of his wall clock just so the ticking would stop. He needed peace and quiet.

Minutes passed before he stood up and yelled, “DAMN IT! IT’S TOO QUIET!”

He was a little unorthodox but so was his friend and it exactly wasn’t easy writing up the perfect set of sentences to describe someone so beautiful that … Well that was the problem he just didn’t know what to compare things to. For everything is beautiful in comparison to something but everything he could think of just paled in comparison. He loved everything about his friend, from the childlike innocence to the tears he had to wipe to the smile he adored so much. If only he could just shatter the fetters of consciousness and just could say everything he felt without having to use those silly and irritating words.

He just wanted to write how special his friend was and how much he loved and cared for his friend but apparently out of the 4 languages he knew none had a decent enough vocabulary to do his feelings justice.

He threw his pen away in anger. Nothing was justifying the perfectionist in him. Nothing really could describe someone so loony yet so sane, so childlike yet so mature. He could go and on about the things his friend was and was not and how the entire collection of oxymoron in the English dictionary could be used to describe his friend but he just didn’t have the time.

He grabbed another pen from his table and grabbed the card in anger and started to write.

Finally after five hours of extraneous labor and thought he was done. He held the card in pride as he read his statement one last time

“I hate you for being so unique. Words fail to do justice to you or the relation I share with you. You are special and I thank the heavens above for making our paths collide. From one gypsy to another; from one idiot to another, one teacher to his student who ironically is also a teacher… Happy Birthday.”

Food for Thought

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Writer’s Note: All of my posts from this day till the end of this month at the very least are dedicated to a beautiful person and a truly enlightening blogger: Mahlaqa… Who for some reasons decided to delete her blog… You’ll be missed dearly buddy 🙂

He stared at the long line in front of him and sighed. Another day with no work… Another day with processions for the poor by rich people… Another day of standing under the hot sun looking at processions pass and trample over their simple dreams of warm food and something in their pocket…

He wasn’t a religious man at all, the only reason he believed in religion was due to the charter that taught its followers to give to the less fortunate. He never could understand the concept of a single deity watching over an unequal and unjust universe filled with pain and saying that He loved all equally. But he never could question his beliefs as they got him food when he could afford none… they got him pity when he needed love… they gave him hope that he could sleep and wake up in bliss… He smiled at the thought he once heard, “As long as there is inequality in this world, there will be a religion.”

He wanted to study his religion, to ask but alas no one taught the religion anymore… They all taught their own views.

“Oh Philosopher, would ya move your ass? ‘M ‘ungry here.” His chain of thought was broken by a gruff voice coming from behind him. The line had moved forward and he was still standing there. He slowly moved forward staring at the empty space.

“Ay Jackass, would ya move your ass any faster or do it need a good whoppin’?”

He chose to ignore… “Ohh a silent one arentcha? What’s the matter princy, we too good for ya?”

He wanted to respond but his attention was diverted once again as another procession past chanting slogans of equality and rights to poor. His head began to boil, he turned around and pushed his verbal assailant and gave him a push. Needless to say, a brawl ensued between the two. No one bothered to break them up; all they wanted was that they would fight on a side so they would get closer to the food.

His hands were trembling in anger as he punched his opponent. He was blind with anger… Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head and a strong grip pulled him back and threw him on the ground. He turned around angrily to find himself face to face with the shrine guards holding batons in their hands. He could have taken them as well but he knew the price for that would had been too great. He quietly got up and shook hands with his brawler as they both silently yet slowly walked towards the back of the line while the chants of “Food for the poor! Jobs for the Poor!” could be heard faintly in the background.




The Scientist

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Writer’s Note: This post is written in utter humor and aims to be different than all the other stupid love stories out there but does borrow the same old plot. So, here is something old in a new dress =D

He gazed upon her picture; all data suggested that this was a mental illness. There was no way anyone alive could secrete this much Serotonin whenever she was near. All of his precious science just melted away whenever she smiled and the laws of entropy just didn’t seem to matter as, “how could something so beautiful lead to the disorder of anything?” He always felt so massless even though his particles in reality interacted with the Higgs field in a natural manner.  He was astonished at the fact at how he felt so empty when she wasn’t around even though his mass remained constant. He never could explain the anomalies of how she could bend his space time continuum even though she never violated any axioms of the general theory of Relativity.

“Perhaps Einstein was wrong after all? NO! You have become insane.” He argued with himself as always. The science of his condition was just absurd. No man stuck in the Minowski coordinates could explain his conundrum yet it was there. “Perhaps String theory is right and these are the works of forces that appeared stronger in the compactification of the extra dimensions or maybe there are some extra forces?” he couldn’t help but laugh at the stupidity of his argument as he knew there were only 4 forces of nature and none of them could account for his behavior.

“Perhaps it is time to accept that you are in something us commoners refer to as ‘love’?” His friends repeatedly asked him but he just couldn’t accept their logic. If literature was right, all these problems arise from the heart but the heart did nothing but pump blood. How can an organ that could be replaced by a pump based on simple mechanical laws could be so troublesome to give the feeling that it hurt. He couldn’t answer for he was not a biologist. Perhaps Feynman had something or Einstein or Dirac… he searched helplessly in his books but found only the universal language of mathematics open for interpretation and significance. If everything could be expressed in formulas, why was he failing to express her significance to him?

Anything could be the centre of the universe, even he but why was it that she was the only point that truly was the centre of the universe for him? If the choice of axis was arbitrary, why was it that she was the origin of all of his actions? Perhaps he was an extra terrestrial life form, from a planet whose physics was somewhat different than of those on this planet?  But Drake’s Equation nullified even this, the wildest of his hypothesis.

He had to tell her, “Perhaps she might have a solution.” He approached her ever so cautiously that day and explained his anomalous behavior which sounded much more complex than that of water when he was in 8th grade.

She first smiled then looked at him with eyes of sorrow. “You are in love with me but I’m afraid that we can’t be together as I have my commitments to follow. I love you as well but reality and logic negate our co-existence in the same habitat. Perhaps if this were a story…”

His brain paralyzed and for the first time since he was 4, he couldn’t comprehend what the other person was speaking of. His neurons sent sharp signals of pain and his flight or flee instinct was urging him to run… run far away and never look back but gravity was pulling him towards itself with a force stronger than usual. He smiled weakly; the laws of the world were slowly coming back to him. No longer was the entropy of his state remained constant but it had started to change with time. He knew that things would change soon and smiled more. For the first time ever, he had became a believer of the multiple universe theories, just on the hope that by shooting himself to bits he had given another him in a parallel universe immense happiness with her saying yes. For the first time in his life, for that single moment in time, he believed in fairy tales and happy ever after endings for they at least existed in his imagination in that split second.

His smile broadened, he ran his hand through his hair messing them up and said with a cheerful and teasing voice, “Hey, no big deal. So, what’s up? What’s the name of the other commitments? Jack? Mike?”

But deep down he was still stuck in a universe with its space time curvature bending around a single singularity point; her. Perhaps someday that black hole would collapse and he could finally start rebuilding from the ashes… He knew it was only a matter of time but he also knew that this singularity and its cosmic back radiation would exist forever. He knew he would move on eventually but the desire to be at the event horizon of this black hole would always be unique and more powerful than anything else…