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Tired (Part 1)

Posted in Tired on August 26, 2009 by Dev!l

Writer’s Note: Tired is well a place where I speak my mind. It’s a place for me to just rant away on anything and anyone I don’t like or find really irritating. So, if you have a problem with it then seriously take it out of here dumbass.

Well for a start I am tired of stupid questions all around me. Now, I know many of you have grown up listening to the same old cocky phrase, “Go on, and ask a question. How will you learn if you don’t ask?” Well chee I don’t know I guess I can learn by actually paying freaking attention to what the hell is going around me? Now, I know for some things its ok… wait… awesome to ask questions about. Like for example you are doing a math’s sum and you just can’t seem to solve it. You go and ask someone or you are just sitting and suddenly you feel the urge to know the speed of light… what do you do? You ask! Yes, those kind of questions from which you actually learn something are awesome. I am not saying anything to such type of questions. To attain knowledge is the highest honor in my point of view. I am talking about questions like, “Hey, what are you doing?” when the moron can see what is that you are doing. I mean seriously if you have an eye sight problem, you moron, go to an optician so you won’t have to ask WHAT IS THE HELL THAT I AM DOING WHEN YOU CAN SEE WHAT I AM DOING.

Now the phrase about asking questions was made to encourage questions that could be answered and had a purpose not for some stupid talkative blind moron to ask. When confronted they say I am just greeting you, or being courteous or I am just trying to make small talk. Well dumb ass what ever happened to how are you? Hi? Or just keeping you mouth shut? If the other person is not talking it means that he does not wish too. You are not the royal highness of some God forsaken planet that he is dying to talk to you and just can’t find the right words. Now, many of you might take this in the meaning of asking this question any time is wrong. No, sometimes you just can’t figure out what the other person is doing… if that happens and it is obvious to others what he is doing then I suggest you consult a psychiatrist immediately. You are mentally retarded! But for example if you are online or texting a friend then yes asking this question DOES make sense since you actually can’t see and are not psychic! And no, tying a towel behind your back and wearing an effing fake turban on your head with a 100 rupee jewel and looking into some fish bowl does not make you a psychic! The people who believe you along with your own self are also MENTALLY RETARDED AND NEED IMMEDIATE HELP. (Ok there are some cases of true psychic’s out there but the chances of you being one are very slim dumbass!)

Let me phrase an example I am sitting on the sofa listening to songs when this person enters and “just to make small talk” asks hey what are you doing? I mean seriously who does this person think he is? Am I dying to talk to him? NO! Can’t he see what the hell is that I am doing? Apparently not! I answer him with patience obviously acting sympathetic to his “condition” and this guy asks me again hey is that all you are doing? NO JACK ASS I AM INVENTING A NUCLEAR BOMB IN MY HEAD AS WE SPEAK! If you can see that is what I am doing and when its obvious I am doing nothing else then why the hell is this person asking? Oh one more example includes people often asking, “hey, what do you do? (This happened a lot when I was in metric) Now, if soni’s cousin still remembers I answered her and to a lot of people I am enrolled in a program that makes atomic bombs for Pakistan! I mean I am a student what more do you want to know? Will it fulfill your life long dream if I tell you specifically what do I do? Would you care in any way? NO!

Now, another thing about stupid questions. People who actually say, “There is no such thing as a stupid question!” These people have actually not met some of the freaks I know then! I mean sure if its related to a subject you are talking about then yes it is never a stupid question but take this example you are sitting talking about cell phones and your friend who is a gaming freak asks you a question like, “Hey will a butterfly stack with the boots of travel?” what will you do? Now, please don’t say this is not a stupid question! THIS IS THE DUMBEST QUESTION ON THE FACE OF THIS PLANET SINCE THE OTHER PERSON KNOWS YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT WHAT THE EFF HE IS TALKING ABOUT!!

Or for example you are explaining a math problem and your student stand ups and asks you if the 2 on the board can be baked into a pie? Now, if you don’t think this is a stupid question then you also with those blind and psychic bastards need to see a psychiatrist!