The Dev!l’s Ruminations…

It was Oscar Wilde, I believe, who said,

“A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.”

I too believe that to think for others one should first think for his very own SELF… Selfish you say? No, it’s not about being selfish…it’s not about being possessive…it’s about finding your own true INNER SELF…and coming to terms with who and what you really are…who you were and who you can be…ONLY then, not only can you truly come to terms with yourself but others as well..

So…Simply! These are MY ideas, MY ruminations and…MY creations… Lot of “My-s” eh? o.O… Well MY words are not mere words written out of boredom… they delineate MY feelings, MY convictions… in short, they depict ME!

They said, “Write to be heard” …BUT I don’t write to be heard or read. I just write to be felt… I write because it makes me feel alive… I just write for the sole purpose of amusing myself… I am the director, writer, actor and also the audience of these feelings…MY FEELINGS… as for YOU? Well… all you can be is the critic; so, go ahead do your job….For to me, your only good for that…

(Original Draft by: Me; Edited by: Muhammed Usman Khan and I.)


33 Responses to “The Dev!l’s Ruminations…”

  1. hmm…i see mr.devil u have an impressive into…and btw i like the header…

  2. Dev!l Says:

    hahahaha =P

  3. seriously Mr. Dev!l whats the point ?

  4. truly enjoyed coming upon this article…

  5. awwww… now aint that SHOO CHWEET ov you… but anyways.. it’s indeed an ‘honour’ workin for you…:P

  6. well… i was happy even before… it dznt really matters wen i know and you both know.. 😉

  7. A friend of mine was talking about your blog, so I came to check it out. After reading a couple of your posts, I must say that it’s quite good.

  8. btw you SHOULD link your blog whilst making a comment

  9. who me?:P
    i ma shadow xD we dun leave trails XD

  10. XD i fixed it happy now?:P

  11. wow good o.O

  12. I’ve changed the title of the post u pointed and its’ sort of under construction btw ur blog is great

  13. uhh do you need an optician or a neurosurgeon? 😛

  14. yeah right!!!

  15. Did you make the header by yourself? Awesome!

  16. Apparently he took it from a header site o.O I think i mentioned the credits somewhere on this blog xD

  17. The best things in life have a purpose… And the things that dont….uh lol idk.

    Nice intro. Its very you buddy

  18. Who is Albus ? ^^,
    -just curious-

    • He is also me lol it was just a funny name a friend came up in school I kind of liked it so duno why but stuck with it when it came to picking a blog name and also the fact taht all the names I wanted were already taken didnt help either 😛

  19. Its me…too much…self centred, self obsessed, selfish, self infatuated….that is what you are. And seriously, if you think you can be felt by those who read your ramblings and stuff, believe me, not many do. I get your shit sometimes, maybe because I write like that…
    And about that preoccupation with the stuff you write, it is natural. I want people to read, and understand…but that doesn’t happen, which is natural, because I don’t get Jane Austen or Charles Dicken either (seriously don’t know how I read that bullshit back in grade 10), and that seems to be a compliment for me…
    People can’t understand because they are nowhere even close to what I write, or what I feel….
    And about criticism, I don’t accept bad remarks…I block that ******** and I tell him to get his dirty ass of my blog because yes, I am too solipsistic and very, very protective of the stuff I write…
    Someone says somthing to what I write….Hahha….I become a bad and ugly monster.
    So you’re quite impressive with the fact that you accept criticism. Because I can’t. Because I know I write better than anyone else did, does and ever will…

    • Names are just a bunch of words we assign to each other so I choose to undertake that name. As for the rest well, I never think I am better than anyone else for in this world if A>B there will be B>C and in the end in some ways C would be greater than A. We are who we are and we can’t change that but it doesn’t really hurt to hear what people think of us and how we choose to express ourselves. We are after all never perfect. As for not understanding authors, well I guess I never really had that problem as of yet with any famous author though there are often times when I choose to disagree with someone’s point of view as it is my right to do so.
      Oh and I may be self obsessed and a lot of things but I never am selfish for to me that is just spiteful.

  20. WordsFallFromMyEyes Says:

    Not selfish at all, plus I agree with you – & I love the quote. I truly cannot hear enough of Oscar Wilde. So special, a human being.

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