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Random Dialogue# 3

Posted in Dev!l's Retrospect with tags , , , on August 6, 2011 by Dev!l

“So had fun today?”

 “Uh dude I went to a funeral not the circus.”

“Oh come on funerals are so fun”

“Fun? You find someone’s death fun?”

“No, idiot it’s the way people behave that’s funny”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh come on, have you never been to a funeral before?”

“Not many but the last time I was I never saw anyone wearing a clown costume and dancing around the dead body”

“Oh seriously stop it with the lame sarcastic puns, they suck.”

“ya ya, anyhow do tell me how do you find funerals funny?”

“oh come on, don’t you find it funny that everyone who comes has have to ask the person who was the closest to the deceased how he died… and everyone just wants to hear it in private and they must really know every last detail like it’s a matter of national security.”

“Its common courtesy”

“Yes, it’s a common courtesy to put salt on the recent wound of a person. I mean he is suffering from the loss of his beloved and there you are asking how did the deceased DIE?”

“You are a sadistic bastard you know that?”

“Like you people aren’t? No one cares about the dead, half of them are there to eat free food, the other half are there because they just have to be. They go in groups of jokers laughing and giggling to the home of the deceased, shed a few fake water drops or make a frowny face and return with their bellies filled and a smile on their faces. It’s not a funeral its just a party with a dead guy in it”

“Uhhh…. Bu…..”

 “Hahahaha, yea yea go on I’m listening”

“At least I didn’t ask.”

“Ah yes, going and sitting silently in the corner is SOOO MUCH better than putting salt on someone’s wounds. Oh btw when’s your birthday I wanna gift you a dictionary”

“What the… why?”

“So you can look up the phrase ‘to comfort someone’.”

“… At least I’m better than the people you were blabbering about”

“Oh only by an inch… only by an ”

“Hey, would you stop staring at the mirror and come here? God, for someone who doesn’t even brush his hair you sure do spend a lot of time in front of a mirror mumbling.”

“Oh shut the hell up Shah, I’m coming.”